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How important is TV in your life? Generally speaking, how do you feel about TV?

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The Express English team

This is what some people in London told us about the role television plays in their lives:

One woman said she spends about 40% of her day watching television. She loves television, especially fashion, and programmes about celebrities lives. She says it lets her relax and unwind.

One man says he only watches the news. He thinks it conjures up a hyper-reality. He thinks it has a negative effect on people.

Another man says it’s a great means for communication. He thinks that documentaries, soap operas, comedies and factual programmes cover a broad range of interests.

Did you know?


According to a survey by OFCOM, the British Media and Communications regulator, people in the US watched over 4.5 hours of TV a day, compared to people in Sweden who watched just over 2 hours a day in 2008.

Language tip

Other words for television in British English - telly, the box, the tube.

Cultural tip

The BBC TV channels which are shown in the UK do not show any advertising.

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How important is TV in your life? Generally speaking, how do you feel about TV?

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