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Express English: The colour blue

Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation!

What do you associate with the colour blue?

Join the conversation. What do you associate with the colour blue? Use the form below to let us know.

The Express English team

This is what some people in London told us:

A man said that the colour blue reminds him or the sea and therefore he associates it with the beach.

He is also excited when something 'comes out of the blue' in his life because it can bring different experiences.

A woman said that blue might represent sadness too, and mentioned the idiom 'feeling blue'.

Did you know?


The sky is usually blue because light passing through it bounces off particles in the air. The blue light gets bounced around the most and is therefore seen everywhere you look.

Language tip

"A bolt from the blue" is an idiom you use when you want to say that something unexpected has happened and surprised you a lot.

Cultural tip

In China, according to one Chinese folk tale, the 'blue' rose signifies hope against unattainable love.

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What do you associate with the colour blue?

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