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University life

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What was your first week at university like?

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It was exciting because they had a new life ahead of them.

It was good to feel independent and free.

Getting acquainted with new people was great.

For some people it was a bit scary!

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The world's best university is Harvard, according to The Times Higher Education World University ranking.

Language tip

A 'fresher' is a new student beginning their first year at university in Britain.

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If someone is said to be from Oxbridge, it means they have been educated at an ancient and prestigious and privileged university (especially Oxford University or Cambridge University).

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What was your first week at university like?

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    • 1. At 2:18pm on 07 Jul 2011, sum wrote:

      Most of the people feel exciting when exciting when they first entering the university life, but I could tell you I was not.

      I entered a very small university in Hong Kong, without advanced facilities in the campus. If you compare with other colleges under the support by the government.

      Actually, it is a private university, it is financed by the college principal's family. They saw the proportion of young people getting into university is small, so they established it.

      Now, I understand it is not easy to form a college in that way, I should appreciate their hardworking attitude. I should learn from them.

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    • 2. At 3:46pm on 07 Jul 2011, Lenaton wrote:

      In my first day at university i compared myself with my college mates and realised that i'm not so clever as i thought about myself at school and i have big problems with english grammar

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    • 3. At 4:30pm on 07 Jul 2011, phuonga3 wrote:

      I was very proud that I could enter one of my best country's universities.I was very excited about discovering new things.But when I began to learn my first subject,I felt really shock.It was very differrent from what I had imagined.

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    • 4. At 4:57pm on 07 Jul 2011, DJIMEFO wrote:

      My first week at university was very exciting because it is a new environment for me with many friends of differents places. THat was so tired because where we ought to take our schedule was far from amphitheater. Nevertheless, i got acquainted with many people, that's also interesting.

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    • 5. At 5:50pm on 07 Jul 2011, Wilson wrote:

      It was less than I expected. Maybe because it was in the same building of the high-school I studied on the previous year. Because of that, wasn't a big shock.

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    • 6. At 5:53pm on 07 Jul 2011, Juan wrote:


      I can describe with one word first week in the university: "awesome". It´s so interesting know all that people , methodology, and specially mix between freedom and responsability at the same time.

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    • 7. At 6:15pm on 07 Jul 2011, Ice wrote:

      At the beginning it may be lonely as you are away from your family to grasp new environment which is completely strange for you. However, it gives you a very thrilling understanding as you develop relationships with diverse cultural students.
      It is a good chance to grow up independently ,less dependent on parents , share everything with new people.
      University is a place where you can be an intellectual while utilizing your brain 100%

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    • 8. At 7:54pm on 07 Jul 2011, Agape_D wrote:

      My first week at university was somewhat confusing. New acquaintances, new subjects, and an enourmous old building where you could easily get lost (which I often did). It took me a while to get used to all those passages and stairs, they looked like a maze to me, but I really enjoyed exploring it.

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    • 9. At 9:47pm on 07 Jul 2011, Jorge wrote:

      I felt excited too, and a little nervous. But finally I passed a great time and I could made some friends.

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    • 10. At 11:30pm on 07 Jul 2011, Ralph wrote:

      I´ve finished university 20 years ago but I remember my first time at university.

      I´ve a bit scared because I didn´t have someone to give me advice about university life: exam styles, how to get information about courses.

      Then I got friends and together became experts in all things about university life and I remember years at university were the best in my life.

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    • 11. At 03:00am on 08 Jul 2011, vivian wrote:

      when i was a fresher in the Women univercity at first , Most of my life was excited and i expected that i could learn manythings in the univercity away from high school
      Basically , heaps of people were enjoying thier time like me in the univercity as well. i used to go any kind of club to meet many people such as, dance club or social club which joined with the other univercities . it was pretty good and funny things at all.
      i could figure out about society whenever i met a different kind of people while i was a students even the professor give a inspiration whether the theory is true or false ...
      Recently, i 've been thinking how i was so an innocent student while i was studying in the univercity after i had graduated from uni.

