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Your ideal trip

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What would be your ideal trip?

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The Express English team

One man said it would be somewhere he hadn't been before. It's got to be somewhere that combines a beach and some culture. The best thing is having the luxury of nothing to do.

Another woman has already been on her ideal trip. She went on a journey to her homeland in Armenia. When she arrived there she felt at home.

Did you know?


According to UK government statistics, the most popular overseas country that British people visit is Spain.

Language tip

The noun, a trip, describes a journey or a holiday but the verb, to trip, means to fall over something.

Cultural tip

If visiting New Zealand, you may encounter a Maori greeting - a hongi - where you press your nose and forehead together with another person.

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    • 1. At 5:39pm on 30 Jun 2011, Luís Martini wrote:

      My ideal trip is somewhere I haven't to do nothing.

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    • 2. At 5:56pm on 30 Jun 2011, Marcelo Brunelli wrote:


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    • 3. At 6:17pm on 30 Jun 2011, Ice wrote:

      To have an ideal trip it should have an ideal plan, standard, environment and team.
      It is decided by the way you enjoy and admire through out the trip.

      The more you visit, the ideal trip you describe today may have a chance to be changed.
      It is existing only in the imagination; not real or actual: Nature is real; beauty is ideal.
      Where ever you go around the world the ideal trip may replace by an ideal feeling, as you landed to your own country.

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    • 4. At 7:57pm on 30 Jun 2011, Victoria_West wrote:

      I like observing wild animals and birds. So my ideal trip would be somewhere animals wouldn't afraid of people. I like nature, beautiful scenery, birds' chirp. Inhabitants of big cities are often deprived of luxury of feeling free, breathing fresh air, having a dip in the limpid waters of the sea. And if I have an opportunity to rest I try to spend my time admiring magestic wild scenery.

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    • 5. At 8:45pm on 30 Jun 2011, number1985 wrote:

      My ideal trip is to skiing resort. Though I'm very afraid to be damaged by more experienced skiers, I love skiing because it's funny and very positive!!

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    • 6. At 9:50pm on 30 Jun 2011, Fernanda Sanabria wrote:

      My ideal trip has to be somewhere I could find a beautiful landscape, peace and nice people to interact with and discover the culture. I'd prefer to travel alone in order to do whatever I want and enjoy my trip while I meet new people.

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    • 7. At 11:13pm on 30 Jun 2011, marciatx wrote:

      My ideal trip would be a one-year journey around the world. This is my biggest dream. I am keen on travelling and learning about different places and its culture and people.
      I've been to a several places in South-America and North-America in the last two years, but it's not enough for me. I hope I could visit new and exotic places as Indonesia or Africa.

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    • 8. At 04:07am on 01 Jul 2011, francisca wrote:

      My ideal trip is definitely backpacking to Provence, where the air is scented with lavenders in July. Walking through the medieval lanes animated with colorful flowers and plants is my dream.

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    • 9. At 07:01am on 01 Jul 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      I like different trip. It may be journey to any country. I like to know something new about culture and tradition various nations. I enjoy to lay on a beach as well as climb to a mountain. Every trip can be ideal trip if you want to have a good time and do everything for this.

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    • 10. At 07:27am on 01 Jul 2011, Vyacheslav wrote:

      My ideal trip would be journey to the sea, or maybe along the seaside and mountains in cabrio vehicle with my girlfriend. I suppose it will be amazing! And one more is yacht trip down the river. Its my dream for many years, and it will become true soon.

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    • 11. At 07:54am on 01 Jul 2011, Helen wrote:

      My ideal trip is one in some quiet place near a sea and mountains. It's a pleasure to sit on the beach and observe waves swashing against the rocks. We need to slow down a bit and reflect on the topics we have to neglect in our routine.

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    • 12. At 11:10am on 01 Jul 2011, amimz5 wrote:

      My ideal trip is in somewhere I hadn’t been before, especially a natural place.

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    • 13. At 2:07pm on 01 Jul 2011, Elkagirl wrote:

      I have a dream to step my feet on the Spiritual Land - Tibet :)

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    • 14. At 2:41pm on 01 Jul 2011, tracy102 wrote:

      Ideal trip consists of good cheap food and strange scenes.

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    • 15. At 3:28pm on 01 Jul 2011, Teblas wrote:

      I think that my ideal trip would be with my family. I would like to go to an ancient place like Egypt or Africa with my parents and wife.

