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The best thing about shopping in London seems to be original and unique boutiques, and plenty of choice.

And the worst thing? The prices can be high and the shops are very busy, especially around Oxford Street, which is one of the main shopping areas in London.

Did you know?


Britons are shopping too much. In 2010 personal debt was 1.5 trillion pounds, which is bigger than the UK's GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Language tip

A shopaholic is someone who loves shopping and just can't stop.

Cultural tip

When shopping in Britain, some people consider it rude to put money on the counter, instead of into the shop assistant's hand.

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    • 1. At 1:15pm on 26 May 2011, love you 12 wrote:

      my sister is a shopaholic .she spend much time & money buying a lot of things but she used a little of mother told her many times but she didn't [make amends].

      [Edited by Moderator: I have suggested a different ending to your comment in brackets above.]

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    • 2. At 3:07pm on 26 May 2011, Nicolas wrote:


      In my town (North of France), the worst is the sales period, people are histerical. The best thing about shopping is NOT to go shopping :)


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    • 3. At 3:13pm on 26 May 2011, Othonbayar wrote:

      Hello everybody!:)
      This is a good topic. Where I live, there is very little choice of shops and some clothes. I really don't like go to shopping, because it's difficult and stressful for me and salespeople a long time look at me, it's annoys me. But I love buying new things, it's put me in good spirits!

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    • 4. At 3:29pm on 26 May 2011, nhocpai wrote:

      In my place, there are many markets and supermarkets. For me, the best thing when I go shopping is, there are many things I can bargain about prices, so I can buy them with cheaper prices. However, in Vietnam, markets and supermarkets are usually crowded, so if I knock someone when I walk in the markets, although it's not on purpose, they will scold me. I hate that, so I don't regularly go to markets

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    • 5. At 3:30pm on 26 May 2011, Daniel wrote:

      I live in Bogota, Colombia, Here there are many shopping center and you can get anything you want but, some kind of brands the prices is so expensive.

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    • 6. At 5:22pm on 26 May 2011, CeylanDarcy wrote:

      I live in the south part of Germany. The best thing about shopping is that you can go easily in the near of your house to a shop and find everything what you need. But the worst is that there are only global markets like H&M, American Apple,...and no individual boutiques, the prices are to high and there are no studentsdiscounts like in Britain. If you buy something, you will see the same shirt in the next few days on someone else. You can not create your own style. And i feel me more free of thoughts...nobody cares what you are wearing, maybe because i'm staying now in a studentcity of England for a short time.

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    • 7. At 5:42pm on 26 May 2011, dr_wael wrote:

      the good thing of shopping here is that there is many choices and the prices are reasonable .... bat the bad thing is the traffic i think .

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    • 8. At 6:42pm on 26 May 2011, anna_nguyen wrote:

      I am living in Vietnam and I don't often go shopping, just because i really don't like it, as well as i don't have too much money, haha.

      I proud that Vietnam is a good destination for shopping, with many beautiful and elaborate handicrafts which bear the image of our traditional culture. I can see many tourist, when they come to Vietnam, they have the favor in things such as Ao Dai, Non La and pottery & ceramics products. We also have Pho - a famous and delicious kind of foods of Vietnam.

      The price is cheap - in comparison with some other countries. However, if you are not good at bargaining, you may have to buy it with a high price.

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    • 9. At 8:14pm on 26 May 2011, Davide wrote:

      I live in Italy (Florence) and the best thing we have is, the flagship stores of the best marks in the world,
      The worst thing is that we haven't the department stores there are in London or NYC.

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    • 10. At 8:18pm on 26 May 2011, marcovecellio wrote:

      Hello everyone,
      I've been living in Bologna since 2007 and I'm a student.

      The best thing about shopping here I think it's the many market which are weekly and you can buy many thing with a good relation between quality and price.

      The worst thing is that those markets are always crowded and you can't sometimes find what do you were searching.

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    • 11. At 9:24pm on 26 May 2011, vitek wrote:

      I live in Prague - capital city of the Czech Republic. I am shopping mostly at big shopping centres. They have many different shops and I can go by car which is very comfortable. On the other hand I was in London one month ago and I found out that the prices of clothes are much cheaper in London than in Prague.

