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Lessons for life

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What lessons for life can you give?

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These are some of the life lessons people in London have given us:

Live every day as though it is your last.

Enjoy yourself!

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Don't take life too seriously.

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The longest living person ever is Jeanne Calment. She was born in France in 1875, and died in 1997 at the age of 122.

Language tip

'Life begins at forty' is an idiom that means by the time you are forty years old you have enough experience and skill to do what you want to do with your life.

Cultural tip

In some countries it is rude to ask a woman her age, unless you have a good reason.

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What lessons for life can you give?

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    • 1. At 1:15pm on 21 Jul 2011, Elkagirl wrote:

      In any good times, use your two eyes to see, two ears to hear and one mouth to speak. In any bad times, use only your one eye, one ear and no mouth.

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    • 2. At 1:57pm on 21 Jul 2011, ALFONSO wrote:

      Lessons for life?...What a chalenge!.....
      Well...I think respect for yourself and the others folks around you, be tolerant and accept the tolerance as a gift to build a good living.

      All the best.

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    • 3. At 2:57pm on 21 Jul 2011, Wafi wrote:

      Islam teaches me that the happiness in your heart depends on the service you do to others. The more you help , the more joy will be in your heart. This is the " Real Life ".

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    • 4. At 4:55pm on 21 Jul 2011, kyntire wrote:

      I would say "be just and fear not" as to say that you have to have your life marked by a sense of dignity and self respect.
      In addition to this, a concept which I would say has become my motto is "live the life the you love and love the life that you live".
      It think that is awfully true and inspiring, as we have only one life to live and it's our duty, if I can say so, to get the very best from it.

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    • 5. At 5:04pm on 21 Jul 2011, DJIMEFO wrote:

      As far i am concern, you are the owner of your life.
      Thus, anything that appears to you is the result of yours actions. Likewise, your happiness, your sadness only depends of you, no-one else.

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    • 6. At 5:15pm on 21 Jul 2011, SWEETHEART007 wrote:

      Live your gorgeous life and don´t worry about others!!!

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    • 7. At 5:47pm on 21 Jul 2011, RMSz wrote:

      "Practise makes perfect."
      And the socond one is "the patience is the key of happiness" :)

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    • 8. At 7:36pm on 21 Jul 2011, mmodena wrote:

      Hi everybody!

      Best advise I can give would be the one that you shouldn't be in conflict with yourself at anytime,'cause the way you use to judge yourself, likely is the way people judge you as well.
      Just be natural and easygoing, life every day to its fullest and don't ever struggle!

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    • 9. At 9:20pm on 21 Jul 2011, Jamaluddin wrote:

      My life depends on my succes, if I do great and make a good career for me then I can live the best way I like. To live the moment does not mean for me just having fun or being free from hard works, the challenges that I will be faced in the future of my life will influence my life directly.
      We humans are like an ocean's wave , we must move and jump to survive and keep our existense. If we be quite and don't worry about challenges and problems coming in the future , we will miss our existence in real.
      I think there are things that we should take too seriously for have a better life, our health is determined in part by what we eat and what we do everyday.

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    • 10. At 04:11am on 22 Jul 2011, Migue wrote:

      Odds no words.

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    • 11. At 04:16am on 22 Jul 2011, Migue wrote:

      Deeds no words.

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    • 12. At 06:07am on 22 Jul 2011, pomii wrote:

      Be easy!

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    • 13. At 06:28am on 22 Jul 2011, salih wrote:

      Living the moment is important for people. But nowadays, unfortunately people cannot do this. People always have to think about future therefore, obsession comes with this result. Nowadays, it is difficult to live peacefully and enjoyable. We take life too seriously. We cannot leave enough time ourselves. It is important to taste life while living. People need to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about future. Inevitably, people find themselves in a life competition for many area. Especially in education and business life. This competition starts when childhood period. Children need to advantage of each other in this race. After that, they have to prepare for business life. When they entered the business life, they need to improve themselves for career. In conclusion, our life is tough and very competitive. This kind of life, sometimes it is difficult to live the moment peacefully.

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    • 14. At 11:25am on 22 Jul 2011, saperica wrote:

      I think we should always act us a team.
      In every matter all of as shall consider that we are not the only
      one in this world. So we must do things to keep it healthy :
      Talk more, to avoid wars.
      Take care of our environment, with consideration to future generations.
      Solve hunger.

