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Academic to Activist

AIDS awareness ribbon

Getting an education is almost certainly a privilege for many people across the world. And sometimes the subjects we choose to study can surpise us and lead us to other choices in life. This week, Yvonne Archer is joined by William Kremer as they hear about how and why a South African man went from being an academic to being an activist.

This week's question: Which country in Africa is generally thought of as a success story in terms of its battle against HIV and AIDS?

Listen to the programme

Academic to Activist

a) Uganda
b) South Africa
c) Gambia

Listen out for the answer to the question at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme

an academic
someone who works in education and research
an activist

someone who works to bring about social and political change

He became and HIV/AIDs activist after his visit to the prison.

Master of Business Administration, a masters degree in Business
something which needs immediate or urgent attention
to the point of
up until, right until, as far as
a situation where there is not enough room for all the people in a specific place
drugs which are used to treat and prevent infections, particularly in people with HIV and AIDs

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