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Football memories

Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people say, then join the conversation! This week, what are your first football memories?

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The BBC asked some footballers for their early football memories:

Matthew Booth of South Africa and Peter Odemwingie of Nigeria both remember the 1990 World Cup in Italy, when Cameroon's Roger Milla did a special dance when he scored a goal.

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Most goalkeepers dive to the left or the right, to save a goal. However research shows they would be better off standing still in the middle!

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The phrase 'play it safe' comes from football, and it means to be cautious.

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The British are fascinated by footballers' wives and girlfriends (wags) and their clothes and lifestyles. There's even a TV drama series called 'Footballers' Wives'.

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    • 1. At 12:56pm on 21 Apr 2011, sikor4uk wrote:

      My first football memory is connected with the World Cup in Germany in 2006. If only I hear about it I remind the good Ukrainian goalkeeper's game in the penalty series against Switzerland. It was the first time Ukraine took part in such serious competition and this first time was successful..)

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    • 2. At 6:58pm on 21 Apr 2011, Tereza wrote:

      Actually, I do not watch football, I have completely different hobbies. And when it is possible, I avoid football fans, especially during matches - they can be really dangerous!

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    • 3. At 10:42pm on 21 Apr 2011, Cleversson wrote:

      I watched the final of the World Cup in France, 1998. Brazil versus France. It was supposed to Brazil wins but, France won. There was Ronaldo in the Brazil Team, he is good, but he was not enough for this age. That's all I can remember of my first football memories.

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    • 4. At 11:16pm on 21 Apr 2011, Nadia wrote:

      Actually, I don't have very good first memories about football, when I was a child, there was just one TV at home, so my father used to control it, then, in my childhood I hated football. However, as a Colombian, I started to love because we had a really good national team, now they are bad, but they weren't when I was little.

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    • 5. At 02:26am on 22 Apr 2011, FernandoHosen wrote:

      My first football memory, as a fan, belongs to the early 90´s, when I first went to a stadium to watch my favourite team Lanús, recently promoted to the first division. I was 7 and I remember the wooden stands.

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    • 6. At 03:55am on 22 Apr 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      My more distant memories on soccer it comes from when I very small I celebrated in the street next to my parents the victory of the world cup 78. With more age, I shouted and celebrated each party of world cup 86, especially those that Argentina won against England and Germany. For my, the goals of Maradona in front of England are a wonderful memories.

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    • 7. At 07:30am on 22 Apr 2011, bana wrote:

      I wish that that there could be a question about cricket but its related to football anyhow as I am involve in process of learning and willingness to write something better in English therefore I can't leave this topic without answering.

      Perhaps personally I haven’t watched football match either on TV nor in ground as yet as I have seen cricket though I know a little bit about football match that it is the most spectator ,most favorite and most popular in Britain and Britain know master of this game.

      As far as football popularity in Pakistan is concern, its stands among the most popular sports like cricket, hockey and others. There is a long history in association football in Pakistan and it is directly linked to football league in British India before independence. On Dec 5 of 1947 after independence the Pakistan football federation was created with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan first leader.

      Pakistan was at one of the top football sides in Asia in their previous football matches as recording its biggest win against Thailand in 1960 by scoring 7 -0. However sports remain underdeveloped due to mismanagement, lack of sport and corruption. There has always being seen a number of talented generation every year but unfortunately our government is poor for encouraging them.

      Nowadays football is widely played in schools, parks and at homes as there is no guideline for them to become a tycoon.

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    • 8. At 09:20am on 22 Apr 2011, moutaz wrote:

      hi all

      i'm moutaz from jordan.

      actually there are a lot of memories, but i have one match never forgotten for all rest of my life, in 1999 final champions league this match between Bayer-Munich and man-united .

      i root for Bayer and they stayed win for 90 minute but at the last minute man-united scored 2 goals in 1 minute, i was shocked , disappointed and hate my self of being losing this game.

      i used to yell while i was watching as they hear me but i didn't any more.

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    • 9. At 5:24pm on 22 Apr 2011, hoangphuong0806 wrote:

      Hi all,
      To be honest, I don't like foodball, especially watching at television. I prefer moves, music chanels to soccer matchs. But I love to cheer my friends and my colleague competing with others team. These matches are so exciting! My first football memory is the match of high school friends. The game lasted in 20 minutes until there had a heavy rain. Total of us, nine persons shelter from the rain in a raincoat. It's my happy memory about my senior year.

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    • 10. At 10:17pm on 22 Apr 2011, Taro1979 wrote:

      Though Japan is a baseball country, football is also popular sports. My first football memory is the final elimination round in Asia for 1994 World Cup USA. Japan almost reached the qualification to World Cup, but lost it at loss time.

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    • 11. At 00:16am on 23 Apr 2011, João Leite wrote:

      Well, I remember when I was a child, my fahter used to take me and my brother to watch the games in a small city in the country of Brazil. That is the memory I have about football. My father was one of the players and he used to be a litlle nervous with the mates during the game.

