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Express English: Sweet or savoury?

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Do you prefer sweet or savoury food?

Join the conversation. Do you prefer sweet or savoury food? Use the form below to let us know.

The Express English team

This is what some people in London told us:

One person said when he was young he had a sweet tooth, but as he got older, he prefered savoury food more.

Another said sometimes she has a craving for sweet things.

Someone suggested that the colour of food can play an important part in people's choice of food, and for him sweet food wins.

Did you know?


Tastes and flavours

For you to enjoy the full flavour of a sizzling Sunday roast or a rich chocolate mousse, you need more than your basic tastes. You also require your sense of smell. If you have a cold, the lining of your nose swells and you temporarily lose your sense of smell. Even though your tongue is still able to identify the basic tastes, the food you eat will taste bland.

Additionally, temperature and texture influence how much you appreciate foods. When you eat 'hot' foods like chilli peppers, you actually excite the pain receptors in your mouth.

Language tip

'To have a sweet tooth' usually means someone who likes sweet things and probably couldn't resist a dessert.

Cultural tip

In the UK, you often hear people say 'what's for pudding?' this usually refers to desserts. Popular desserts Brits enjoy include apple crumble, cheese cake, spotted dick and many others.

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Now tell us what you think

Do you prefer sweet or savoury food?

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    • 1. At 3:51pm on 19 Mar 2012, Michy wrote:

      I definitely prefer savoury food in general but there's a moment of the day when I usually feel like eating sweet things, that is breakfast. For breakfast I always eat biscuits, cakes or sweet cereals, accompanied by a glass of milk and coffee.
      Moreover, I think sweet food may be addictive, in particular chocolate.

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    • 2. At 4:48pm on 19 Mar 2012, Balint1986 wrote:

      I prefer sweet things, because those are more likeable, more delicious. Like chocolate cakes, cakes with sour cream, ice cream and so on. But I dont eat them every day, I think it wouldnt be a good behaviour. Too much sugar is unhealthy for the body and organs. I often eat savoury things as well, but not that often. I think the two types of food is very nice together also, I dont know why, but sometimes I could really enjoy for example a savoury biscuit with a chocolate bar :)

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    • 3. At 4:55pm on 19 Mar 2012, Ciesh wrote:

      I prefer savoury food to sweet food. It is because there are more choices of savoury food. Moreover, I always lose my appetite after having sweet food even just a small piece of cake.

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    • 4. At 7:12pm on 19 Mar 2012, lulita230885 wrote:

      I definetly prefer savory food, but.. after eating the savory food I love eating a chocolate! haha

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    • 5. At 7:14pm on 19 Mar 2012, Cruzerland wrote:

      Savoury food for sure. I think all the children prefer sweet food but when it comes adults, generally women prefer sweet food and men eat rather savoury. It's my opinion, maybe I'm wrong

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    • 6. At 7:36pm on 19 Mar 2012, silvaninha wrote:

      I love sweet foods. I like cake, icecream and sweets fruits, like watermelon, melon, grapes.

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    • 7. At 8:35pm on 19 Mar 2012, moutaz wrote:

      in general i prefer savory food, but nobody can live without sweet especially chocolate with a cup of coffee.

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    • 8. At 8:58pm on 19 Mar 2012, Lorenzo wrote:

      In both cases that's good for pharmaceutical companies' business, because savoury food can lead to hypertension and sweet food to diabetes... obviously I'm joking!

      In Italy we generally eat sweet food at breakfast and when we have a snack in the morning or in the afternoon... but I love English habit of eating savoury food when you get up: fantastic, if you are hungry it's absolutely the best choice!

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    • 9. At 10:16pm on 19 Mar 2012, Ticio wrote:

      I love cinnamon chocolate!

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    • 10. At 11:54pm on 19 Mar 2012, _Andrew_ wrote:

      Hello All

      I prefer savoury food during the day with a lot of vegetables. But from time to time I like to eat some sweets.
      For breakfast I often eat flakes with milk, fruits, grains and a spoon of honey.

      Best regards

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    • 11. At 01:17am on 20 Mar 2012, DODAIVE wrote:

      I think i have a sweet tooth. I can't resist a bowl of sweet soup. In addition, I also really like chocolate and some kinds of candies.