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    • 15. At 12:39pm on 22 Jul 2011, Charles-Henri wrote:

      In a man's life, ther are three times: a period to learn life, a period to live life and a period to tell life.

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    • 16. At 4:11pm on 22 Jul 2011, Ice wrote:

      Life may be short or long. What eve it is it is much better to live with empathy.
      Empathy leads you to treat all in with kindness and politeness.
      We must always keep in mind not to harm or hurt anybody mentally or physically.
      In accordance with the discussion
      " Live every day as though it is your last."

      Then you would never ill treat anybody.
      Enjoy life with all
      as a team.

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    • 17. At 4:23pm on 22 Jul 2011, jorge trujillo pascuas wrote:

      I agree with those who say that we should live every day as the last one.

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    • 18. At 4:57pm on 22 Jul 2011, Edward wrote:

      To me, living with happiness is pretty important for everyone in this world. So, just do our best with our abilities, honest and be humble for every day.

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    • 19. At 5:50pm on 22 Jul 2011, M_Elkhamesy wrote:

      Enjoy when you help the people who need you . or we can say Giving pleasure .

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    • 20. At 6:58pm on 22 Jul 2011, gyorgyi4 wrote:

      if you are afraid you unable to love many things
      and there are many things what you can get but you live hardly

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    • 21. At 9:43pm on 22 Jul 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      it's difficult to give lessons to anyone . although I'm 26 years old ,I have nothing to give expect one thing . try to get knowledge by all means . it gives you strength to keep silent for long time to think in yourself and your life .the power of silence is more important then any thing else you can imagine .

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    • 22. At 10:45pm on 22 Jul 2011, Juan wrote:

      Enjoy your life, because there is only one. Be happy and help to the happiness of the others and preserve our environment.

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    • 23. At 00:51am on 23 Jul 2011, dana wrote:

      Actually, By two or three senteces can not define life. There two english expression said " Life is short, but smile is too short" and " Times marches on"

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    • 24. At 06:42am on 23 Jul 2011, salih wrote:

      Patience is nuts and bolts of life. Working as an enjoyable and productive is also important factors. People need to respect and help each other in order to maintain peaceful environment. People need to understand life's valuable things such as love. People who live with love can become more successful and happy in their life. Always live with dreams. Dreams would be comes true in the future. Never give your hope, never be pessimistic. Always remember the value of family in your life.

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    • 25. At 12:24pm on 23 Jul 2011, Chiao wrote:

      Never stop learning & improving!
      Oneself in tomorrow must be better than in today!

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    • 26. At 12:58pm on 23 Jul 2011, Tiago wrote:

      Think just positive things. In addiction, when somebody has problems, it's easier to find the solution.

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    • 27. At 3:01pm on 23 Jul 2011, Trang_sunflower wrote:

      every day, i try to live joyfully and not complain about unpleasure things. Live simply, think good things and do enjoyable things will make our life happier and free out of the life pressure. certainly, it is not always easy to lead such a life but we can try day by day.

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    • 28. At 3:24pm on 24 Jul 2011, David wrote:

      As the Bobby McFerry song says: "Don´t happy" I´ve learnt to take things in easy way. Solutions always come from the heaven

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    • 29. At 3:33pm on 24 Jul 2011, giao wrote:

      I think you should try to enjoy yourself as much as possible.You should try to do everything you want to do.

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    • 30. At 3:59pm on 24 Jul 2011, hinah wrote:

      “Happiness is in the doing what you want, not in getting what you want. “ I found this lesson in special movie scripts a few years ago. I think life is the way for searching one’s true happiness.

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    • 31. At 6:28pm on 24 Jul 2011, Nakib Maruf wrote:

      Human beings are member of a whole
      In creation of one essence and soul

      If one member is affected with pain
      Other members uneasy will remain

      If you have no sympathy for the human pain
      The name of human you could not retain

      This is a peom writen by Shaikh Sadee, Persian greates poet.
      Whenever,I face confilict,violation,discrimintion or any other uneasy items which are very common in my Country (Afghanistan) then i remember these lines and getting a little bit calm and confident virtually.

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    • 32. At 01:09am on 25 Jul 2011, Rocha wrote:

      As everyone says, you have only one life ... So do not waste it on things small and insignificant.

