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How can you tell if someone likes you? What are the signs?

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One man says you can see the redness in someone's cheeks. You can tell in their body language.

Another woman thinks you can tell when someone is friendly and has a big smile. You can also see it in their eyes.

But for another man it's difficult to describe. You just get a feeling by the way they look at you.

Did you know?


A courtship ritual is the term used for when one animal tries to attract the attention of another animal of the opposite sex.

Language tip

To fancy someone is an informal way of saying to be attracted to another person.

Cultural tip

A kunik is a traditional Inuit expression of affection that involves pressing the nose and upper lip against the skin of another person and breathing in.

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How can you tell if someone likes you? What are the signs?

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    • 1. At 6:36pm on 23 Jun 2011, Nicolás wrote:

      eyes and smile are the keys

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    • 2. At 7:40pm on 23 Jun 2011, Alberto José Salas Morales wrote:

      Expressing your feelings is something that people do everyday in common life, some feelings are very easy to be expessed like happiness, surprise, etc, but others draw us redness in our cheeks, make us stutter, or feel butterflies in our stomaches, like expressing love, or when we want to talk to someone who catches our total attention and make us focus on him all the time.

      Normally we have different ways to show other people about our intentions. For example when we give plenty of details to people that we are concerning about, treat them very politely, talking about nothing important, and just enjoying walking next to him or her.

      Nonverbal communication is common as well, for instance the way that we change our walking when we come across with that special one, the movements we make nervously which make us ashamed when we are discovered, that make us assume our guilty that runs through the vains as a fire inside us.

      Another sign that we can see is when we realise people's nerves when they change the topics of conversation because they prefer to avoid that embarrasing situation at the moment.

      Whichever is the way that we choose to express your feelings to others, we must be aware of expressing them clearly and presicely to avoid any misunderstanding.

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    • 3. At 7:51pm on 23 Jun 2011, Kazimir wrote:

      I can tell if someone likes me of how he treated me and by his body language. And I firmly confident that if someone likes someone, he or she never demands to take something material from that person, he rather gives than takes.
      My position is to see what those who tell that love you do, than to listen that he or she tells, because the doings aren’t lies, but words sometimes are.

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    • 4. At 7:58pm on 23 Jun 2011, c4c1 wrote:

      Love brings out the best in people, utterly.

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    • 5. At 9:08pm on 23 Jun 2011, Lorenzo wrote:

      What a beautiful topic! I think human relations are based in basic feelings and personal contact. As far I concerned I´m sure if I like someone because the atmosphere around us is realy favorable. Even if we don't talk, we are confortable. The smile and the eyes movements declare our tune. And the age difference it doesn't matter. It´s one of the most satisfying feelings that I ever felt.

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    • 6. At 11:45pm on 23 Jun 2011, adnagam39 wrote:

      When my husband courting me, he inviting me for a date ( eating out, shopping, watching film, etc.) On that way, we started to know each other, our interest and dreams. As the days go on we feel,we love each other.

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    • 7. At 04:50am on 24 Jun 2011, Asian_Dragon wrote:

      trying to show all your happinesses, respects to the person who likes i'd rather say that:you are a part of my life!

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    • 8. At 06:22am on 24 Jun 2011, krishn wrote:

      The word love it is very difficult to describe in words. Love is a feelng. If someone likes me, i can find it from their speaking, their behaviour towards me, thier smiling faces. And from careing, helping, we can see the signs of LOVE

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    • 9. At 06:25am on 24 Jun 2011, kyntire wrote:

      I think body posture is quite a good key. A person who stays rigid, stiff and tends to go away from you little by little probably doesn't like you at all. On the other side, it has been observed that when someone finds us nice and friendly, their pupils tend to widen a bit and this is something uncontrollable by the way. As to say, eyes never lie.

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    • 10. At 06:55am on 24 Jun 2011, elrich wrote:

      I love you so much, even though you said that you have no feeling to me.I miss you so much,i can't control my mind to pay attention to you when you appear on msn.I remember all of things that we experienced together.My heart are still bleeding.

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    • 11. At 07:15am on 24 Jun 2011, bana wrote:

      You can come to know by the way he smile at you and specially the shines in someones eyes I think...

      Might be I am wrong as I had no experienced yet...

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    • 12. At 10:40am on 24 Jun 2011, sohailq wrote:

      love is confirmed by seeing a brightness in the eyes of mate. which is not seen by everybody

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    • 13. At 1:17pm on 24 Jun 2011, marco-it wrote:

      Obviously words aren't always necessary to express one's feelings, especially in love. It's not even necessary to be a "head over heels in love" person to prove your love to a lovely girl. In my opinion, love hasn't to be proved in some particular ways: when it comes and hits both the two lovers, it happens a spark swicths on and keeping on shining in their eyes, and therefore they can find the answer to these questions just by looking one each other.