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    • 12. At 03:50am on 08 Jul 2011, Andreleo wrote:

      To my mind, the first week at university was a mix of excitement and anguish because I really felt a bit lost in the corridors, in different departments, different rooms, it was completely different from a school facility. As time went by, I felt more and more confident with new people and outstanding ideas around me and slowly all that started to become familiar to me.

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    • 13. At 05:28am on 08 Jul 2011, kennedywai wrote:

      In my year one of my university life,I saw a lot of students were only studying for examination.I was expected when I got into my dream university.That's dreamy university.So what?I'm only a person who keeping study and study.

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    • 14. At 06:19am on 08 Jul 2011, Houston wrote:

      Although I am not a student who studies in university, I can still imagine how exciting will the life there be! By participating in different kinds of activities, I can actually gain ample of new skills and widen our social network, which is totally different form being a secondary student.

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    • 15. At 07:33am on 08 Jul 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      My first week at university was very exciting. I met new friends. It was a step to another live. There were a big changes from before. I became adult.

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    • 16. At 08:26am on 08 Jul 2011, Zaheer wrote:

      I was bit nervous, because for me it was unfamiliar environment. I could hardly speak, tried to calm myself.

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    • 17. At 11:57am on 08 Jul 2011, sary wrote:

      my first week at university is just boring. I was so nervous to think about how to get acquainted with new people. i cannot do anything properly. I tried but everything just went into wrong direction. but now looking back that time of my life, i feel a little bit regreting, if only i could have been more open, confident...

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    • 18. At 12:49pm on 08 Jul 2011, peggy_loh wrote:

      I was exciting and nervous for the first week in University. It is my first time so far away from my house n feel lonely. And i become a little bit slim because of different cultures and food.

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    • 19. At 1:48pm on 08 Jul 2011, Virag75 wrote:

      I'm happy that I finished university before ages in 2000. I didn't like attending it. It was very very difficult and I remember only the much learning and the exams which I failed. Although I often got good marks too: 4 or 5 - these are good marks in Hungary - I was very unhappy. I was very far away from my soul, God, friendship, happiness and the beating heart of life. I didn't go to parties. Nowadays, over the 30 my life is much more exciting with dances and friends.

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    • 20. At 2:08pm on 08 Jul 2011, ampinzon wrote:

      During my first week at university I was quite excited about making new friends. It was a little bit difficult to find people to get on well with because by that time I was almost 25 and most of my classmates had just finished highschool so they were between 16 and 19. They were interested in parties and fun but I was completely into studying, in the end I managed to make really good friends. I have been working with two of them for six years!

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    • 21. At 2:23pm on 08 Jul 2011, anderson1001 wrote:

      The first day at the University i think it was very excited, but at the same time i felt very afraid about the other people, i saw the other people and i could to see that everybody was like me!
      It can calm to you. The time is happening and you can discover that the University is your second house. Now is really nice.

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    • 22. At 10:01pm on 08 Jul 2011, Tereza wrote:

      I felt quite nervous and slightly confused the first days at University, because I did not know which courses I should attend, how the system works etc. The next year, I tried to give a piece of edvce to new students because I knew how they felt...

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    • 23. At 10:29pm on 08 Jul 2011, carla_tulad wrote:

      My university life, was very exciting because for me it was a good opportunity to meet friends from different country and learn about their culture.
      It was time for me to plan for my career which was awaiting rite after i graduated.

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    • 24. At 01:41am on 09 Jul 2011, Wendy wrote:

      My first year in University was twenty six years ago. I remember everything, because many things were first time for me. First time I left home alone; first time took long trip train; first time I met so many new classmates from everywhere.....
      It was really exciting and also nervous.

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    • 25. At 04:13am on 09 Jul 2011, Thein Lin Aung wrote:

      The first day of my university is exciting and wonderful. I felt a little nervous when I saw a lot of students like me. Sometimes, I felt lonely in the great university because there was no friends of mine in there. I remembered singing the university's song altogether in that day. Finally, I was happy as I felt the glory and warmth of my university. Overall it was a fresh, exciting and wonderful day and I was happy because my exciting university student life began.