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    • 12. At 04:31am on 20 Mar 2012, sandeep wrote:

      I fancy savoury things not sweets you know sweets mean sugar problems that's why I really don’t like at all, yeah sometime I eat like in wedding parties or on any festivals time but not much. I love to eat savoury things

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    • 13. At 06:02am on 20 Mar 2012, iammum wrote:

      Good Morning, I prefer savoury food and fruits for example:sauerkraut, natural yogurt, apple, lemmon, greapfruit, kiwi, and all juice what aren't sweet, but my family love swett cake, biscuits, ice-cream and chocalate.My husband eats some chocolate every evening while he was watchinf TV, and I usually bake some cake every weekend, sometimes gofri or pancake.. my daughter favourite cake is muffin, and other simple cake with whipped cream or vanilia cream with some sweet fruits , but they love the lemmom-cake too.. but we don't drink sweet juice, because these liquiid always full with artifical ingrediets..

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    • 14. At 06:25am on 20 Mar 2012, hongdt1 wrote:

      I agree with the 1st opinion. When i get older i take care of my healthy not my favor. But sometimes i allow my self to indulge my tongue^^.

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    • 15. At 07:16am on 20 Mar 2012, binsar wrote:

      My favorite meal is noodle and in my country noodle and rice are our favorite meal. I like salty noodle and I think it's very delicious.

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    • 16. At 08:40am on 20 Mar 2012, Peti wrote:

      I think about, that everybody needs some sweet in its life, but in an other measure. Very diverse the supply every day.
      The most inportant the healthy measure. I know too! But I don't to keep!
      Who Knows? :)

      I also like the sweets.

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    • 17. At 09:00am on 20 Mar 2012, Seungjae Lee wrote:

      I love both savoury and sweet food. Sweet food gives me the happiness and savoury food does me the addiction. When i'm eating the savoury food, I feel to eat more.

      After work, I'm doing input more salt into the my dinner.

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    • 18. At 09:24am on 20 Mar 2012, ksoh2837 wrote:

      I like sweet icecream especially after finishing dinner with savoury dishes such as Korean traditional Kimch^^

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    • 19. At 09:36am on 20 Mar 2012, izilic wrote:

      I like good food...

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    • 20. At 10:01am on 20 Mar 2012, allen wrote:

      Franking speaking,i prefer sweet food to savoury food. When I have troublesome things,i always eat sweat food to soothe and relax my mind.However,the fault of this is that i must keep my eye on my weight. Due to this reason,i am in the good habit of exercising,such as jogging.Moreover,of all the sweet food,chocolate flavored puff is my best like.

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    • 21. At 10:51am on 20 Mar 2012, narrosgirl wrote:

      When I was young I preferred savoury food, but once I got pregnant I had an sweet tooth forever.
      It's said that when you have a covering of sweet things, your body actually ask for nutrientes providede by fruits and vegetables. As overdosing on sweet food isn't very healthy, I try to eat some dark chocolate, nots, yogourths and fruit; instead of other foods with a lot of calories but without nutrients.

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    • 22. At 10:51am on 20 Mar 2012, DY Kim wrote:

      I definitely prefer savory foods. When i start eating savory foods, sometimes i can't stop eating. I think savory foods have some kinds of addiction so people can't stop eating. But when i become tired i crave some kinds of sweets food. Sweet foods give me some energy to my exhausted body.

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    • 23. At 11:00am on 20 Mar 2012, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      I prefer sweet food. I eat chocolate almost every day. I like cakes and other sweets. I realy have a sweet tooth.

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    • 24. At 11:14am on 20 Mar 2012, Bella wrote:

      In general I prefer savoury food rather than sweet food. Even when i was a litte girl, I also didn't have a sweet tooth. But in fact, I eat sweet food every day. Because I live in a tropical country where it's dead hot on the summer's noon, and there's no thing can satisfy you more than a sweet-iced drink, or a iced fruit dish.
      Morever,our traditional breakfastnever has sweet food. We usually have noodles such as: pho, bun, hu tieu..or break being full of meat, omelet, cucumber..... These savoury foods make my eating's habits.