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    • 12. At 9:40pm on 26 May 2011, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:


      I like go to shopping but in my city has a few shops whith sell good and expensive clothes, you can´t choise!. In other stores you can buy cheap clothes but is low quality.

      For shopping I prefer go to Caracas (the capital) because are plenty options for it. you can walk in different malls and select from a range of options is fascinating. You can buy CDs, sunglasses, clothing, colognes, shoes, handbags, household items, jewelry, furniture, computers, etc

      Shopping is good therapy against stress.

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    • 13. At 00:44am on 27 May 2011, Manoj wrote:

      Hi Im Manoj,I live in Kathmandu. The best thing of shoping in kathmandu is lots of choices,cheap chinese goods you can get and traditional as well as hand made products are available.
      and Wrost things is very busy road,lots of croud,rude shopkeeper,traffic problem.

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    • 14. At 00:47am on 27 May 2011, TrangBam wrote:

      1.5 trillion pounds is an incredible figure! Oh yes, Britons go shopping too much. I wonder what they spend money for. Are they luxury products or [electrical goods]?

      [Edited by Moderator: I think you mean to say electrical goods or products in your comment.]

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    • 15. At 01:11am on 27 May 2011, Xyan wrote:

      The best thing is that I can get loads of fashion ideas, infomation about new books and poular movies etc. The worst thing is I often impulse buy goods that's not necessary :) I think the more people are at the shopping centre, the more interesting and enjoyable shopping experience would be :) so it's not a real problem 4 me.

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    • 16. At 03:12am on 27 May 2011, vivianchen wrote:

      I like shopping, i'm a girl i think many of us like to shopping ,clothes and beautiful thing etc.But sometimes I consider shopping only to relax, nothing I want to by,just lounge.I usually buy clothes on line,maybe I don't need so much,
      waste of money and time.

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    • 17. At 06:24am on 27 May 2011, gautam wrote:

      Best thing about shopping in London is to get good and varied stuff, one stop shopping Harrods a good option and the worst thing it's expensive.

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    • 18. At 06:52am on 27 May 2011, bana wrote:

      Yes! Absouletly "the question of my choice"...Thank You!

      The best thing about shopping in my country is that there are a lots of bazar that are selling best and imported as well as local products at very cheaper rate like Anar Kali , Ichara and shalmi market of lahore .

      Same is here in Rawalpindi bazar like motie bazar that you can find any upcoming branded product there at a cheaper rate easily.

      The worst thing about shopping in these bazar is that these are huge crowded bazar as these are known as whole salers so every one coming here in for the sake of big discount therefore it is little bit tough to go in peak hours especially in ramazan month in such bazars.

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    • 19. At 07:15am on 27 May 2011, Ada wrote:

      The best thing is that you can buy everything you want to, and the worst thing is that you have to wait long time to pay.

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    • 20. At 12:33pm on 27 May 2011, amimz5 wrote:

      I live in casablanca (economic capital of morocco), Casablanca is known for its Shops and markets.
      The best thing in shopping, that they are some people like me, who like shopping. so when they buy new thinks they feel happy.
      But the the worst think, is that price are hight and it takes a lkot of time.

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    • 21. At 1:49pm on 27 May 2011, mina_du wrote:

      Hi, this is mina, i am living in sydeny but i come from china, the best thing in sydney is diversity choice, especially in the period of big sell , loads of stuff got discount, everything is worth.
      Worse thing is over waste mondy after u shopping in big sell due to the things u might be not really like, just because the price is cheap.

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    • 22. At 2:27pm on 27 May 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      in my city we have a shopping centers you can find any thing easily .but I think because of fashion they have the same products .it give you a limited choice to choose your needs.

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    • 23. At 3:37pm on 27 May 2011, LiFei wrote:

      I live in Amstelveen, work in Arena, Amsterdam. My shopping only is buying food, vegetables and milk for supper. Aha, is it a paty? Because I am a man, not like women, they want to go shopping for relax, browse, however, do not bug anything. I think it is also good.

      I often go to Lidos market because of the cheaper thing.