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    • 26. At 04:23am on 09 Jul 2011, Chiao wrote:

      It's really awesome for my first week at university. (But the fact is, it's awesome for my life at university!)
      I met new people from all over my country; various activities enriched my life, broadening my view, absorbing many different thoughts and opinions. There's no description can portray precisely; exciting, joyful, nervous expectation, frustrating, lovely etc. all are not enough to express my feeling.

      But one thing I feel very sad is I didn't do well on my obligation - study. It's kind of my regret.

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    • 27. At 06:44am on 09 Jul 2011, jarrett wrote:

      I'm from an University in Seoul, Korea.
      My first week at the Univ. was a little bit scary because my life became so much busy. I made a lot of friends there. In my high school, I only had a very few friends. Anyway, it was very exciting to become acquainted with many people. Classes were so different from ones I took at high school that I needed some time to get used to them.

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    • 28. At 07:20am on 09 Jul 2011, Mary wrote:

      That is too far way since I went into the university at the first time. I was very excited at that time, because I had finally escaped from the terrible examinations in high school, that was so relaxed. While on the other side, I also felt a little upset and nervus to the new environment, becuase I was very shy to get acquainted with new students and teachers.
      But after years, I made the good freinds with my classmates, the freindship lasts till today....

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    • 29. At 11:47am on 09 Jul 2011, sedeff wrote:

      My first week at university was hard for me. Because my university was far away from my home. And i was alone . I don't know someone. Also first week , my lectures were started which were also hard to understand. Especially , Chemistry was so difficult. I thought , i fail all my lectures :/ .Then i got used to my new life and i realized that i was free :) i can do what i wanna do , what i wanna go . Also i made a lot of friends who have been still my friends . I got a lot of experiences.
      Finally i am so happy that i graduated from my university . I adviced to new students ' Don't be shy , Don't be afraid of your first week .Your feelings are so normal , everyone feels like you.
      when you go to University , as soon as your new life starts :)

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    • 30. At 12:59pm on 09 Jul 2011, alice_ost wrote:

      Hello :)

      My first day at the university was very interesting. I didnt affraid of new people, new place, new life that i was going to start, on the contrary I was so excited.
      It was a day I realize that I'd just close the huge chapter of my life and open the next, more charming one.

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    • 31. At 1:50pm on 09 Jul 2011, lola1988 wrote:

      My first day at Univercity was a little scary. I knew, that I would get lots of friends there, as a socialization was never a problem for me. I worried that I wouldn't deal with the program. I don't know why, the fist lectures were embarrassing

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    • 32. At 3:46pm on 09 Jul 2011, dilanqs wrote:

      In my first day at the University, I got excited. I met all my batch mates on my first day. Since I selected to the University when filling vacant places, all other batch mates are not freshers, except few including me. In fact, it was a whole new ball game for me. But with the time I got on to the ball.

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    • 33. At 4:49pm on 09 Jul 2011, Minnie wrote:

      I haven't experienced university life because Macau's university begins in September. But I really feel excited for it and also a little bit nervous. I hope it will be a change of my life and I can adapt it easily. :)

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    • 34. At 7:57pm on 09 Jul 2011, booon7 wrote:

      I couldn't remember exactly what was that.I guess In my first day I felt lonely because I didn't know anybody overthere So after I've entered the campus I went directly into Bulletin Board to find out in classmates list if there is anyone from my country.moreover my first subject was math!!really It was a hard and very exciting day. and whenever i remember that I feel proud of what I've done..


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    • 35. At 9:08pm on 09 Jul 2011, Alicetvo wrote:

      I remember really well the day I arrived to our University at Newcastle, and I was excited and scared at the same time. The good thing, which calmed me down was that I was coming over the the UK with few other colleagues and therefore not too alone.

      The first things to worry about was language (since my listening skills weren't top on my arrival), but also the higher expectations and focus than I was used to with my studies.

      In all, it was a great experience to learn new people and cultures, a new country and improve on my language.

