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Express English: Eccentric

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Do you have an eccentric friend?

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This is what some people in London told us:

A woman said that one of her friends is so eccentric that he even has tattoos on his feet.

Another one said she knows somebody who is over the top in the way she dresses.

But not everybody seems to indulge in eccentricity. An interviewee admitted that she and her friends are boring and conform so that they can fit into their environment.

Did you know?


Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope is a famous English eccentric. She was born in 1776 - a time when women were not expected to be independent or adventurous. Yet Lady Hester travelled to the East, went hunting for buried treasure and was even crowned Queen by Bedouin Arabs.

Language tip

'Offbeat' and 'off the wall' are some of the words used when referring to something unusual or weird.

Cultural tip

'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' is a song written by Noel Coward in the early 20th century in which he talks about how English expatriates were seen as eccentrics in the British tropical colonies.

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