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    • 24. At 5:06pm on 27 May 2011, jenny wrote:

      Hi all, I m living in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known for its name as a shopping paradise. You can buy anything with plenty of choices in all sort of goods and different range of prices. I even loves Hong Kong more after going out to other places since I can't find any place with such a competitive price and diversity of choices to be chosen.

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    • 25. At 5:18pm on 27 May 2011, fujulgun wrote:

      The shopping areas in Seoul have various types. You can enjoy shopping in special boutiques, lots of departments stores, original personal shop and even online. In Korea, shopping online is absolutely common and seems to be a perfect method as shopping because of delivery. Awesome delivery services let you receive as soon as possible. If you ordered fresh seafood this morning, you could get it tonight.

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    • 26. At 5:49pm on 27 May 2011, Arancina wrote:

      Hello everybody!
      Who's never been a shopaholic at least once in one's life? I think there are moments (or a lifetime for someone else!) in which everyone is particularly in the mood for buying whatever catches one's eye, both the necessary and the unnecessary. Sometimes It becomes a real fever... you cannot stop going into the shops and It seems as you strongly need all is displayed into the stands.
      In my city (Padua, Italy) the best of shopping is that you can find a good diversity of shops (especially clothes shops), though it's not a so big city. As well the range of prices varies a lot, from the most important and pricey fashion names to the most common and cheap chain stores. Another advantage of shopping in my city is that, due to its size, all the shops concentrate in the city centre, so that you can spare a lot of time if you want your closet to be entirely renewed. But, here comes the worst!!! I claim that shoe shops utterly lack originality. All the same kind of girly shoes, same colour, same material. They bore me! Another disadvantage is specifically for 50-60 aged women: too many teen-ager shops. My mother always complains about it! Definitely I would say shopping is not bad in my city! :-)

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    • 27. At 00:59am on 28 May 2011, bhanu wrote:

      Hi All,

      In my town(Western US), the best thing in shopping is that there is no sales tax and there are many shopping centers. The worst thing here is that it's always raining and lots of crowd at shopping centers.

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    • 28. At 01:56am on 28 May 2011, Yilin wrote:

      I love shopping.The best thing that shopping in my city is that there are severa DFO shopping centres, DFO is the abbreviation of Direct Factory Outlet.You can find some famouse brands there,but the prices are definately cheaper than those in other shopping malls.I make sure you will be very enjoyable and have great real bargain as long as you shop there.
      The worst thing is that many of the DFOs are far away from my home, the nearest one is at least 30 minutes away by driving.But a bad thing could be a good one,if one shopping center like this is just nearby,I could visit it very often and spend more.

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    • 29. At 02:30am on 28 May 2011, kurmanah wrote:

      I'm Thai , in Bangkok the best thing is we can get anything we need and cheap in a little good quality . The worst thing is Bangkok's busy and crowded so you can't cover all mall when we wanna go to bargain.

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    • 30. At 02:55am on 28 May 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      Hello!. In Buenos Aires are many places for shopping. The good thing is that good articles can be obtained after of walk by several places, the bad thing, is that in the most beautiful places and typical districts, articles like: clothes, shoes, or others, they are very expensive.

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    • 31. At 06:52am on 28 May 2011, lukshi wrote:

      Hello everybody!!

      I am new here with BBC and I live in Vienna ( Austria). My english is not so good but I try to do my best. I am really come from Thailand. And now I am unemployed (very lazy!!) I like shopping very much but not so crazy. I spend my free time most with my friends for shpping and they like it too! Here in Vienna there are many shopping centers, the places wich I like most are Donauzentrum, Mariahilferstrasse, and at first district. The worst thing is, the price is too high for me!!!!


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    • 32. At 06:53am on 28 May 2011, shingo wrote:

      In Japan where I live, Situation is similar to London. We can choice many things, but price is little bit high and in kind of shopping center or supermarket, there are so many people! It's stressful!!! Anyway,I really really love shopping [for new stuff]!! However, I can't afford to go shopping seriously lol

      [Edited by Moderator: I think you mean to say shopping 'for new stuff'. I have edited your comment above to include this phrase.]

