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Obama inauguration party

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It's difficult to imagine there's a single country in the world that wasn't watching as the United States of America celebrated and welcomed its very first African American President. This week, Yvonne is joined by Callum as she finds out how one French woman marked this historic occasion here in London.

This week's question:
In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, went to the White House to find something for President James Garfield. Was it:

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Obama inauguration party

a) gold
b) hidden bottles of wine
c) a bullet

You'll hear the answer to the question at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme

a collection of dates, times, names and other information about events
to be sworn in
to take a serious, sincere promise at the official start of a new post
a court trial
a legal case usually involving a judge and sometimes a jury
a witness
someone who explains at a trial what they saw or heard
to take office
officially to begin work following an appointment to a particular job, usually as a government official
a ceremony when someone is sworn in for the first time to officially take a job or position
people who help organize public events using their own money, but also making money from those events
drinks made up of a two or more ingredients, often including alcohol
like-minded people
people who think like us and have views and even interests which are similar to our own
not the case
untrue, inaccurate

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