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    • 16. At 4:51pm on 01 Jul 2011, Ohana wrote:

      If I have short time, I like to go to picnic: bring food which prepare at home, go by bicycle.
      If I have a long vacation, I want to discovery new destination where I haven't ever gone. It's interested feeling when u find sth new!

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    • 17. At 5:47pm on 01 Jul 2011, kyntire wrote:

      My ideal trip wouldn't be to a specific place or country, even if there are loads that I long to see. However, my special trip would be through time instead. I mean, it's just a dream, a pure fantasy journey of course, but having the opportunity to travel through different centuries would be really intriguing for me. Different places can teach us different customs and cultures but different ages, in my view, could show us much more than that. For instance, how huge might have been feeled our planet without the modern means of transport? Or how dangerous and short people's life could have been just not too many decades ago? And what about the women social condition ? Well, in my opinion a journey to the past then would be really awesome, and maybe not that impossible in the end ...

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    • 18. At 9:18pm on 01 Jul 2011, sylwiaczek wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to New York. I would love to see the Statue of Liberty because it's my dream :)

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    • 19. At 02:17am on 02 Jul 2011, Lydia wrote:

      I am looking forward to a romantic trip with my partner, in which we can explore the world and diverse cultures together, to live in a cozy and comfortable hotel room, where we can enjoy beautiful sunrise above sea and delicious food served on bed, relax on beach afterwards

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    • 20. At 04:18am on 02 Jul 2011, bobtee wrote:

      I think ideal tirp is just relaxing wihtout every working.
      Good food, comportable bed and etc...

      The most important thing is the place which I can take a rest without any concern.

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    • 21. At 06:22am on 02 Jul 2011, ilker88 wrote:

      ı want to visit marakesh and andulucia so magical.

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    • 22. At 07:51am on 02 Jul 2011, Fernando wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to...Australia and New Zealand!!! Why? Both are one the farest place from my country. We need almost two days to arrive! I love animals and I've never seen before kangaroos and kiwis. Furthermore, I'd like to dive into the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and walk along the hills of Queenstown in the centre of New Zealand!

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    • 23. At 08:31am on 02 Jul 2011, cecisa wrote:

      My ideal trip would be one that makes me discover the beauty of this planet. Thus, anywhere with nature and kind people!

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    • 24. At 10:33am on 02 Jul 2011, Tanuja wrote:

      Travelling is full of hassle and most of the tourist spots are
      noisy and crowded. After the trip, I feel physically exhausted and mentally drained instead of refreshed. Also it sets you back
      by quite a few bucks. As these days my energy levels are not what they used to be , I just find a quiet spot with my close friends, read a stimulating book which transports me to another world, listen to soul-soothing music and have a good time in general.
      On returning from the picnic, I feel very happy, light,
      and ready to face the day ahead.

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    • 25. At 2:28pm on 02 Jul 2011, lunaxx wrote:

      First, I want to travel around my own contry, Japan.
      Because I think I'd better to understand about Japan before go abroad, and I love this country.
      There is a lot of place where I've never visited and I want to go to. And there, I want to spend a calm time and feel tradition, culture, difference for few days or weeks.
      After traveling around Japan, I'd like to travel all over the world.
      I think I'll be able to understand and enjoy the foreign countries much more.
      This is my ideal trip.

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    • 26. At 4:11pm on 02 Jul 2011, tat_cay wrote:

      Hi...My ideal trip is know places where I havent't been before. I love trip. Although, I would like trip as a hobby, you must to have enough money. For now, I'm saving to plan my next trip. And if you want to know a wonderful place come to Colombia, we have nice places like Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Popayan, Leticia in Amozone Jungle....See you then!!!


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    • 27. At 10:12pm on 02 Jul 2011, Sergio wrote:

      My ideal trip is - obviously - to visit UK! Right now I'm in London after flying here the day before yesterday from Italy! I can say it very exciting to see the place that many times I saw in your podcasts, particularly the... Thames. I don't know why...
      The English people's sense of humour is very nice and how they tell their story is really nice and amusing... A great country!

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    • 28. At 10:58pm on 02 Jul 2011, Kirsche_9 wrote:

      My ideal trip would be in Germany, it's a beautiful place, I have not met but I read about it, has beautiful places and I love its history.

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    • 29. At 00:45am on 03 Jul 2011, Rafael wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to go at the Caribe with much money.