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    • 25. At 11:48am on 20 Mar 2012, shymaa166 wrote:

      I must say that I much more prefer savoury food ,and to be honest , I also tend to eat salty stuff like salted fish and mussels.I find sweet food sickly ,especially the oriental sweets;however, I'm certainly overdosed on ice cream and gateaux :)

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    • 26. At 11:59am on 20 Mar 2012, kamia wrote:

      Definitely, I prefer sweet food. Actually, I can't live without sweets and especially chocolate. But sometimes, when I get hungry I also can eat savory food :)

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    • 27. At 1:14pm on 20 Mar 2012, lifesong wrote:

      Surely, the savoury food will be my choice ,but sometimes I crave to sweet food like cakes & chocolate

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    • 28. At 1:54pm on 20 Mar 2012, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:


      I like sweet food particulary chocolate ummm i loved chocolate in my country we have a speciall chocolate which is 70 years old it name is Savoy. Savoy has many chocolate´s presentation (wich rice, almond, fruits, peanut, hazeinut, milk, white chocolate, etc) my prefer are with milk and almond. I enjoy to eat chocolate specially in the afternoon because I feel that it give me energy when I tired. Ummm I like pie of lemon and passion fruit with many cream. I like to eat many many ice cream of chocolate, stroberry with sirope, peanut, almon and cream.

      Ummm I go to buy cholate bye

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    • 29. At 4:03pm on 20 Mar 2012, Seria wrote:

      I prefer savoury food. Because I think sweet things are just snack. The mainly food always is savoury.

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    • 30. At 5:03pm on 20 Mar 2012, muneeb6 wrote:

      I like both savoury and sweet.Mostly i want to eat savoury things and after that i want to eat some sweet.I think sweet things dijest my food.

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    • 31. At 5:12pm on 20 Mar 2012, Juan wrote:

      I prefer sweet food.

      I can resist food without salt, and (like many things) excesive could be affect the health. Instead a good dessert after lunch its terrific.

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    • 32. At 7:21pm on 20 Mar 2012, Lucy wrote:

      I absolutely prefer savoury food, because i feel better. When I eat something sweet I am sick.

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    • 33. At 7:51pm on 20 Mar 2012, Miquel wrote:

      I can enjoy in both of them but I have to recognize that I'm hooked in sweet things especially in chocolate.

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    • 34. At 02:35am on 21 Mar 2012, Saprina wrote:

      Opposite to my parents' taste, I like sweet food very much especially honey. I always drink some honey beverage during working hours. Except for the good flavour of sweet food I do care the nutrition they include.

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    • 35. At 05:30am on 21 Mar 2012, Ayub wrote:

      I like most of the time savoury but also like sweets

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    • 36. At 09:43am on 21 Mar 2012, FRANZ wrote:

      I prefer savoury and salty food and I only eat it but in my blood test said that I have less sugar than the normal and Doctor told me to eat sweet food. I try to eat it but I don't like and because this I sometimes get dizzy.

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    • 37. At 2:17pm on 21 Mar 2012, sowork wrote:

      I mainly prefer savoury food. However, I feel like eating sweets eagerly sometimes, especially cream puffs. When I walk down the streets and smell savoury food, I can't help thinking about today's dinner.

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    • 38. At 6:56pm on 21 Mar 2012, taberno1955 wrote:

      I always prefer savoury food. In fact dont like at all sweet food

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    • 39. At 9:12pm on 21 Mar 2012, mary wrote:

      I prefer savoury food in general but sometimes, when I come home from work and I am tired, I need sweet food to relax myself:some chocolate, some cookies or a slice of cake with a cup of coffee

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    • 40. At 10:27am on 22 Mar 2012, melodysj wrote:

      savoury is a new word for me. but the savoury food is familiar to me. although i would like pefer the sweet since my childhood. i know really that people should not eat much sweet in order to keeping the health and controlling the weight. because of this reason i have stopped to eating my favirate sweet--chocolate as possibe as i can.

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    • 41. At 2:08pm on 22 Mar 2012, Ivytam wrote:

      i prefer sweet more than savoury that is because I don't like eat this type of foods such as french fries . I think this is very unhealthy for me. However, I like sweet that can make me relax and happy.Eating much sweet food will become fat,but i will control myself not eat too much sweet foods. Through this topic, i learnt the new word which is savoury. Thank you so much!

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    • 42. At 6:31pm on 22 Mar 2012, mariajose wrote:

      I like both. However, I think the savoury food it's more healthy than the sweet. I usully try to eat healthy food during the day because I tend to gain weigth easily, but Who can resist a delicious piece of chocolate at the end the day? When you are at home in pijama after a long day, lying in your comfortable sofa and watching a good movie with a good company.
      Ummmmm delicious!!!!!!!!!

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    • 43. At 9:08pm on 22 Mar 2012, aw wrote:

      Similar to a previous post I have always preferred Savoury food craved it much more than sweet however when I got pregnant I developed a sweet tooth and I have never lost it since, 6 months later and I now crave sweet things and chocolate all the time where before I never did. Even if I do fancy something Savoury I still have to follow it with something sweet, I find it to be a much stronger craving than savoury ever was.

