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Are you successful and why?

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One woman said: "It depends on what it is – I mean successful in my career? I’m almost successful!"

A man said: "I’ve been a college professor and I’ve taught things. I’ve worked in the media. I’ve been able to explain things to people make things a little clearer so I think I’ve contributed something and I’ve been able to pay my bills."

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In the 2011 Forbes magazine list of the richest people in the world there are 1,210 billionaires worth US$4.5 trillion.

China doubled its number of ten-figure fortunes in the last year, and Moscow has more billionaires than any other city.

Language tip

When talking about the measure of success you use the words 'amount' or 'degree'.

For example:
The company enjoyed a fair amount of success before it went bankrupt.

Cultural tip

In some cultures it is considered rude to ask people how much money they earn.

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Are you successful and why?

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    • 1. At 5:24pm on 16 Jun 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      I wish to be a successful person. but many times the human being faces many kinds of obstacles which try to defeat him . some times he win some times he lose . this is the rule of the game .but when you always lose ,you will lose your self-confidence and this is the most harmful disease you can have . I know I look pessimistic . any one can say you have to work on your self ,you mustn't be pessimistic any more because the life is really wonderful .

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    • 2. At 6:22pm on 16 Jun 2011, Juan wrote:

      I believe I´m a successful person because altought I had commited a lot of mistakes and I´ve tried to learn for all of them and constantly I´m thinking to do things in the best way possible.

      I think the success its a result and learn of experience and knowledege, and in some instance it isn´t neccesary win or be recognized to achieve an objective.

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    • 3. At 7:17pm on 16 Jun 2011, Miona wrote:

      I was a dentist in my country and I think I was successful at that time. But now, I'm prepare some dental test and English test in the U.S. because I wanna gain DDS and be a dentist here.

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    • 4. At 8:24pm on 16 Jun 2011, pily wrote:

      I don´t understand anything, but i try it.

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    • 5. At 8:27pm on 16 Jun 2011, Cristina Baird wrote:

      I think success has many words: excitement, struggles, effort, inspiration, cooperation, commitment, improvement, freedom...
      I've done what I love to during long, long years...and I am at peace with myself for achieving a lot of goals with family, kids education and career and I know I contributed to make people have an open mind about the world, culture, acquire knowledge and see things more clearly.
      This is my success!

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    • 6. At 11:02pm on 16 Jun 2011, vitek wrote:

      I started a company with my friend five years ago. We owned no capital at the beginning, we started from zero. We have many employees currently. Our company is remarkable successful. I worked hard for six years and I had no time for any other activities. And finally I have the freedom I was dreaming about. The company takes me less time, I can travel, I enjoy many different activities. And I can say I am successful.

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    • 7. At 11:58pm on 16 Jun 2011, mourad2011 wrote:

      success is when you are satisfied with what you do, and you have have always the ability to make progress in the future.

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    • 8. At 00:31am on 17 Jun 2011, Muhammad Naveed wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 9. At 03:27am on 17 Jun 2011, JESUS YUCUMA wrote:

      I think I've been successful in my life. First of all, I've been able to raise my children, I finished a University career, I've travelled out of my country and I've made a lot of friends. My family and I are happy and they are proud of me.

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    • 10. At 07:41am on 17 Jun 2011, shahed wrote:

      the lastest thing that i am successful...about two years ago ... the first i m shocked of bad news for me that my boss said to me. then i control this situation. i said some complement to my boss! i try yo explain my problem and i soled it without nervousness and that s the psychology success for me and felt fulfill. i hope to improve my psychology and i am gonna give success in my business.

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    • 11. At 09:45am on 17 Jun 2011, mazdak wrote:

      Success has different meaning for every people around the world.
      I want to have my own business and be able to travel around the world.Of course I feel happy now but I want to develop my successful.

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    • 12. At 11:06am on 17 Jun 2011, missmariannestrawberry wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 13. At 2:57pm on 17 Jun 2011, chamsito wrote:

      Before that I said " I am succesful " I can said I am happy every morning when I wake up because I try and feel that I do everythings in the work or my life so good than I can but it is not like say that I can not improve. I have many goals and maybe it is not appreciable for the common people.

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    • 14. At 3:07pm on 17 Jun 2011, Houssem wrote:

      success in life is something I believe that I can reach it someday.
      now I'm satisfied about my life . this my first comment .Ihope that I will learn english very well

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    • 15. At 5:24pm on 17 Jun 2011, Asma wrote:

      I think that I did not achieve success especially in my studying.
      I hope to achieve it later in my career

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    • 16. At 9:15pm on 17 Jun 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 17. At 6:13pm on 18 Jun 2011, anna_nguyen wrote:

      i have learned and achieved many things in my 21-year-life. However, i think that i have not succeed yet. I still have lots of things to do and have many dream which have not become true yet. I am fighting for them now. And i believe that, one day, not to far from this day, i will come back here and proudly say that " I am successful "

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    • 18. At 11:33pm on 18 Jun 2011, chris wrote:

      Everybody has different view about success. For me, I think a relax job, joyful family and physically healthy are the most successful things in the world.