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    • 30. At 07:39am on 03 Jul 2011, smrutirekha wrote:

      "IDEAL TRIP" The name defines the trip.My ideal trip would be to a calm and serene destination may be to some remote island or beaches where me and my love would be all ideal far away from the busy schedule of earning money with mobiles switched off and just experience the feeling of doing nothing. Experiencing the beauty of nature with a bit of romance would be like plum on the pudding.Spending the whole day and night with nature with all laziness would be ideal for me.But being a girl i would always look forward to a great shopping may be while returning from my ideal trip without which it won't be ideal :):):)

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    • 31. At 10:42am on 03 Jul 2011, Gustavo wrote:

      Actually, my ideal trip is a place that I've never been before buut I am looking forward to visit it: England! I have heard many stories about it and seen many videos about its culutre and Celtic heritage. Indeed, Great Britain is my next stop. I'd like to visit the monuments, castles, important places and all that jazz!

      Cheers from Brazil!
      Gustavo Boechat

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    • 32. At 12:28pm on 03 Jul 2011, Said Hassan Anteno wrote:

      To my opinion, an ideal trip is when i go to my home country, and also to visit an ancient places, such as The Holy Makkah, Madinah and Masjis Al aqsa.

      Other places, that i like to visit is Egypt, where i can get the site of ancient people like "fir'on".

      That is all.

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    • 33. At 1:01pm on 03 Jul 2011, marco-it wrote:

      As far as I'm concerned, I'm very enthusiastic about learning the ways of life and the traditions of the country I visit. I woudln't mind visiting its monuments or museums... but these activities problably wouldn't make my journey so unforgettable.
      What I really look for in my ideal trip is discovering how the inhabitants love spending their free-time, together with learning something more about their customs.

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    • 34. At 2:16pm on 03 Jul 2011, joanna24992 wrote:

      My ideal trip would be travel to my brother. He lives in USA in Chicago. I haven't seen him for 7 years and I miss him very much.He always invited me when I speak with him by phone. He promised show me the Niagara Waterfall and The Colorado Canion. I can't wait visit him.


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    • 35. At 8:36pm on 03 Jul 2011, melina_arg wrote:

      My ideal trip would be definitely UK as I'm very interested in its culture and people... I hope someday I'll make it true!

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    • 36. At 10:10pm on 03 Jul 2011, PRINCESS wrote:

      My ideal trip is travel around the world, for a long time. One or two years, visiting every place that I wanted.

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    • 37. At 10:44pm on 03 Jul 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      I've a desire,I want to travel to France to study there in Sorbonne university.I know it's a wish could come true or couldn't .but I really look forward to traveling to France. what I'm afraid of is the picture of imagined France may be false . I want to follow French philosophers' steps on Sorbonne ground like Sartre ,Foucault and Derrida listening about their stories in politics and social affairs .I think it will be interesting . but how can I get to there ?

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    • 38. At 02:16am on 04 Jul 2011, Marco Antonio Ribeiro Albino wrote:

      My ideal trip is one where I can find a lot of culture, fun days and local legal to walk the night. I am a lover of nature but I like comfort, like the sea and diving, I like warm waters and miss Goias, Brazil. The story of a people fascinates me and see how they found solutions to their problems.

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    • 39. At 02:36am on 04 Jul 2011, eduardo07 wrote:

      my ideal trip would be to go to a country where I can develop my English,(I´m from Chile) and where I can enjoy a lot...

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    • 40. At 03:42am on 04 Jul 2011, Asian_Dragon wrote:

      I'd like to travel somewhere in all over the world, specially, somewhere has beach so i can go swimming all day. It's really exciting!

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    • 41. At 09:05am on 04 Jul 2011, chloe wrote:

      My ideal trip would be travell aroud the West of China, such like Xizang, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunan. I think those places was the best beautiful part of China.A part of the wonderful scenery, I'm also keen to learn about the local culture of those regions where the minority live.

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    • 42. At 1:52pm on 04 Jul 2011, JanuDe wrote:

      my ideal trip is to go to America.i like to go to clubs in las is my ideal trip

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    • 43. At 3:41pm on 04 Jul 2011, DJIMEFO wrote:

      The ideal trip is to go to USA. Because, it is a wonderful country with these great towns, a very nice landscape and good environment for researches and enjoying himself.