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    • 14. At 8:32pm on 24 Jun 2011, bekes wrote:

      i can speak alot with other but when i want to tell someone my love its very difficult for me .
      i always say if other donot accept my love what can i do
      mybe sometimes my body help me and the other know what i feel.

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    • 15. At 8:50pm on 24 Jun 2011, Vera_Kuzub wrote:

      The person can not say a word to me and his behavior is strange.

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    • 16. At 04:10am on 25 Jun 2011, JJ wrote:

      I can tell someone likes me by his body language, the way he looks at me and his sweet smile. I would then like to approach him and talk to him when this feeling comes to me. Suddenly, i feel that i respect him, he also shows his kind friendship toward me and we become friend.

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    • 17. At 08:38am on 25 Jun 2011, ahmed faheem wrote:

      No one, except my wife i cant tell . but by unintended ways that women i attracted to her, can know such as my disruption and looking to the ground when i meet her.

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    • 18. At 10:49am on 25 Jun 2011, Tereza wrote:

      I think that very often you don't se that someone loves you - but the people around you see it.

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    • 19. At 01:30am on 26 Jun 2011, paulocesardelavega wrote:

      I feel very nervous when I realize that someone really likes me, I don´t Know if is easier when you are only joking because I used to play and do some jokes.
      However when I want to chat with someone who is important to me my mouth is closed like a grave, the chicks believe that I am very serious which is a problem because the girls prefer the fun people.

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    • 20. At 07:25am on 26 Jun 2011, Ravi wrote:

      i think, love can't be expressed by words. Most of us have observed many times that we we wouldn't express our best feelings with words. Some time it can be expressed by silence gesture.

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    • 21. At 09:28am on 26 Jun 2011, aishwarya wrote:

      'Love'-the most perfect word that distinguishes human kind from animals and other beings. Of course, there exists a simple form of love in animals. But in the case of human, it is complex and more vulnerable.
      Literally, it is the most beautiful theme one can pursue.
      If a person has some feelings for you, he or she shall respect your space, space that includes all your emotions, feelings, thoughts etc.
      Respect and a feeling of co-existence defines the existence of love.

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    • 22. At 1:37pm on 26 Jun 2011, hmriverae wrote:


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    • 23. At 5:53pm on 26 Jun 2011, David wrote:

      Sometimes when we are near to that person, we act different, we haven't got nothing to say, and maybe we give a wrong impression about our feelings

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    • 24. At 6:48pm on 26 Jun 2011, Mari wrote:

      Body language and eyes. It always works. ;)

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    • 25. At 08:56am on 27 Jun 2011, hero26 wrote:

      ther are lots of signs .Espacially you fell a great exciment and find yourself in perplexed mood.Dont know what to do for the next tıme with her/him then Bodies show clues if someone loves you .cheek gets redden and a voguely happines appears on your face .This means you like someone

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    • 26. At 10:11am on 27 Jun 2011, ghassan wrote:

      you cane know from the type of looking and manager of speaking

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    • 27. At 12:22pm on 27 Jun 2011, oksy wrote:

      as for me i always feel the warm or cold from people.people attract me if i feel warm

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    • 28. At 2:35pm on 27 Jun 2011, Karmina wrote:

      Very lovely topic and just came in its time, I live that feeling these days, for me as a girl my only way to express my feelings is through nonverbal communications wide smileing, Redness cheeks also, eyes and eyes tell alot really it's good feeling espcially when you share with somebody but all this symptoms are sweet but not enough from my point of view I see really love has to go for second and third step etc, casue who love somebody he will not get enough from him he'll ask everytime for more and more not only stand for noneverbal signs ... but I can assure that some of men really has that cold feet to go for more just looking, I don't why but this what I see around.

      To sum up, being in love is the most greatest thing in the world it just bring the best of you out I hoopeee everybody be happy with his love.

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    • 29. At 3:01pm on 27 Jun 2011, Jaquelma Madeiro wrote:

      Ahn... I think as some people here.. That we just feel when someone really loves us... His (her) way of talk and look at the eyes, and the boby language really means very much.

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    • 30. At 7:57pm on 27 Jun 2011, talha wrote:

      this rule is applicable every where. tongue may lie but eyes and facial expressions never lie. i work with students and my feedback is dysplayed on there faces.

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    • 31. At 8:02pm on 27 Jun 2011, talha wrote:

      at the end of my dealing with my patients i really dont have to ask the weither the are satisfied or not. it is written on their face. but there are people who are never satisfied. it does not really depend on their education level.

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    • 32. At 00:50am on 28 Jun 2011, amimz5 wrote:

      I think that behavior traduce our feeling. So, to know someone if he likes you, you must understand his behavior and understand the message. There are some common behaviors, like thinking about this person a lot or carrying about him more than other people, and there is a specific behavior, which depend of every one.
      For verbal communication, I don't make confidence in it, because we can't make difference between true and false feeling.

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    • 33. At 04:47am on 28 Jun 2011, Annie wrote:

      I would be close with him and talk to him to understand if we are match in personality and interest.I will often call him or text,talk in the FB or follow his twitter or plurk.