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    • 19. At 03:54am on 19 Jun 2011, triiz wrote:

      frank, i'm very happy while find this site. because now I still studying english language fluently. and from this site I can learn english language with fun ;)
      for question about successful I think sucsess is where you can fell sucsess in various field. for example if you success on your career but your familly broken because persistence reach career which you want, that is can't be said success.

      i"m sorry if my writing bad because I still learn english fluently :)

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    • 20. At 09:14am on 19 Jun 2011, Laura wrote:

      Thank you for this subject! In fact I can not say that I am really succsessful, but I am desperately willing to learn to be successful and always try to take steps towards success. I welcome any advice, any comment, Thank you.

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    • 21. At 10:35am on 19 Jun 2011, Loan Le wrote:

      I am a successful woman: having a lovely husband with two beautiful kids and a good job that can help me earning enough money for supporting my family and developing myself.

      Also, I can afford to go to your website for checking new lesson for improving my English skills for communication with international friends.

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    • 22. At 10:59am on 19 Jun 2011, hind wrote:

      unfortunately right now i don't feel that iam a successful person however iam a smart women but i think iam not lucky

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    • 23. At 4:10pm on 19 Jun 2011, sajeer hydres wrote:

      i am a sucessfull person in my life. as far as i concern there is no limit for sucess it is like a journey to climb the mountain once we reach on the roof we have to be back i won't like that.. eventhough i am a post gaduate but i didn't complete my studies. i am working as a admin assistant but i cannot get a job which related to my study. /......

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    • 24. At 4:21pm on 19 Jun 2011, rabtosz wrote:

      I am convinced that I can name myself a succesful person. I finished a University and started a job which I enjoy. But the most important for me is that i am going to get married next year.

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    • 25. At 4:27pm on 19 Jun 2011, hanminida wrote:

      in retrospective, i havent been successful in my life.

      I was always passive, and not mortivated, so i was like ship

      without destination in the middle of sea.

      and i moved in Scotland to learn English, still being bamboozled.

      However , now, I'm getting changed . Since i saw hordes of

      people who succeed in there life or had been enjoying it , i felt

      something from them.

      so im trying to get into my another favourite.

      hope this will work for me and give me amount of success.

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    • 26. At 5:31pm on 19 Jun 2011, Doc1987 wrote:

      Success is the result of your experience and knowledge, failure result from doing effort without having experience or kowledge...
      You have to learn from others' experience and try to avoid mistakes they did.
      Success is to manage your life in away that let you and everybody who is in contact with you happy now and in the future..................................................

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    • 27. At 01:11am on 20 Jun 2011, Hiking wrote:

      Success, for a chinese man , it means fortune, career and family. In this definition , it sounds i not a success man. I always try my best to do work , learning and practice. There is not bebout I can success. I had spent 18 days on backpacking in the Tibet. During those days I found that success is not only a point of result , but the more inportant is pursue it on the way ,whatever obstacle you meet could not stop the moving.Follow your heart , keep moving !

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    • 28. At 06:06am on 20 Jun 2011, khalidAndari wrote:

      Well I would like to devide success into to categories ,career success and personal life success .I am going to talk about my careert success and for that I say from 6 years ago I started working as a programmer in a small company in Beirut but my aim was to work in a big IT company with good salary ,so I moved to Kuwait and I started working at a good company with low salary but I worked on myself and after almost 2 year and a half I got a good offer in another company the one that I am working in now so I think I a success person so success for me
      is whenever you put an aim ,work for and achieve it ,further success for me is not a one way street it’s a continuous process .

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    • 29. At 08:36am on 20 Jun 2011, LiliChen wrote:

      I am a successful person because I am pursuing my dream.

      Even though I failed my English exam recently and fell upset , I still believe that I am very successful. Because I have tried my
      best and enjoy what I am doing.

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    • 30. At 11:55am on 20 Jun 2011, Sakura wrote:

      I am a successful person because I have a happy family. And I think that's all :D

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    • 31. At 12:11pm on 20 Jun 2011, Sakura wrote:

      I am a successful person because I have a happy family. Maybe, sometimes i am not lucky person, my study is not as fluent as my friends, but my family is always with me, encourage me. That makes me fell stronger and full of hope :D

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    • 32. At 12:18pm on 20 Jun 2011, Virag75 wrote:

      I think I'm not a successful person, because my dreams haven't come true. Well, I graduated and have two degrees and a stable work-place. Everybody is envy me. But I think these are only illusion. My dreams are very different from my life.
      But on last week-end I danced and I think I'm very successful, because I used to be a shy and passive girl and now I love dancing, parties and chatting with friedns. Maybe it's my success!