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    • 44. At 5:51pm on 04 Jul 2011, Nicofromparis wrote:

      My ideal trip is to go to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea. It's such a nice place in my wife's family to leran the local culture. People are relaxed, rum is excellent, the water is hot and water falls of Carbet are abloutely amazing!

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    • 45. At 7:31pm on 04 Jul 2011, starsailor wrote:

      My ideal trip is somewhere only we know.

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    • 46. At 9:18pm on 04 Jul 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      At this moment of my life, my ideal trip would be to Europe. It would enchant to me to know his more important cities, museums, and natural beauties. Also, it would enchant to me to travel to Egypt and to know of near way his old and important monuments and their different and splendid nature.

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    • 47. At 00:57am on 05 Jul 2011, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:

      My ideal tril is a large trip around the world, I would like to visit many places such as: In Egypt the grand pyramid, In Italy the Coliseum. London and Liverpool in England. The Eifel Tower and The Louvre Museum in Paris. Jerusalem and other interesting places in Israel. The Partenon in Grece. Sevilla, Toledo, Barcelona, Madrid and the Prado Museum in Spain. All Germany and Swiss where I will eat cholate and sausage a lot. Australia, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver (a Love this city) in Canada. The Fuji Mountain in Japan. Tasco and Playa del Carmen in Mexico and to drink many margaritas. Rio And Sao Paulo in Brasil. South Corea. New York in USA ahhhh New York I love it.....I will buy many colognes and clothes in Maycys, ummm eat chease cake and go to Brodway. Visit Turkish and its historic cities. Middle East,etc....I like to stay in confortables hotels. For my ideal trip I need to buy an excelent camera which take espectacular pictures and videos......I enjoy to take photos in the famous places specially in the historic.

      I would like to go The Amazon jungle and in my country the Angel waterfull, the Canaima´s Tepuyes, Margarita Island, and "Los Roques"

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    • 48. At 05:21am on 05 Jul 2011, Bich Ngoc wrote:

      i like a place that has numerous trees and flowers like Holland. my wish is visiting this country.

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    • 49. At 08:01am on 05 Jul 2011, carla_tulad wrote:

      my ideal trip is to go to a country near by clear beaches where i can relax myself completely and enjoy eating variety of sea foods and go for scuba dive .

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    • 50. At 2:45pm on 05 Jul 2011, 風天 wrote:

      my ideal trip is to go to every place in the world...although it needs a lot of money. However, i think it is still possible^^

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    • 51. At 3:36pm on 05 Jul 2011, Polina Dimitrova-Tsintsarova wrote:

      My ideal trip will be somewhere ,where I can be happy and where can I touch the another culture ,and I can having relax without any problems ...

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    • 52. At 5:10pm on 05 Jul 2011, stillwaiting wrote:

      I think ideal trip should inspire oneself in some aspects, and there should be few stress under any conditions. (Of course, Conditions aforementioned have very low possibility to carry out.)

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    • 53. At 5:34pm on 05 Jul 2011, Inna wrote:

      i would like to be my ideal trip is travel to europe country. in winter season.

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    • 54. At 8:06pm on 05 Jul 2011, anna_nguyen wrote:

      It will be a trip which i don't have to worry about anything. I can wake up late at morning without worrying about missing the change to travel, to discover the new things, i can enjoy it until i get bored. It must be a trip to the beach with a peaceful and joyful feeling as well.

      I'd like to travel with people whom i love. My family, my friends and my boyfriend. We will. together, contemplate the sunrise and the drawn, enjoy the food, laugh, dance, and sing. That will be a unforgettable trip to me. :)

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    • 55. At 8:27pm on 05 Jul 2011, Juan wrote:

      My ideal trip is visit a place where you have a contact with all the environment of the place. I´d like to interact with people, nature and manners of the place.

      I visited Quindio (Colombia) and you have access a different activities where you learn about their culture (colombian coffee, seedtime, their manners) and also I passed a funny time with extreme sports.

      I like to learn and enjoy time of places that I visit. I thing those are principle characteristics for my ideal trip.

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    • 56. At 8:33pm on 05 Jul 2011, nehad mahmoud wrote:

      my ideal trip is the place awhere i could enjoy natural scene,calmness,clear air and comfortable place to live and i could find my essential needs easliy as well asi could learn something new

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    • 57. At 01:57am on 06 Jul 2011, Rafael S Petersen wrote:

      Ok, That´s my first time here! My Ideal trip would be to find out my country better! I´m brazilian and I really don´t find out my country! So my ideal trip would be to travel to all my contry. Metting people from all regions! Learning about regional tradition! That would be very cool! Best wishes for everybody!