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    • 33. At 01:36am on 25 Jul 2011, deko wrote:

      Any experience in our life, whether it is good or not good one, will always give some hint to solve problems.

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    • 34. At 08:04am on 25 Jul 2011, Yana wrote:

      live in the buzz!

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    • 35. At 09:03am on 25 Jul 2011, qtpqtp wrote:

      Don't think of what already past, think of what to do ...

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    • 36. At 09:22am on 25 Jul 2011, Ubiratan wrote:

      I think that we need to respect others if you desire to be respected, because I believe in the action and reation law, we need to be honest and responsable, love your neighbor as yourself, and the most important Don't worry be Happy!!!

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    • 37. At 10:35am on 25 Jul 2011, chloe wrote:

      Never lose your hope, tomorrow is a new day. It's my favorite words. Actually although I've had much tough time, I struggled to live the life by keeping the words in my mind:" everthing will be OK, everthing will be pass, you can handle it."

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    • 38. At 10:43am on 25 Jul 2011, chakula wrote:

      Life is full with challanges as far as you would be able to over come your challenges you will find what you want so easily and cheaply.

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    • 39. At 12:13pm on 25 Jul 2011, RainyJuly wrote:

      Learn and pray !

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    • 40. At 1:08pm on 25 Jul 2011, salih wrote:

      Well, regarding life lessons, I can say that always read as best you can. Always keep learning something, never give up your ambition about life. Always live with love, passion, fancy. Help other people whenever you can. Never give up your hopes, always keep your perseverance. Always know the value of family, friendship and health.

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    • 41. At 2:28pm on 25 Jul 2011, Renata wrote:

      Always remember that real happines is coming only from everydays' little things.

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    • 42. At 4:07pm on 25 Jul 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      Personally I believe that them are good lessons for the life: to love and to know others like to itself, looking for all the balance, to differentiate by the reflection each be alive of its circumstance.

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    • 43. At 7:13pm on 25 Jul 2011, nobia wrote:

      we can never feel the beauty of nice events in our life until we go through the bad ones.You ,only you can create from bad event a tune of a beautiful song.Just live seconds and minuets of life as you believe, and believe me you will never regret,what ever happened and what ever you lost..........

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    • 44. At 8:23pm on 25 Jul 2011, MaXaRaDzzE wrote:

      Hey - what is your life for you - you have to decide independently!:) Buttt - you should know some nice things - don't waste your time: love your family, friends and yourself, bring pice in the world and do not afraid to cry if you love and want to be loved!!! Emmmm - ohhh yeap - you have only 1 chance - 1 life! ;0 hehe - enjoy my friends :P

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    • 45. At 9:34pm on 25 Jul 2011, dirty7 wrote:

      Judge people from what they do - not from what they say

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    • 46. At 07:56am on 26 Jul 2011, ireshani wrote:

      not think past worry, you should have good ambition and good neighbour also family. child to grove up as a intelligent and perfect man is need a strong family.

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    • 47. At 11:02am on 26 Jul 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      If you want to be happy - be happy. You have only one life. You should enjoy every moment in your live.

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    • 48. At 4:30pm on 26 Jul 2011, villaravi wrote:

      generally we are want a happy life

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    • 49. At 12:04pm on 27 Jul 2011, Dimitar Penkov wrote:

      Enjoying yourself, respecting the others, start living every day as though it is your last are only part of many ways to adapt yourself in the world and the century you live in, in order to survive.

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    • 50. At 2:17pm on 27 Jul 2011, thekentaro wrote:

      One's life is short and complex. So, try to be optimistic and proactive, and keep trying to know who you are, where you were coming from, and what you value the most in your life. Your life would be enjoyable.

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    • 51. At 4:55pm on 27 Jul 2011, june wrote:

      Being respectful, honest, understanding adn act with love, besides, you will never regret fo keep silence

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    • 52. At 11:24pm on 27 Jul 2011, mero wrote:

      I hope to my language English & take PHD in English literature

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    • 53. At 01:08am on 28 Jul 2011, jasonnguyen8481 wrote:

      don't even too smart even if you are smart

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    • 54. At 09:34am on 28 Jul 2011, sumoff wrote:

      Hello !
      If i have to give a lesson of life it will concern about curiosity ! We have to be curious, all days we have to want to understand and discover new thnigs of the world which is new sensations or knowleges, just new things which make us happiest about the life we live !