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    • 33. At 06:57am on 28 May 2011, Helen wrote:

      The advantages of shopping in a big city where I live is a wide range of goods and a great number of shops, supermarkets and markets. You can buy practically everything if you can afford it.
      On the other hand prices are unreasonably high especially in the supermarkets and they are differ in the different parts of the city. The closer to the city centre the higher. But the worst thing is that the quality of the goods doesn't depend on the place where you shopping. There is a possibility to buy Chinese goods at a luxurious shop.

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    • 34. At 07:04am on 28 May 2011, Mai Kieu Dung wrote:

      Hi, My name is Dung from VN. The best thing for shopping is you can relax if you get stressful in your job and the worst thing is how to try consider which is the best goods for you.

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    • 35. At 2:02pm on 28 May 2011, love you 12 wrote:

      i don't like going to supermarket in my country- viet there if you buy things in promotion season, you will so annoyed. the prices in the promotion season is expensive than the prices some shops. i hate that .

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    • 36. At 6:08pm on 28 May 2011, Sunny_Magdalene wrote:

      Hello everybody!:)
      I live in Warsaw, there are very much big malls. I really don't like go to shopping. I feel uncomfortable, there are too many people. Maybe in London where I am going spend two weeks In September I change me mind:)

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    • 37. At 7:23pm on 28 May 2011, Storch wrote:

      Hello all!
      I've been living in a small town in the middle of Germany for two years. We have one big shopping center and some small boutiques. We even have a small friendly fair trade clothing shop. I've bought some T-shirts there. They are very nice. I prefer small shops to big shopping center. I like having a nice talk to shop owner or assistant and I can't stand loud music in the shops.

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    • 38. At 01:26am on 29 May 2011, moutaz wrote:

      the best thing in shopping its way to express your style but the worst thing you can't find what you want all the time

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    • 39. At 12:10pm on 29 May 2011, lalaisabelle wrote:

      I live in a small village in Normandy. There are so few boutiques, and the shops have only stuffs for the people more than 40. So I profit everytime when I was in Paris.

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    • 40. At 3:06pm on 29 May 2011, shahed wrote:

      the best thing for me is a chose. because in my town there is not a lot of thing to chose the worst thing is a boring salesperson.

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    • 41. At 3:46pm on 29 May 2011, yennguyen wrote:

      i think the best thing when i go to shopping is having a lot of shops from big to small. i can find everything:luxuries,secondhand and so on.but every thing has its dark side.most of things in shops have poor standard even if you go to boutiques, sometimes you still can buy poor thing

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    • 42. At 6:50pm on 29 May 2011, yasir1976 wrote:

      I think go shopping is very interest if you do it on little time & buy what you need only .

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    • 43. At 00:25am on 30 May 2011, nehad mahmoud wrote:

      ithink shopping is very intersting i buy new thing and spend a nice time but i should decide what i need or i will be shopaholic

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    • 44. At 02:35am on 30 May 2011, I Luv Super Junior wrote:

      I'm from Viet Nam . Shopping??? it seem to be favor of many girls. And me, too. But I am not a shopaholic. I just go shopping when I 've got a purpose .
      Now i'm studying in Ha Noi, capital of Viet Nam. There 're a lot of shops saling beautiful & quality clothes with moderate price which 're made by domestic designers or imported from others country . I've got many choices , maybe it's the best thing about shopping in Ha Noi .
      But the worst thing I hate is that When i go to market for students usually held at night, or another markets I mustn't tried on things I like . SO I can't know what things 's suitable me .

      [Edited by a Moderator: I have made a suggested change to your comment. You can say 'shops sell beautiful clothes' or 'beautiful clothes are for sale in different shops'. I hope this feedback is useful.]

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    • 45. At 04:30am on 30 May 2011, jarrett wrote:

      I live in Seoul, Korea. The worst thing is lots of people, waiting so much time in parking lots.
      The best thing is reasonable prices, and kind and friendly shop assistants.

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    • 46. At 05:59am on 30 May 2011, Elaine wrote:

      The best thing is you can buy anything what you want, lots of choice...
      The worst thing is crowded in the popular shopping spot.