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    • 12. At 04:04am on 24 Apr 2011, Remi wrote:

      It was the beginning of the 1970s when I was in a junior high school. I was in a volleyball club in my school which we had after classes, everyday, including Sunday. At those days, Saturday wasn't holiday here, though students could go back home at noon.
      Its practice field along a river was often vacant with football club's practice not being held on Sunday at least as much as that of our club.
      So, a senior student used to play kicking a ball into the goal, saying this is a banana shoot. I've forgotten the name of a pro-football player abroad whose shoot he was saying imitating. I think it wasn't Maradona, who was a player to have gotten popular far later.
      Those times seniors include him looked like an adult to me, so now I feel it a little strange that so much young people as them could behave like adults.

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    • 13. At 07:59am on 24 Apr 2011, jhan wrote:

      I haven`t experienced playing a real football. But I remember when I was in my elementary years I used to play the what we so called "football" which is entirely different from the the real football. I think its one of my wonderful memories when I was a kid. I used to play it many times with my friends. I enjoyed it a lot!

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    • 14. At 11:43pm on 24 Apr 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      Actually I was too young to watch Italy1990 . I was only 5years . It's not enough to can watch 1990world cup and understand what's going on. but What I really remember is USA 1994 . I was 9years old . I was a fan of Italy and I was sad when Italy lost the final game

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    • 15. At 07:51am on 25 Apr 2011, Evergreen wrote:

      I really return to my childhood whenever i memories my any football game.After return school,just changed the dress & directly went to the football field & participate the game.Normally we friends did make two team with the name of renoun local team Mohammadan & Abahoni,these team was many times won as tournament champion.So local people as well as young supporters very much like them.We enjoyed very much in the rainy seasons match.This time field was totally with water & mud, when ever we go ahead to goal post against players try to catch the boll,but due to mud & water it makes difficul, also we sometimes fell down the ground, we enjoyed it.really bbc gave the chance to explain the nostalgik moment.

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    • 16. At 09:23am on 25 Apr 2011, hunterwang99 wrote:

      My first memory of football was so exciting. It was the Europe Cup of 1988. From that time, I love the Netherland, love the colour of orange.
      After that, I began to watch Italy union. Juventus,AC milian,Intel, I had been familiar with the Italian club more and more and love the soccer deeper and deeper.

      Now, I spent time on soccer much more less. But, I will try my best to take time to enjoy the soccer time.

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    • 17. At 3:28pm on 25 Apr 2011, crystal wrote:

      I didn't use to like football, but I have been interested in it since the 2002 World Cup in Korea. At that time, our team went up to the semifinals. People put on red T-shirt, even infant. All over the country, there were red waves called red devils. The 2002 World Cup was the big festival of Korea. We were one. We were cheering All the day and night.

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    • 18. At 3:50pm on 25 Apr 2011, hashem_82 wrote:

      i think my first football memories are italy 90 , egyptien football team & first time in world cup , first match with holland ,all people in egypt still remember this match & how to draw with holland from penalty , hossam hassan equilizer and match went to draw .

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    • 19. At 8:43pm on 25 Apr 2011, irshad68 wrote:

      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

    • 20. At 02:08am on 26 Apr 2011, seydou95 wrote:

      My first football memories is 1992 during the African Cup of Nations in Senegal. It was a game between Senegal and Kenya. I remember the goal of Bocandé (Sénégal) at the twenty-third minute. I was a goal after a free kick. That day I was 10 years old.

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    • 21. At 02:55am on 26 Apr 2011, abdullah wrote:

      my first memories with football were in my district. I played with my friends every day.

      Now I don't play football any more. I don,t have time for it.

      But I hope to find time to play football, maybe with my children if I have any in future.

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    • 22. At 08:56am on 26 Apr 2011, djahem wrote:

      my early football memories is in the 1998 when Senegal beats the French team, it was unexpected victory seeing as the level of the french team was far superior to Senegal one. according to me, it was a real proof that in football, there is not any logic.

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    • 23. At 11:00am on 26 Apr 2011, mokchhya wrote:

      It was a way back when i was just a child that my father took me to fotball stadium to see the final between two derbies, and when one of the club won the match , one player from the winning team punted the football towards the other side, where we were not seating , in the crowd . Seeing this, my father was grumbling, because he could not even had a hope of trying to get his hands on the ball.

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    • 24. At 4:58pm on 26 Apr 2011, Juan wrote:

      My first memory of game of soccer is when played Colombia vs. Germany in world cup in 1990. It`s memorable for many of Colombians the goal scored by Fredy Rincon to Germany. Even now is so emotional watch againg.

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    • 25. At 5:35pm on 26 Apr 2011, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:

      My first football memory is connected with the World Cup in Argentina 1978. I remeber they won the cup against Holland in a electrifying soccer game. It´s the first Argentina´s World Cup. After that I remember other soccersgames and World Cup. My favorites teams are Brazil and Germany. I like the Real Madrid and I want to go to Madrid and see a game between Real Madrid and Barcelona

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    • 26. At 6:54pm on 26 Apr 2011, aleksandar wrote:

      My early memories of football are also connected with Italy 1990, when I became interested in football for the first time. I watched all the matches of Yugoslavia and I was very disappointed when Yugoslavia lost in the quarterfinals against Argentina.
      One of my earliest memories of football and certainly the most beautiful memories is when my favorite club Red Star FC became champions of Europe.

