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Who's your best friend?

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Who's your best friend?

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The Express English team

A best friend is usually someone you can have a laugh with.

A best friend can be a man or woman. They might be funny, they're usually fun and always nice.

They're there when you need them, you can rely on them and trust them.

And most of all, a best friend is someone who puts up with you.

Did you know?


A survey by the State University of New York and Russia's Moscow State University for the Humanities shows that Americans consider friendship as a key part of romantic love, while Russians and Lithuanians rarely mention it.

Language tip

The idiom 'fair-weather friend' is an informal way of referring to someone who is your friend only when things are pleasant or going well for you.

Cultural tip

In Japan people bow when greeting each other. When greeting a close friend the bow is less pronounced and it might look like a brief nod of the head.

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