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    • 47. At 09:24am on 30 May 2011, shududy wrote:

      The best thing about shopping in Samsun (Turkey) is you can find lots of traditional stuff to buy.

      The worst thing is there are not so many global products out there.

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    • 48. At 10:07am on 30 May 2011, shotgun wrote:

      im korean in korean , with shopping i have felt dizzy

      because of its crowed. i hate that but one of the good thing

      in shopping in korea is that i could feel humanism!! Altough

      it is very noisy

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    • 49. At 2:32pm on 30 May 2011, salima wrote:

      In my town, at the North of Spain is great go shopping, because it isn´t stressfull, like in a big city, and it´s not very expensive, (there is a Zara everywhere you go).
      On the other hand, the worst thing is to fit on the clothes. Many times, I go shopping window to see fashion styles, and then, I buy it on line.

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    • 50. At 4:00pm on 30 May 2011, crystal wrote:

      I live in the city which was built recently. So it has many people and a lot of shops. it is the most convenient city to shopaholics. You can find whatever you want near your house. The best thing about shopping is you can choose better stuff comparing it from one shop with the one that is in the others. The worst thing is that many things are more expensive than any other city. So, to buy something cheaply, you have to spend more time. I don't like shopping and sometimes, I think that doing shopping long is to waste time. Doing shopping well seems to be a sort of skill. The more you do, the better it is.

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    • 51. At 4:25pm on 30 May 2011, noelleho wrote:

      This is a good toptic,it remind me don't shop wrongly.But i always wash much money to buy brand name products,i think i'm captivaing in it. what can i do?

      [Edited by a Moderator: I think you mean to say 'I always want more money to buy brand-name products. I think I'm captivated by them.' To wash means to clean.]

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    • 52. At 6:05pm on 30 May 2011, AYTAN wrote:

      hi.i live in our country everything is cheap and quality.what we want we can find.but i dont like to spend time for shopping.if i need something that day i go and buy something.

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    • 53. At 8:40pm on 30 May 2011, Gayana wrote:

      I live in Moscow.The best thing to do shopping in Moscow is
      quite a lot of choice, the worst is much expensive and busy

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    • 54. At 9:17pm on 30 May 2011, Ksyundel wrote:

      I live in Kyiv, Ukraine and the worth thing about shopping there is that we have much more high prices comparing to Europe even regarding absolutely the same clothes (I mean even the same brand and model). The same dress from Zara may be cost differently in Ukraine and for example in Hungary.
      There are also not very much fashion brands represented in Kyiv (no H&M or Gap etc). Instead we have a lot of fake clothes and still a lot of people prefer to buy things at the bazaar.
      The best thing about shopping in Kyiv is that there is nevertheless quite a good choice of clothes and a lot of shopping centers has been opened recently.

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    • 55. At 10:09pm on 30 May 2011, Lorenzo wrote:

      I live en Segovia, a smal town near Madrid, the Spanish Capital City. There we can find all kind of shops and big stores like "El Corte Inglés", therefore here there isn't not many shops and the people frequently travel to Madrid to do shopping. Even the day of the patron of the city, everybody used to leave the town and take the opportunity to shopping in Madrid. But that it seems that this is changing. For me this question it's not important, because I don't like shopping at all.

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    • 56. At 11:35am on 31 May 2011, larry wrote:

      I live in Chong he, Taiwan, there is a night market next to my house. The night market has all the thing you can buy and play, such as beverages(pearl milk tea, green tea,...), clothing, toys, late night snack.... Most of the foreign tourists will vist night market to experience the local culture. The drawback is too crowded. Anyway, welcome anyone come to Taiwan.

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    • 57. At 3:26pm on 31 May 2011, Alberto José Salas Morales wrote:

      The best thing about shopping in Peru is the possibility to afford clothes and stuff that people just could find them when they travelled overseas in the past. On the other hand, the worst thing is the fact that goods and clothes that malls or department stores offer here are not the ones that people accsess currently in their countries, we always recieve the stock that they wore or use in the previous season, which are different from the ones that we see on line every day.