      Have a good day ;)

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    • 55. At 11:56am on 28 Jul 2011, Julia wrote:

      I think the best lesson is not to give lessons. Free advice is no need for evryone. I am always annoyed, when someone (my mother-in-law for example) gives me his points, especially if I already have began to do something. I always ask for advice from my mom, and use it if I think it is necessary.

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    • 56. At 12:59pm on 28 Jul 2011, Shifaam wrote:

      "What other people think of you is none of your business"
      - It is impossible to make everyone happy with the choices we make. If you worry about getting everyone’s approval, you’d never get anywhere. You’d be right where they some of them want you to be. If you’re not following your heart and achieving your dreams, well, that would be just fine with them!

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    • 57. At 7:49pm on 28 Jul 2011, Rita wrote:

      Well I pretty much agree with all the opinios that say that you enjoy life as best as you can and mostly not to take yourself that seriously.
      I don't think I can give lessons but maybe share with you things that I've learnt and that helped me realise many things...perhaps be yourself and don't pretend to be someone else just be you and i'm sure people will find you a bit nicer...and do things without expecting anything in exchange...

      Best wishes

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    • 58. At 01:37am on 29 Jul 2011, kim wrote:

      l think we should be importance of our life at this moment
      that we sometimes have some troubles or happiness,sadness.
      we ,ll try to do the best on our life ~~~
      Life is often compared to voyage.

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    • 59. At 09:45am on 29 Jul 2011, Ali wrote:

      Life's good. Get most of it. You can't get out of it alive, anyway! As you are alive live fully your life because when you are dead you are dead for ever! Be happy always!

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    • 60. At 11:50am on 29 Jul 2011, OlgaRu wrote:

      The most important resourse for people in their lives is the TIME! Remember about it and don't waste your own time.

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    • 61. At 2:02pm on 29 Jul 2011, Janilson wrote:

      What could I say? "Just live and let live".

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    • 62. At 5:15pm on 30 Jul 2011, yadanar wrote:

      i agree those who says don't take life seriously :) my motto is never give up whatever you do all things are difficult before they are easy! :)

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    • 63. At 00:21am on 31 Jul 2011, rizan wrote:

      life is not easy to live , it is therefore our own responsibilty to live it with happiness. happiness comes when we are satisfied of our duties so always try to fullfill your duties, have good relationships with your family and friends. help others as much as you can this also give you immense pleasure. when you face tough times just show patience and tolerance.

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    • 64. At 02:20am on 31 Jul 2011, Mary wrote:

      I studied all above best comments and suggestions. Really that is useful. But it is difficult to follow up in the real life sometimes. Keep smiling, reminder myself to be happy everyday.

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    • 65. At 7:56pm on 31 Jul 2011, canis wrote:

      Love life and fear of death will never trouble you. And don't worry about the past- the future belongs to you.
      Only you yourself and no one else can make your life full of impressions, meetings and memorable events.
      Don't waste the time! Enjoy every minute of your life, try to do your best to make your life unique! Best wishes!

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    • 66. At 08:07am on 01 Aug 2011, manoj wrote:

      i think that the term " life" is very's not means to earn money,degrees(academic achievements), name & fame etc.. that,s not sufficient to meaningful life.instead of it life is the cluster of modern education+ moral values.but in the era of globlization the moral factors disappear that's the severe concern in the entire the prominent personality says that:-"when where the science ends on that place is the starting of religion" .hence we should focus on moral values because that's the roots of social causes like gender aquality etc.

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    • 67. At 11:03am on 01 Aug 2011, thotho wrote:

      The best way to have a friend is to be one

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    • 68. At 12:55pm on 01 Aug 2011, cloudiness wrote:

      "Tomorrow is another day!" Life has ups and downs but it depends on you how to live it. Sometimes change your state of mind and see the world around you from a different angle, maybe you could turn downs into ups. Always believe in yourself and work hard!

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    • 69. At 01:16am on 02 Aug 2011, heyniceman wrote:

      To be true is the best way to happy life.

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    • 70. At 5:15pm on 02 Aug 2011, fcadventure wrote:

      Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.

      This is the quote form Mark Twain.

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    • 71. At 5:58pm on 02 Aug 2011, Maribel wrote:

      We like the positives situation but life is also cry and pessimistic moments, so when you are in that moments, experiment all as you can, allowing the flow, it´s really a gift. Anyway never run away from yourself.

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