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    • 44. At 07:06am on 23 Mar 2012, sam wrote:

      For me, savoury is good most of the time. Only sometimes when my mind begins to run too wild, I need to have something sweet. Because sugar jams my head !!! That's precisely the reason I would generally prefer not to have sugar.

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    • 45. At 10:02am on 23 Mar 2012, Hi5 wrote:

      I have a sweet tooth because I eat through my eyes and I think sweet food is more colourful. Moreover, I confess I'm a chocolate addict!!!

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    • 46. At 8:26pm on 23 Mar 2012, alex wrote:

      I prefer sweet food,because I have a sweet tooth, but sometimes I like to eat savory one. It doesn't mean that I eat such food very often, I try to eat healthy food. I go to a gym, so I don't eat lots of sweets.

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    • 47. At 00:10am on 24 Mar 2012, simon mao wrote:

      I definitely like to eat sweet food, such as ice-cream, fruits, chocolates. Usually when I spend my spare time with movies, you would probably find me consume bowls of fruits and different kinds of chocolates and sweets. To be honest, if you eat too many sweet food and do not brush teeth instantly, you will have really bad teeth in the end.

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    • 48. At 00:37am on 24 Mar 2012, Cleusa wrote:

      I prefer sweet food, I don't know my motivation. I just can say that I must be very compulsive about sweet food.

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    • 49. At 01:09am on 24 Mar 2012, castleontheriver wrote:

      I like the savoury food but also the sweet. I love the potato chips and the peanuts and also love the chocolate although I try not to eat too much of
      the food I mentioned because this is not healthy. I can add also, I do not usually eat cake or ice cream because the cream is a food that does not please me.

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    • 50. At 1:46pm on 25 Mar 2012, sweetpatato wrote:

      In sweet i prefer fruit,but i like ice cream also,but u can not avoid savoury.

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    • 51. At 7:10pm on 25 Mar 2012, Din Islam wrote:

      I prefer savory food and I believe most of the people in the world do as I do. Actually I had a sweet tooth when I was in my childhood but as I got young I transform my taste to savory. Todays I don't like to taste sweet food at all. I like foods fraught with savory.

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    • 52. At 05:31am on 26 Mar 2012, keti wrote:

      Traditional cuisine is a component of a culture. Every nation has their own typical dishes. Taste and flavour of the so-called " jewel" of national gastronomy allow us to judge about habits and customs of a country. Georgian national cuisine tends to use too much chilly, garlic, onion and walnut. Georgian cooks use special spices, which gives each dish a specific flavour characterising only Georgian cuisine. The inherent part of our feasts is savoury sauces. Roast meat and chicken in various savoury gravies are pretty popular here. Generally, we can state that Georgian cuisine tends to be savoury and, unfortunately, unhealthy. Now we can only be astonished that Caucasus countries have so many centenarians. However, this trend has been disappearing step by step because our ancestors had a far more active lifestyle. It's time to change gastronomical habits.

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    • 53. At 08:14am on 26 Mar 2012, saherrady wrote:

      i prefer cup of tea without sugar in breakfast with a bar of chocolate but the rest of the day i prefer to eat healthy food

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    • 54. At 09:35am on 26 Mar 2012, ivipin wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 55. At 10:27am on 26 Mar 2012, MIRACLLEofNISHIKI wrote:

      In general, sweet foods have higher calorie than savoury one. Keeping the healthy life, I'd like to take savoury food than sweet food. Also, I'd take care that taking much savoury is not good for health.

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    • 56. At 10:34am on 26 Mar 2012, sabo wrote:

      I prefer sweet to savoury basically. But as an interviewee said, I sometimes take too much sweet, and end up needing some savoury food. After taking a lot of sugar, my body need salt.
      When I feel strong stress, I can't stop eating sweet, and finally I eat a lot of savoury food, too.

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    • 57. At 12:11pm on 26 Mar 2012, Zainab wrote:

      I like both but it depends what mood i am in and what time of the day it is. In summer i prefer sweet things like ice cream , lolipops , coke with ice , milkshakes and etc...I like savoury things in the winter like chicken without bones.

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    • 58. At 1:23pm on 26 Mar 2012, July wrote:

      I have a sweet tooth since I was young. After I eat some spicy food, I usually get sweet things like chocolate. These days, I'm into white chocolate. I think white chocolate is the sweetest thing among much chocolate. It makes me happy and get more energy, get rid of my stress from work. However, I also enjoy savoury food. It's real addictive. When I eat savoury foods, I can't stop eating. Dangerous thing.