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    • 34. At 06:02am on 28 Jun 2011, fazalrk wrote:

      Love needs no language to express. It is self expressive. sometimes He or She ignores you very much but there is a love in that ignorance also if you can feel it. They say " If you don't understand my silence, you can't understand my words." Love is a wonderful feeling if you can feel it.Life without love is like a rose without fragrance.

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    • 35. At 09:30am on 28 Jun 2011, Ice wrote:

      We have got a natural measuring stick to recognize, If somebody likes you, including signals such as eyes, smile, touch, feeling, embrace, silence, facial expressions etc. It is behaviour and this may differ from person to person, time to time, place to place. It may be eyes. Smile, touch, feeling, embrace or silence. It depends on the person, who you keep company. On the other hand all above these do not help to understand the love towards us.
      On my point of view I think if somebody can support you in many ways without expecting anything in return there is a real love with kindness. At the same time you can have all in the above as a symbol of love.
      If somebody with us for long time when you have ups and downs in our life to share our worries and happiness and lead us in to a correct path with sincere words and activities, that person symbolize love.
      LOVE is a feeling a in the inner heart and the mind like a beautiful stream which flows silently.

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    • 36. At 11:41am on 28 Jun 2011, jbcco wrote:

      hm.. Just feeling. And always somone makes your heart beating is the true that you like her(or him).

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    • 37. At 3:44pm on 28 Jun 2011, crystal wrote:

      I think that I just feel well when someone like me. It can't be expressed well but kind of feeling come to me from the person. Sometimes I cause the person envy to be sure of love for me. If the person is frustrated, it means the person loves me. But I don't care the signs of love because if I love someone, I always tell that first. It doesn't matter whether the person likes me or not. I met my husband and got married.

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    • 38. At 4:54pm on 28 Jun 2011, özlem çınar wrote:

      the sign is feelings, I mean expression of feelings. just to say "I love you" doesn't mean he loves me... I have to see his hands trembling, redness checks, looking at inside of my eyes always...and others are, if he "wants" to do what I want, if he is tring to make me happy (just to see me happy even one minute), if he is wondering me while I am not with him. if he asks himself this question "I wonder what she is doing now" ... if he does all these, I can say that he loves me!

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    • 39. At 7:11pm on 28 Jun 2011, carballoamat wrote:

      Well, on my opinion, eye contact is the everything, eyes alwas tells the truth.

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    • 40. At 10:42pm on 28 Jun 2011, Sharjeel Sheikh wrote:

      Eye contact, body language and bashfulness of the person.

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    • 41. At 08:31am on 29 Jun 2011, abu zar wrote:

      In my view,its the matter of great excitment in someone life,if someone express her feeling to you.

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    • 42. At 09:13am on 29 Jun 2011, chloe wrote:

      If someone likes me? I can feel the way he look at me and talk to me especially when we stay alone.

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    • 43. At 11:04am on 29 Jun 2011, Tracyip wrote:

      It's difficult to me to express the love to someone. If I want to accept the love that someone likes me, I will give him more chance to be with me in a romantic ways, such as seeing love movies, midnight stroll etc., and then he would say love to me on his own initiative.

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    • 44. At 11:52am on 29 Jun 2011, samighashim wrote:

      I'll tell that... i love you too but promise me to don't betray me at all ... and eyes never lie

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    • 45. At 12:14pm on 29 Jun 2011, mayfo wrote:

      Someone who speaks to me with a big smile and he had a strange behavior whose cheeks are redness.

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    • 46. At 12:16pm on 29 Jun 2011, swt_imi wrote:

      EYES.i think it is eyes what clearly shows you other feeling towards to you.sparking eyes speak thousand words.

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    • 47. At 5:12pm on 29 Jun 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      I interpret that a person of opposite sex likes of my, using a little the corporal signs, but this is to me more clear when he begins to ask things of the personal level of communication, or shows some interest by my needs and projects.

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    • 48. At 05:44am on 30 Jun 2011, forzasa wrote:

      I think that I can tell by eye-contacting if someone like you or not.
      Especially, when you drink or meal with many people, one person who do eye-contacting more frequently is like to love you.

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    • 49. At 07:10am on 30 Jun 2011, ghumrosajjad wrote:

      well guys in my case it's very easy to get that she is in love with me ..........because when some one loves you....he will treat you very appropriately.....and other thing is that you can guess that she is in love with you through her's eyes it's not so overtax to understand that you are loved by some one

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    • 50. At 12:04pm on 30 Jun 2011, magdapmajp wrote:

      When somebody likes me i can see it in his eyes and in his behaviour, he tryes to do everything for me

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    • 51. At 4:40pm on 30 Jun 2011, Sean Kuo wrote:

      I think it is not so complected, you will know when someone are really like you

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    • 52. At 5:39pm on 30 Jun 2011, tracy102 wrote:

      The man who loves you usually does stupid things, which makes you chuckle :)

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