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    • 36. At 02:05am on 10 Jul 2011, Mariapau30 wrote:

      My first week at university was really exciting because that was a new stage in my life, i had many expectations, during that week i knew a lot of people. My fist day was really funny because i didn’t know where was my classroom so i arrived late to class, although it was very embarrassing, was a great experience.

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    • 37. At 04:52am on 10 Jul 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      The university is for me a beautiful stage of the life. I never had to leave my city of birth or my house for study, like I know that it happens in other countries. I had anxiety at the outset, but later I complied. It was very interesting to know new friends

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    • 38. At 06:55am on 10 Jul 2011, Nakib Maruf wrote:

      When I entered University, I didn’t feel much difference than I expected. Because , during my school I had been there for many times, asking many question from students who were studying there regarding their academic curriculum, teachers behaviors, examination process and etc…

      That is why I could be familiar and interact with all stuff in the university environment, as much easier I could guess

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    • 39. At 3:51pm on 10 Jul 2011, Soler wrote:

      I had very pleasant feelings.I was in anticipation to some new and interesting. To introducing with new people and starting other life than you had before. Also I remember that I was a little bit embarrassed and confused. I recollect all my mates. We were so sincere.

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    • 40. At 05:10am on 11 Jul 2011, broker wrote:

      As everybody, I came to my uni with self - pride as an excellent student. In the first week, i felt quite exciting when i met and made friends with many others. But, through 3 years in Uni, I realized that i still lack of many skills, many knowledge needed to have a good job. so an advice for newcomers, try to gain as much as possible in society when u r students and enjoy the time when u r still a student. Its very great !

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    • 41. At 10:46am on 11 Jul 2011, Elizabeth wrote:

      Most of the students were so exciting about my university, but I was depressed about it. Because the university was not the one that I wanted. And it's a complicated feeling.

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    • 42. At 12:02pm on 11 Jul 2011, Syed wrote:

      It was very exciting ,New environment with new experience and a great chance to learn from others.

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    • 43. At 1:28pm on 11 Jul 2011, nithya wrote:

      It was a amazing experience for me.I saw many new faces and i had different opinion about their the first day of my university we had a introductory class with the proffesors.i was little bit nervous while seeing the was really exiting

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    • 44. At 01:18am on 12 Jul 2011, wujialiu wrote:

      I remember my first week in college.It was my first time to feel independent,and freedom.There is no teachers,no parents following you,but you have to take responsible.
      On the other hand,there is no one coming to make plan for your should self-study,thinking about what is your life and study going to be.
      In summary,the first time i arrive in college.I felt a little nervous and lonely,however,i know it was challenge and oppunity for you improving yourself.I also feel my future is exciting.

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    • 45. At 03:00am on 12 Jul 2011, tramdang wrote:

      I felt very strange on my first week at university. Because I hadn't stayed apart from my family before. When I studied at university, I had to stay in dormitory or room for rent. There were many new things with me: new places, new friends, new environment... However, I quickly made friends with some classmates and they are my best friends until now. I wish time could go back, so I could enjoy my time at university again.

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    • 46. At 1:53pm on 12 Jul 2011, renee49 wrote:

      My first week at university was really exiting. It was a completely new life for me, with all the freedom and undependence I had dreamed of during my schooldays. I had new friends and made new experiences, I was very happy!

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    • 47. At 02:11am on 14 Jul 2011, vivianchen wrote:

      I thought university life is the best time in my whole life.But never go back .

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    • 48. At 04:58am on 14 Jul 2011, bekes wrote:

      my first week in university was so exciting i saw diffurint friends i felt i have more much freedom my dream was i study law and i get it so i was pride about that
      they were very sweet days with real friends

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    • 49. At 10:48am on 14 Jul 2011, Mira wrote:

      I wasn`t young anymore, when I started in University. I was 30 years old and I had 3 girls. University was 270 kilometers away from my home. In first week I was 3 days and 2 nights there. I slept in my motorhome. Ofcource it was little exciting but I wasn´t so nervous what I expecting :)

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