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Cutting down, eating up

Burger and chips

Jackie and Neil look at how the economic slowdown is affecting what we eat and talk about the language of money and economics.

This week's question: The word 'economy' comes from the Ancient Greek word, 'oikonomia'. What, literally, did the term 'oikonomia' mean? Was it:

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Cutting down, eating up

a) the practice of making money and wealth move around
b) management of a household
c) saving as much money as possible

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme:

a recession
a period of significantly reduced economic activity
an economic slowdown / a slump in the economy
a time when the economy isn't doing very well (usually not as serious as a recession)
to cut down
to do less of something e.g. I want to cut down on smoking
‘recession beating’ companies
firms that aren't actually suffering from the recession
low cost e.g. a budget airline, budget food retailers
to expand
to get bigger



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