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    • 33. At 1:33pm on 20 Jun 2011, evelyne71 wrote:

      I don´t really care about to be or not a successful person, I think there are so many anonimous people who have important jobs that help others in different ways.

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    • 34. At 2:27pm on 20 Jun 2011, blackgeo wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 35. At 3:48pm on 20 Jun 2011, crystal wrote:

      I think it is difficult to say what success is. Because it is different according to culture and country. But common point between them is maybe satisfaction with own life and career. I am a pharmacist and this job is thought to be success. To be honest, it is only duty to me, I am feeling. So until now, I am not successful. But I am finding a new world and I am on the way of success. At this moment, I am satisfied with my life. Oh!!! it is a success.

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    • 36. At 00:24am on 21 Jun 2011, MOIRA wrote:

      possibility to work in your profession and have a good plural wages, for me is success. I think is nessesary to have a fortune. but main recipe to become successful is hard work.

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    • 37. At 03:29am on 21 Jun 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      Some aspects of my life have been successful, another no. For example, I guessed right, given the circumstances, in the profession that I chose, that allows me to work and to continue studying to perfect to me.

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    • 38. At 07:36am on 21 Jun 2011, ayshaa wrote:

      I think that I am not very successful in a work and at a school, but I am happy. It is important for me.

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    • 39. At 10:41am on 21 Jun 2011, LeeSoYoung wrote:

      Although, sometimes situations in my life are terrible and hopeless, I will never give up. If I want to achieve success, I have to be brave and self-confident girl. Fighting!

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    • 40. At 11:42am on 21 Jun 2011, YUKI wrote:

      I want to be a successful a person.

      so anyway What do you imagin of success?

      Most impotant thing is to define it's your own success.

      Also find your favotite things.

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    • 41. At 11:49am on 21 Jun 2011, Karmina wrote:

      I think success from my point of view is to know what do you want exactly and to do it with excellent as know one can do it as you, to be master on it whatever it is.

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    • 42. At 6:24pm on 21 Jun 2011, dannysoft wrote:

      Definition of success varies from person to person. I'm successful because I got my parents. I got this world to live and enjoy. I'm happy so I'm successful.

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    • 43. At 8:04pm on 21 Jun 2011, mode90 wrote:

      i put a goal to reach to it and i am working to reach to it hope to get my want and be like my dream that is success for me only for now

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    • 44. At 00:44am on 22 Jun 2011, lili111 wrote:

      I think that no matter what the career you are taking in, just enjoy it, follow it, keep going it. Then it will turn in a big blossom ending.May be that's I think it is the definition of success.

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    • 45. At 01:02am on 22 Jun 2011, sherin Elhaddad wrote:

      Ihopr to be successful person. people say to me that I' successful person . but I don't feel so . i want alot of things i didn't achive yet . i think to fell successful you must feel satisfaied about what you achived in your life . so i'm not yet suesssful person but i'm on the way to be one

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    • 46. At 05:57am on 22 Jun 2011, quner2001 wrote:

      It really depends on what you focus on. I can say I'm successful as I have overcome many obstacles and challenges in my career and have a job I cannot imagine before I graduate from university. Meanwhile, I'm not successful enough to handle all touch issues I encounter. Self improvement is still on the way.

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    • 47. At 3:06pm on 22 Jun 2011, Ganzisean wrote:

      successful,, So far, I don't think I'm doing well cuz what I'm doing is not what I really wanna do. so I guess no matter how successful I am in my major, I couldn't say that I'm succeful. However, I think I'm kinda young to talk about successful. I'm a student yet so I don't have any careea and get married. We don't know how our future change and where it goes.
      I guess This topic seems to be suitable for someone who is more than 50. He could look back on the past and say "I have good careea, lovely family" or "My dream comes true". Therefore, I have enough time to be successful, even if I'm not so much happy now and I belive that I will be the one who is happier and deserve to be happy.

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    • 48. At 4:12pm on 22 Jun 2011, Lenaton wrote:

      I think i have everything to be successful, i'm young beautiful cute person. i've got good education, my job is well-paid, but i'm not satisfied with my life. I have so many goals to achieve, i can't stop improving myself, getting new professional skills and knowledges. I always need progress, maybe because i have no my own family for a while, and try to fill with job this missing part of my life.