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    • 58. At 03:42am on 06 Jul 2011, oussama wrote:

      My ideal trip will be not in this life it will be i the other life when i'll visite god in paradise it is the best place i had ever listen of this is how a dream and the ideal trips had to be not visiting place in this smal earth :)

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    • 59. At 06:23am on 06 Jul 2011, Tuan Phan wrote:

      My ideal trip must be a trip to some interesting places that I haven't ever been to, just by myself, with my camera and motobike, I love to travel alone.

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    • 60. At 06:56am on 06 Jul 2011, tomo_st wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to go to Hawaii. It is a warm and comfortable place. I would like to sit near the beach, reading books all day and also to listen to Hawaiian music in the evening. I would love to talk with people in Hawaii eating at a restaurant. Before going to bed, I would take a massage treatment.

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    • 61. At 09:03am on 06 Jul 2011, sedeff wrote:

      My ideal trip has to be somewhere I could find historical places , nice people . Also I want to try traditional foods and learn their cultural. I would like to go to Poland because I have a lot of friends who are from Poland .Especially I wanna go there in winter so I can skiing . I am not good at sking anyway :)

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    • 62. At 09:44am on 06 Jul 2011, hcx wrote:

      Now,my ideal is driving a car to CHUAN ZANG area,to enjoy the magnificent and magic scenery there,exploration in xizang must be a unforgettable and amazing trip

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    • 63. At 5:02pm on 06 Jul 2011, ampinzon wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to Greece, I´d like to know at least two of the islands...let´s say Mykonos and Kefalonia. I love the greek culture and art, the blue of the sea takes your breath away...well at least in pics. I am fascinated by the architecture as well.

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    • 64. At 6:47pm on 06 Jul 2011, Romulo Barretto wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to Rio de Janeiro where I haven't nothing to do. Breathing fresh air coming from the ocean. I will find a beautiful landscape, peace and nice people to interact with. Walking down the Leblon beach street I can see people doing exercises, running or just walking like me. I can feel a spiritual place when I think about life in this wonderful neighborhood.

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    • 65. At 11:02pm on 06 Jul 2011, ahmed setta wrote:

      i,d like to go to Europe for 1 month trip visit Italy ,Spain ,Greece ,France ,UK,Holland and Germany see every thing and communicate with different culture

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    • 66. At 01:32am on 07 Jul 2011, LizethBohórquez wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to the Mediterranean with all my family. I want to know all the places that Phoenicias sailed doing Bussines, I'm very interesting in that culture and the form that they did bussines. Is said that they started with the globalization.

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    • 67. At 02:07am on 07 Jul 2011, LAURA wrote:

      well i have two options
      the first option is a place no common where there are'nt many people whit my family very very far of the city where not contamination, that people arent gossiping i prefer a town
      the secon option i a trip around the world "backpacking trip"
      know new people new cultures see different landscape eat difent food and buy a diferent articule for each country or town i visit

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    • 68. At 02:28am on 07 Jul 2011, Pradeep Sebastian wrote:

      Its good. My ideal trip would be to Switzerland, where I want to stay and work.

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    • 69. At 02:42am on 07 Jul 2011, eddpulido wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to china, I´d like go to the Great Wall of China, and learn too much about this country. I love the exotic food and the culture. why not the tecnology? tthe streets full of people, and the religion. if i have this oportunity i will enjoy too much

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    • 70. At 02:52am on 07 Jul 2011, Sally wrote:

      One of my ideal trip is that it should be nice weather during the traveling.. It could cuase delay my plan or cancel ... I can not really control the natural things so I just hope don't get the rain..

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    • 71. At 03:01am on 07 Jul 2011, Mildred wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to India, I´d like to know Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. India is recognized by its culture and religion, I am Hare Krisna dovoted, I love food Indu.

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    • 72. At 03:47am on 07 Jul 2011, hongvu wrote:

      My ideal trip is where i have not visited. It would be a wildly place with mix of beach and mountain, as like Hawaii.