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    • 58. At 03:51am on 01 Jun 2011, RenathaMonteiro wrote:

      I live in Rio (Brazil), and the best thing about the shopping is because are big and there are many [diverse] things to buy, everything. The department stores´clothes and shoes are cheap, but the electronics are expensive, because are imported, as brand-name products is expensive too.There is a outlet shopping called Nova america Shopping, very nice and cheap. The worst thing is have to go to the shopping on the weekends. Are so crowded and noisy!!!
      [Edited by a Moderator: I think you mean to use the word 'diverse', so I have changed it in your comment.]

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    • 59. At 10:01am on 01 Jun 2011, Paolo wrote:

      I live in Naples, a big city in southern Italy. Here there are a lot of stores and boutiques and I like going shopping, but generally I have no time. Furthermore there is a lot of criminality in Naples, just few days ago a tourist was killed by a burglar. The tourist was walking in the city center when two thieves on a scooter beaten him to stole his Rolex. Later, the tourist died in the hospital.

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    • 60. At 11:13am on 01 Jun 2011, ACARI wrote:

      I like to buy a new clothes and shoes. I usually select national and hand made clothes.In my country, there are a lot of shopping center, so You can choise a lot of alternative. But I don't like crowd place. I usually headache.

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    • 61. At 12:17pm on 01 Jun 2011, belarus wrote:

      For now in Belarus shopping is really stress because of devaluation. So, the worse thing is the expensively. The best thing is ability to get your girlfriend doing shopping with her girlfriends, but without you :)

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    • 62. At 2:00pm on 01 Jun 2011, gdioz wrote:

      Hello, I live in Capital City of Turkey. There are a lot of shopping center. But all of them are very crowded and noisy.

      Especially in the winter we don't have any chance to go shopping center with our baby.

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    • 63. At 4:22pm on 01 Jun 2011, tranthao wrote:

      I live in Hochiminh City - Viet Nam. Shopping for me is really stressful in my city. There are a lot small shop side by side, but we must drive motorbike from one to another. Beside, the weather is so hot, it make me uncomfortable to shopping.

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    • 64. At 4:53pm on 01 Jun 2011, aalokthegreat wrote:

      The best things about shopping is duality in the mind.That means illusion in what to buy and what to avoid. The goods in the markets just makes our mind in dilemma. The markets are hailing us to purchase goods other than we thought to buy.

      Yes, Shopping malls makes the area clean and beautiful. Shopping is interesting and freshens our mind.

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    • 65. At 4:59pm on 01 Jun 2011, aalokthegreat wrote:

      I am from Nepal.
      Here shopping is a great experience and shopping is interesting because we can buy many things in a single place. It even freshens our mind.
      the bad thing is that the price is not so affordable for all class of people living in Nepal. And when i go shopping just to buy a bag then the goods around me not only fascinates me to buy bag but other goods also, which a loss of money without reason.

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    • 66. At 8:43pm on 01 Jun 2011, Rodrigo Goes wrote:

      I live in Brazil. Here there are many shops and supermarket. It's good have many options to buy and they are near at my house and near too to everyone of my city. One thing bad is to go shopping when the shops are full and many of them are full on weekends.
      It's good sometimes buy something and to see people. I like to go main in the technology stores.

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    • 67. At 9:14pm on 01 Jun 2011, Emilia wrote:

      I live in Turin ( Italy) and I like going shopping. The best thing here is that you can find several shops which sell a lot of interesting and beautiful items, the worst thing is that they are very expensive and it is quite difficult to find real special offers even if they are on sale.

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    • 68. At 10:05pm on 01 Jun 2011, hind wrote:

      Hi every body
      i like shopping but unfortuantly in my city we don't have a big choise ;there are a lot of goods but they are smilar to each other

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    • 69. At 00:08am on 02 Jun 2011, BeatriceTraini wrote:

      My mother and my blyfriend say that I am a shopaholic, because I spend lots of my time choosing my next purchases!
      Howover I live in a small town and and the worst thing is that there aren't so much things to buy!!!

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    • 70. At 01:03am on 02 Jun 2011, maquita wrote:

      Hi! In my city we have a lot of malls where you can find anything, but they are always full, so many people go there so you can't walk peacefully. I hate going shopping because of that.

