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Are you successful and why?

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The Express English team

One woman said: "It depends on what it is – I mean successful in my career? I’m almost successful!"

A man said: "I’ve been a college professor and I’ve taught things. I’ve worked in the media. I’ve been able to explain things to people make things a little clearer so I think I’ve contributed something and I’ve been able to pay my bills."

Did you know?


In the 2011 Forbes magazine list of the richest people in the world there are 1,210 billionaires worth US$4.5 trillion.

China doubled its number of ten-figure fortunes in the last year, and Moscow has more billionaires than any other city.

Language tip

When talking about the measure of success you use the words 'amount' or 'degree'.

For example:
The company enjoyed a fair amount of success before it went bankrupt.

Cultural tip

In some cultures it is considered rude to ask people how much money they earn.

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