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    • 73. At 03:57am on 07 Jul 2011, mini_iru wrote:

      my ideal trip would bo to a place where i can learn other lenguage lika japan or Russia, also when i can visist many historical places, in that case i like to visit France or Germany, and these countries also will my ideal trip because i can meet so beautifull ladys XD.

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    • 74. At 04:03am on 07 Jul 2011, ivan_enciso wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to new zeland, because the country is very intresting, their history and there people, i would like to know how do they sing the HAKA? also i would like to travel to Machupichu, because the architecture of the Incas. that would be veru intresting.

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    • 75. At 05:38am on 07 Jul 2011, Felipe wrote:

      My ideal trip would be going to Germany to know all these big and amazing cars companies like BMW, Porche, etc. and have the possibility to drive in the superhighway. Besides, I would go with a friend that likes the cars too to enjoy all this kind of stuff and we would go to drink a lot of beer because it is cheaper than in our country and also knowing many beautiful blondes women. Or I would like to go to Tokio, Japan. To know this country and its culture that it is so different to our and have the opportunity to learn drifting because they are the parents, so to speak, of this sport on cars.

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    • 76. At 05:51am on 07 Jul 2011, sebas21 wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to Madagascar because its diversity of flora and fauna is amazing. I will have a new experiences. I love photography, I will take photography in order to have a memory for my life.

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    • 77. At 08:35am on 07 Jul 2011, viki wrote:

      my ideal trip is to visit paris because many people who has already visited paris ,they said paris is city of love

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    • 78. At 3:18pm on 07 Jul 2011, LeidyxD wrote:

      My idea trip would be around the world, I might begin going to china because this country has a fascinating cultural history, and all Asia, then Europe. (Ammm I would be glad with the food in France).

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    • 79. At 3:25pm on 07 Jul 2011, Daniel wrote:

      My ideal trip would be a different place from my home, I would like to go a peaceful place maybe close to the beach where you can walk around, relax, enjoy and think

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    • 80. At 3:39pm on 07 Jul 2011, juan alvarado wrote:

      my ideal trip, would be to england. I would like to know the major cities, how manchester, and london. But my main dream is to be in the most famous and important tournament of tennis WIMBLEDON.

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    • 81. At 4:18pm on 07 Jul 2011, linipao wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to San Andres Island in Colombia, I'd like to know the beach and different landscapes. I think that is a place beautiful and peaceful.It's an escape from the city.

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    • 82. At 4:38pm on 07 Jul 2011, daros93 wrote:

      my ideal trip, could be with my family, my mom, brother and grandmon, and the place will be able to be venecia, carefree and only thinking in my family, also We could stay in a beach and sunbathe on the beach,finally I prefer meet a beatiful girl and I married with her

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    • 83. At 6:39pm on 07 Jul 2011, Mariapau30 wrote:

      My dream trip is to find a magical place full of nature with the person I love and my dog​​, without any concern.

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    • 84. At 03:01am on 08 Jul 2011, YALF wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to "Rio de Janeiro", this place is really magic and fun you can find beatiful scenery and enjoy of the festivals, music, culture and many things more, I'm sure that it would be perfect.....Is a place where you'd want to come back

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    • 85. At 03:25am on 08 Jul 2011, Lali Quiceno wrote:

      My ideal trip would be at a place relaxed but at night have more music site where i can enjoy dancing, drinking and staying with my friends and my family. Could be a place that have hot climate but also have site for practices extrem sports because I love practicing. E.g boaring, boying jumping, paragliding, etc. For me it is very important nature, so where I find threes, rivers, flowers, smell of leaves and the sunrise. Take lot of photos of beatiful landscape and good memories. It's all

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    • 86. At 04:20am on 08 Jul 2011, carolrincon wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to Argentina, is my dream since two years ago, because I am interested in the culture, I really love the buildings and the landscape for example the obelisco, Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, Iguazú Cataracts and many other places. Also I would like to know the most important cities and its history. Besides I believe that education in UBA is the best in South America, so I would like to study there.

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    • 87. At 06:29am on 08 Jul 2011, Tcme wrote:

      ideal trip?south of Russia,my boyfriend,beach,sun,a lot of fun.I also love walking around the cities I've never been before.

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    • 88. At 06:30am on 08 Jul 2011, NatGuti wrote:

      My ideal trip would be to Paris because I've always wanted to know the Eiffel tower and I love France, I love the language, the culture and I really like taking pictures to everything for this reason I will take a lots of pictures and I will never forget that moment.

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