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    • 59. At 8:05pm on 26 Mar 2012, Hi5 wrote:

      I prefer sweet things because there are more types of cakes and other desserts. I sometimes eat a piece of white chocolate when I arrive home... It's my favourite!! I love my friends' birthdays because there are many sweet things like candy, biscuits, chocolate mousse... I have a very sweet tooth!! However, I also like chips...

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    • 60. At 01:09am on 27 Mar 2012, fantasy1215 wrote:

      When younger, we have better teeth, we love sweet food. The sweet food makes us happy, sweet. But when we get older, our teeth get worse, the sweet food makes our teeth hurt, we don't enjoy the sweet food any more, in contrary, the savoury food makes us feel better. So protect your teeth and teeth nerve, enjoy the sweet and savoury food at any time, and keep a good mood.

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    • 61. At 09:20am on 27 Mar 2012, ivipin wrote:

      I surely love sweets;but as a food,savoury food is a ultimate choice/need.We can't do with sweet food alone,it can be savory but not complete within itself--savoury food is needed in any case though sweet food is more relished by me.
      Moreover, majority of sweet food is responsible for high calories,which may result in obesity.However,high intake of salt in food,may lead to blood pressure and heart problems.Above all,there should be a ''balanced diet'' to opt for.Excess of anything can cause harmful effects.

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    • 62. At 11:06am on 27 Mar 2012, Hi5 wrote:

      We prefer sweet food because you eat less often, so it's kind of more special. Also, I like all sweet flavours, but specially chocolate when I study;)

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    • 63. At 4:20pm on 27 Mar 2012, tanya259 wrote:

      Personnaly,I only eat sweet food in the breakfast because I know that my body need it to start a journey but I prefer savoury food in general.I always choose savoury snack,I like sweety food too but If I have to choose I prefer savoury food,chips more than ice,sandwich more than cake and so on...

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    • 64. At 11:17am on 04 Apr 2012, lavender1014 wrote:

      i prefer sweet food , beacause when i was my mood not good . i can enjoy a icecream glass or chocolate piece , i feel mood better .Everything will easy solve more

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    • 65. At 7:05pm on 04 Apr 2012, luzbel wrote:

      I have a sweet tooth and my favorite sweet is dark chocolate. I like to eat something sweet in the evening after work sometime I feel that my body demands to eat sweet things specialy when I am watching a nice movie.

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    • 66. At 12:34pm on 05 Apr 2012, _Masha_ wrote:

      Hi everybody!

      I like food and it doesn't metter sweet or savour. My choise depends from my mood and what my body needs. I can't do nothing when I'm hungry. In moments like this I feel weakness and headache. I always have some sweets, pastry and etc. in my drawer on my work, in my bag, in my car and etc. If you ask me how many I eat, I'd say a lot! I like good, delicious food, witch smell invitingly and look appetizingly. Food is drug for me, once tasted it, I can't say stop.
      But don't think that I'm unhealthy person. I Often go on fitness, I have an active life. I'm strong and tall. Also, I don't like fast food, because for me it's untasty. I've never sat on a diet. If I want to eat something I do it. I think our organism better then we know what it need.

      You are what you eat. In my opinion.

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    • 67. At 06:44am on 06 Apr 2012, minyoung wrote:

      I think I prefer savoury food. because when i eat a lot of sweet food i am tired of that, but I am not easily sick of savoury. however, too much is as bad ad too little.

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    • 68. At 05:34am on 07 Apr 2012, tutrinh wrote:

      that is a good program.. thanks to BBC.. when I was a little girl ,I

      very much like sweet foods. But now I prefer savoury foods

      because demaned my health... and especially teeth..

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    • 69. At 3:18pm on 07 Apr 2012, Yasemin wrote:

      both of them have very various and delicious.I eat savoury food in breakfast, lunch, dinner but I like sweet food especially rice pudding.

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    • 70. At 4:07pm on 08 Apr 2012, collaborator77 wrote:

      I prefer sweet to savoury food, I used to think i more like savoury food. When I grow up, I want to have a healthy diet and control my weight. But I still cave the sweet food. To be imagination, Cake and coffee are very match with beautiful view on leisure time. In short, I have to show self-restraint in front of sweet food. ^0^

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    • 71. At 2:18pm on 09 Apr 2012, ParkJiYoung wrote:

      I think I prefer savoury food to sweet food.
      Sometimes if I feel so sad or tired, I prefer sweet food like chocolate, candy etc.
      It makes me feel better.
      But usually I like savoury food more beasuse I think 'savoury' is more extensive.
      How abhout you?
      Do you prefer savoury or sweet food?