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    • 71. At 01:03am on 02 Jun 2011, oscarcolombian wrote:

      The worst thing of shopping is to go and help to your sisters or female friends. they spend the whole day jumping shop to shop and they do not decide what to buy. they try everything and finally we come back home with anything in our shopping bags!

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    • 72. At 02:58am on 02 Jun 2011, jiheehb wrote:

      I live in Seoul, South Korea. Some Japanese and Chinese people come to Seoul central area for shopping. But I don't like shopping there because it's so crowded. That makes me tired. But good thing about shopping in Seoul is that there are many delicious street food in near markets and shopping center. These food have very high-calories, but very delicious!!

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    • 73. At 4:36pm on 02 Jun 2011, Hungry_Doan wrote:

      Hello every one,
      Shopping is really interesting. I like to go shopping when I have some stress or bad mood. It's make me feel better.
      But the worst thing is that we can't control our-self, therefore can have a big problem with our money.

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    • 74. At 05:29am on 03 Jun 2011, yennguyen wrote:

      The worse thing in my place when shopping is that it's very crowed, especially on weekend, many people hit against together, and you should be careful your purse or your wallet if someone else touches to you, they maybe be a pickpocket. Another worse thing is that the prices are unreasonable, the sellers always give the higher price many times than its real value, you must bargain if you don't want to spend much money for it.
      The best thing I think that the place to shop is easy. Near my house there are many shops, market, supermarket, even beside my house. Any houses can be became a shop. It's a specific characteristics in my country. The shop's owner just can buy something that they want to sell, for example clothes, and then they hang clothes over their house, then their private house became a shop without signboard. So I can go any shops just about 1-5 minutes.

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    • 75. At 12:32pm on 05 Jun 2011, Fayrouz wrote:

      In Egypt the worst thing of shopping is the crowded shops and streets. In addition, the too hot weather in Summer so you quickly get strangle. as for the best thing is that you can find anything you want whenever you want.

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    • 76. At 4:05pm on 06 Jun 2011, Edward wrote:

      Hello. My country also has the same situation like London. I guess that the best thing you can find is there are loads of goods and whatever stuffs you want to choose or purchase. The goods are updated from worldwide. The worst situation is there are always so crowed in the shopping mall until you are might hardly to get car park in the shopping mall cause too many people particularly in weekend.

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    • 77. At 7:52pm on 06 Jun 2011, mamichuli7 wrote:

      I'm from Madrid, Spain, I like going shopping a lot but the problem is a savvy spender and I tend burn my credit card, so my husband is broke it to not spend so much money.
      He is a penny [pinching] person, and always say we should live [within] our means but who [knows] what is going to happen tomorrow with us.
      In Madrid you can [choose] when you go shopping and how much you want to spend to your budget.
      On Sunday there are a outside market called "El Rastro" where you can bargaining the price you want to pay for the stuff you want, it's [good fun], and you can have a very good time.
      [Edited by Moderator: I've made some suggested changes to your comment in brackets above]

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    • 78. At 9:44pm on 06 Jun 2011, Tanya Apel wrote:

      There is no such situation with sales in my country since the discounts are not big. I have never seen crowded shop during sales time.
      The future of shopping is in Internet. That is my opinion.

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    • 79. At 04:32am on 07 Jun 2011, Chunhua Li wrote:

      I live in a small city near Beijing , China. There are several big shops and supermarkets in the city, and I have been used to go shopping only by myself because my husband do not like shopping and always have to be on duty even on holidays. Similar to many other cities , the worst thing of shopping in my town includes crowds , noisy and traffic problem, and I believe the best thing is you can find everything which you want. The day before yesterday I found a beautiful one-piece dress in the style that I wanted for a long time in a small shop and bought it at once. Of course shopping could let us forget some bad thing and feel relax for a while but after it I always say to myself that the next time I should think about over before spending money , but the next, you know ...

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    • 80. At 12:05pm on 07 Jun 2011, Ganzisean wrote:

      The worst thing about shopping in my country is that there are lots of imitations. however, the best thing is that there are lots of online shopping mall which has good qualities, service and get us be able to do shopping at home easily.

