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Express English: Coffee or tea?

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What is best: coffee or tea?

Join the conversation. What is best: coffee or tea? Use the form below to let us know.

The Express English team

This is what some people in London told us:

Many people in the city seem to be partial to a cup of tea rather than coffee. Some are concerned with the high caffeine content of coffee.

They state their preference by describing themselves as "a tea person" or "a coffee person".

Did you know?


According to the UK Tea Council, it was the marriage of Charles II to Catherine of Braganza that established tea as a fashionable beverage, first at court in Britain and then among the wealthy classes as a whole. She was a Portuguese princess, and a tea addict.

Language tip

"Wake up and smell the coffee" is an idiom you can use when you want to tell someone to pay attention and do something about a particular serious situation.

Cultural tip

In Britain, 98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea, says the UK Tea Council.

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What do you like best: coffee or tea?

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