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    • 72. At 3:30pm on 09 Apr 2012, KangBoSeung wrote:

      i prefer sweet food. it makes me good feel. when i get tired, i always eat sweet food like chocolate. but, eating too much sweet food is not healthy. be careful about eating too much sweet food.

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    • 73. At 4:54pm on 09 Apr 2012, Moon wrote:

      I prefer sweet foods to savoury food! Because sweet foods make me feel better. I like to eat some chocolate before exam. I usually get more energy. I always try to avoid savoury foods. After I eat them, I have a terrible thirst.

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    • 74. At 06:10am on 10 Apr 2012, yuchaoqun wrote:

      hi,I prefer savoury food.The sweet taste couldn't make me feel full even if I have pretty much.

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    • 75. At 1:10pm on 10 Apr 2012, bae song eun wrote:

      As I am older and older, My taste is change. Of course, I love both. but when I was child, I prefered sweat things and these days I prefer savoury things like potato chips.
      However, in special cases, I prefer sweat things. This week and next week is the Mid-term period. I am very stressed this situation. so, everyday I eat lots of chocolate. I think sweat things seem to calm down my feeling.

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    • 76. At 11:39am on 12 Apr 2012, Chipsouu wrote:

      It's depend of the time, of my temper. Sometimes, I'll throw myself on a sweet food like delicious cake but I could throw on a pizza or a fat hamburger !
      It's my main fault, i'm very greedy !

      Strangely, I prefer sweet things when I'm watching TV on the night...but I often feel like savoury things.
      I love noodles with bacon and cream ("pasta carbonara"), or a traditional steak-potato chips !
      But I can't refuse a delicious macaron, for exemple :p
      Hum, I have a good excuse : I do sport three times a week (sometimes...)

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    • 77. At 09:45am on 14 Apr 2012, Elena wrote:

      I prefer sweet food to savory food.The expression "I have a sweet tooth" refer to me.

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    • 78. At 1:27pm on 14 Apr 2012, lucia wrote:

      i would probably say i have a sweet tooth. i think all girls like sweets. but i known it's not healthy to eat too much sweet things. there are always too much sugars and calories in sweet things and can cause obesity. i don't think it's a good thing. so even i like sweet foods very much. i will eat it as less as i can, and if i can't help to eat it, i'll it at morning.

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    • 79. At 2:20pm on 21 Apr 2012, gokce wrote:

      Definitely, i prefer sweet stuff. I think, sweet foods can be eaten if you are not hungry. You just eat it for pleasure and being happy. It doesnt mean i always consume nutrition which includes a lot of sugar. I pay attention what foods is more good for my health. But when i want to eat chocolate, cake or ice cream, i dont stop and i eat.

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    • 80. At 11:47am on 22 Apr 2012, svetlana wrote:

      When I was younger I preferred sweets like chocolate, cakes, candies etc. I didn't eat enough fruit. Now I prefer savoury food and also try to eat much fruit and vegetables. Vote for savoury!

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    • 81. At 1:42pm on 24 Apr 2012, Yadanar wrote:

      I prefer savoury foods. I don't like sweet food at all.I hardly have dessert after meal.

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    • 82. At 1:46pm on 24 Apr 2012, Yadanar wrote:

      I learnt a new word Savoury that I have never known love savoury rather than sweet.

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    • 83. At 9:00pm on 11 May 2012, elkazel11 wrote:

      I definitely like sweet food,but I'm afraid to gain weight.It's problem and I try to eat it in the mornings.Cheers!

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    • 84. At 01:11am on 16 May 2012, Ramil Gasimov wrote:

      sweet or savioury food. for me savioury food is more important. once a week i eat some cake or biscuits. but yogurt i try to eat everyday.

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    • 85. At 04:02am on 04 Sep 2012, clairezhao wrote:

      Most of the time I'm keen on savoury food, because there is a variety of savoury things for people to choose from in my hometown. They are very hot and spicy and full of aromatic flavour. But sometimes I'm kind of craving sweet stuff like desserts and ice cream especially when I feel tired. I suppose it's because sweet food contains lots of sugar it makes you feel energetic and happy.

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    • 86. At 01:54am on 25 Dec 2012, Samo wrote:

      I like sweet food very much although i know its abit dangerous to continue eating those kind of food

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