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    • 49. At 4:55pm on 22 Jun 2011, Shirley wrote:

      In my mind, success is when I lost everything , I can stand firm and know how to love each other.

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    • 50. At 5:16pm on 22 Jun 2011, annylu wrote:

      To me, successful means never give up. Although learning English is hard to me, I will never give up.

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    • 51. At 11:24pm on 22 Jun 2011, Marisol1 wrote:

      Well, I think that I am as successfull as I can, because, I am still a student. But I think that an older person who is successfull is someone who is really happy.

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    • 52. At 09:11am on 23 Jun 2011, krishn wrote:

      I think i am not fully successfull in my life. Job is my problem. I didnt get any job after completing my engineering degree. Language is my problem. But now i am confident that i can learn it easily from here. Also in other point of view i am a successful women having a lovable husband & family. I am very much happy and success in that.

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    • 53. At 1:29pm on 23 Jun 2011, Tcme wrote:

      I'm successful cause I'm happy to have a perfert boyfriend and I have graduated with honours this year!so when I do well in every sphere of life I call it "success"

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    • 54. At 4:14pm on 23 Jun 2011, Alberto José Salas Morales wrote:

      Being successful is one of the most currently achievements or personal commitments in a living as a teacher. It demands a lot of us, from getting a diploma at the University to Master studies with all the workshops that we are required to attend for currently updating. All of these factor contribute little by little to our constantly and permanent success in our academic and personal lives.

      Sharing your studies with a part-time job, wherever you are, means a dealing or a kind of internal war with the time, willing, needs, and duties that every student has to carry out during university. As a university student I had to face the classical predicament between my willing to go out with friends and the responsibility of being home to catch up on my reading and academic assigments, that helped me to balance my life and realise that being successful at any stage in your life demand not only time and effor from you, it forces you to aside concerns and desires that adolescents typically have at this stage and internalize the idea of being a professional and success in whatever you do to achieve it is the unique target at that moment.

      Later, your priorities change and your requriments with them as well. Obtaining Masters or Doctoral degrees are the pristine targets as professionals, these two academic requeriments, provide you a high status and qualification in your area, and mean your constantly effor done previously.

      In conclusion, I think that being successful is not an option that will depend on your mood, in contrary, it's a kind of internal driver attaches to our professional and personal development.

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    • 55. At 6:23pm on 23 Jun 2011, Du wrote:

      I won’t answer that I’m unsuccessful, I’m just looking for my own success. In my opinion, success is a relative concept. Because maybe I’m supposed to be successful relatively to a person, but to another person, I’m not so successful as them. Furthermore, in the process of striving something, I achieve my goal through fulfilling each stage step by step, in other words, I’m approaching a bigger success by means of little success. For example, when I intend to study abroad, I list what I must do to pursuit that purpose such as improving my English, learning about the country I want to arrive and so on. Then, I determine on striving for everything. Now, although the dream hasn’t come true, I believe I’m still on track to get success.

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    • 56. At 12:51pm on 24 Jun 2011, marco-it wrote:

      I'm too young to know if i'll be a successful person. On the one hand, I know to be a firm and strong-willed guy; I have many dreams ( for instance going abroad to learn french, or spanish, or german, or english... attending successfully the university, having a good career ) and I know I have many good skills useful to fulfil them .

      Yet, it happens to feel quite insecure every so often. Indeed, I'm afraid of missing the right opportunities. Sometimes I'm afraid that my efforts and abilities could not be sufficient to realize my projects. But then I think it's time to screw up my courage and to keep on facing up life

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    • 57. At 3:32pm on 24 Jun 2011, GOVINDAY wrote:

      I don't belive that sucess is mean to achive some Goal, I feel that how much we enjoyed during the attaining the goal. That is the reason i will be always happy and not at the end of the goal. still i believe i am sucessful person.

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    • 58. At 04:23am on 25 Jun 2011, JJ wrote:

      Are you successful and why?

      I can say i am successful but someone may speak against me. On the other hands, friends say i am successful, but i don't think i am that successful. Hence, it is difficult to define successful.

      "Successful" can be in career, family, education, contribution to society and so on. Can anyone tell me he is a successful person in all these areas?

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    • 59. At 4:24pm on 26 Jun 2011, sedatoz wrote:

      I like my Company and I love my wife. This is the result of success.

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    • 60. At 11:18pm on 26 Jun 2011, kurmanah wrote:

      We plane to achieve our goals and dreams so planning is one of the most importance elements that includes our success in life therefore people who are planned they are not many. So, we always found that who plane, they feature in their field. we'll also find the secret of the success of many success is " their success in planning" understanding their mission, vision and goals, whether short term or long one.

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