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    • 81. At 7:56pm on 07 Jun 2011, Giuliayu wrote:

      i don't think i'm i shopaholic, but i really enjoy doing shopping. i think that in my city the best thing about shopping is that there are lots of little shops in the city center so you can buy what ever you want! the worst thing is that you need to spend a lot of time to check what you want to buy!

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    • 82. At 10:37pm on 07 Jun 2011, Irina Melikhova wrote:

      I live in Belarus. As any girl I like shopping. The best thing about shopping in my town is a number of different department stores where you can buy various things. The town is not large and you needn't much time to call on most of them. It's very convenient. The worst thing about shopping is the prices. They are very high.
      An ordinary T-shirt costs about 20$.

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    • 83. At 2:04pm on 08 Jun 2011, mimijune wrote:

      I'm now live in Paris, one of the most ideal place for shopping. There are so many famous marks of fashion in the world, from casual to chic, from normal to luxury...So it's the best thing.
      [Edited by Moderator: part of the comment which broke the house rules has been removed]

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    • 84. At 9:26pm on 08 Jun 2011, Iliana_Bu wrote:

      The best thing about shopping is that it always make me happy, the worst thing is it's not free.

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    • 85. At 7:40pm on 11 Jun 2011, royperu wrote:

      I live in Cusco, Peru. I think that the best thing about shopping hear is that the prices are lower than in other places but only if you know how to bargain. And the worst thing is the crowd especially on weekends. But in general if you'd like to spend a while in this city I'm sure you will be amazed with all the places and things that you won't find anywhere else because this city is one of the seven wonders in the world and it's kind of a mystical place.

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    • 86. At 4:42pm on 13 Jun 2011, Flame wrote:

      The worst thing about shopping is that you need to visit many shops to find anything you'd like to buy. Also, there are many cities where prices are much more lower than usual but not in Russia. It makes shopping a real pain. I can't even imagine the best thing about it.

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    • 87. At 5:11pm on 13 Jun 2011, canis wrote:

      Hallo everybody! Shopping... is the terrible word for my ears.
      I hate shopping:))) SO do the most part of men around the world I think.Or, probably, I'm mistaken.. I don't know. I can spend no more than 20 minutes doing shopping. My wife, the other way round, is fond of shopping. She can easily walk around different shops and boutiques in a department store for hours. And it makes her pity that I'm getting tired too fast. For instance I can't help her to choose right dress or skirt or advise her what blouse is the most suitable for her))... I don't know why but I have to keep all my will and patience together to go through it.. Little ills of life are the hardest to bear)) So the best way for me is too wait her at the parking of at one of the numerous cafes)) Sport-shops and fishing gear shops are the only places where enjoy myself doing shopping)) And I can do nothing with my behavior...))

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    • 88. At 11:22am on 14 Jun 2011, kadari nadjib wrote:

      I`m Faouzi from Dubai,UAE.As we know Dubai is the first ever choice for shopping malls.The Dubai Mall which include 3000 shops.You can`t
      even imaging what you can find in it.really I love it.But,in my view the prices are very high and sometimes very crowded.

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    • 89. At 3:50pm on 14 Jun 2011, chichuoi wrote:

      Hi everybody,
      I have found on-line shopping interesting since I got acquainted with some website like Amazon or Ebay five years ago. When I want to buy something I just have to search for the product in some websites. I can have an overview of prices from many providers so that I can make a right decision based on my actual budget. Accompanying to the development of internet, more and more services have been being developed to support shopping online like payment, insurance services.
      Even though, online shopping are getting more and more convenient, but it does not get a rid of the traditional shopping style in which people go shopping in stores. For those people who really want to check the quality of the desire products by touching or really observing them, there is no way to do is going to a shopping store. Moreover, at the weekend or in meantime, going out for shopping is also a way of relaxing.
      I personally prefer to buy something online because of time constraint but sometime I also like going shopping outside in some stores or supermarkets .

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    • 90. At 06:14am on 16 Jun 2011, BabyKyu wrote:

      Here in my country, it would be more comfortable to buy clothes in shops. You can try on, inquire prices... without fear that you MUST buy them. However in markets, clothes may be cheaper, but sometimes you are forced to buy if you try it, or asking sth....

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