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    • 27. At 10:54pm on 26 Apr 2011, mostafa karam wrote:

      hi all,
      i didn't never forget the goal of Lionel messi in the game of Barcelona VS Getafe when he dodge nearly 9 players including the goalkeeper and then scored the historic goal ,which is the similar goal of maradona
      really it was amazing for me

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    • 28. At 00:48am on 27 Apr 2011, GhufRan wrote:

      I don't like watch football that much, but when I was young I used to play football with my father and my two brothers in the corridor at home. It is kind of amusement ..
      I also used to play with my two cousins and my sister in my uncle home in the surface ..

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    • 29. At 00:52am on 27 Apr 2011, Michelle wrote:

      In my case, the 2002 World cup held at Korea is my first impressive memory. This was first time to win the world cup match in Korean Team, So everyone went out in the street and exclaimed at our valuable victory. It was a big story that made every Koreans touched, and So did I.

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    • 30. At 10:51am on 27 Apr 2011, free825 wrote:

      I‘m not very interested in playing football or watching that game. But my deepest memory is in 2006 that i watched the World Cup with my friends on the large screen in campus and everyone just gone crazy!!

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    • 31. At 11:03am on 27 Apr 2011, nebojsa wrote:

      It seems that I am older than most of other football fans here. The first thing I remember is World Cup in Germany in 1974. I was six years old boy and I remember all players in German team. Now I am 42 year old football fan from Serbia. Also I remember that the former Yugoslavia team beat Zaire team by scoring 9:0!

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    • 32. At 12:07pm on 27 Apr 2011, qqdda wrote:

      Actually I don’t like to watch football and I usually watch only World Cups from quarter final. And of cause sometimes I watch how students play football, because the football field is in front of my window.
      By the way, I used to play football all my childhood. We played at any weather even at winter, when it had no frosts.
      My fist football memory is semi-final of World Cup in France in 1998. I was rooting for Italy, but they lost to France in penalty. I remember when Roberto Baggio ball hit the horizontal bar.

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    • 33. At 2:48pm on 27 Apr 2011, Okada wrote:

      My first football memory is when the brazilian forward Bebeto celebrates a goal swinging his arms as if he was holding a baby. That´s happened in 1994 in the world cup of the USA. The match was against Netherlands. Bebeto invades the penalty box and dribbles past the goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar and puts it in the back of the net. The goal and the celebration are in the history of the world cup.

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    • 34. At 9:29pm on 27 Apr 2011, Happy wrote:

      i remembered the world cup 1990, it was in German and Egypt was one of the team who participated and they play with Holland team and it was at this time one of the best teams, and i remembered that Egypt did a very good much with them

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    • 35. At 01:34am on 28 Apr 2011, yujingoh wrote:

      I'm 22 years old and I'm south korean. I remeber korea& Japan World cup. It was so much fun. South korea's first time went semi-final competition. I was secendary school student. I watched match even during exam period. Football is the best sport in the world. It makes all over the world moods up and down.

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    • 36. At 06:59am on 28 Apr 2011, wei812 wrote:

      For my first football memory, I think it's the World Cup in Japan&Korea, 2000 (or 2002). Even, the football game isn't popular in Taiwan, we still all joined the world cup. I like the team of Japan as they come from Far-easten Asia. Unfortunity, they stoped in 32 base. After the game, I played the World Cup Football game of PC games, it's so funny and I spent all the time. Final, I know much role for Football. So it's not only a football game, but also let me into the football zone.

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    • 37. At 08:06am on 28 Apr 2011, rg1808 wrote:

      I like Football, and my favorite player are:Maradona, Batistuta,Messy, Eto.

      Last night, 28 April 2011 in Indonesia. I watched Barcelona Vs Madrid, L. Messy made 2 goals, wouhhh, it's really fantastics..
      I want, one time I hope, Maradona, Batistuta and Messy comes to my country-Indonesia, and I will take a ficture with them.

      Football is not just enough to sport, but it was became a business and the place to make a career...

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    • 38. At 10:01am on 28 Apr 2011, Sally wrote:

      I'm not a big football fan but my actual first time to see world cup was in 2002.. The locations were s. Korea and japan. I went out with my friends to the public park near our house and cheered our team all together whoever was there.. It's one of my special memories.. Those time we could see thousands of people who wear red shirt to cheer our team up in public area easily ..

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    • 39. At 1:06pm on 28 Apr 2011, Ernesto Mandlate wrote:

      I am a big football fan. I love the team of my conuntry, although they are no good. My special memory was the match between Mozambique and Guinea Conakry in 1996. At the end of the first half, Mozambique was losing by 1. In the last 5 minutes of the end, my team, Mozambique, scored two goals and we went to African Cup of nations

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    • 40. At 04:19am on 29 Apr 2011, NnPp wrote:

      My first football memories are pretty hurtful. I grew up with football, used to play like crazy when I was a little boy. I was quite a good striker.
      The place where I've come from, we didn't have the privilage to watch international football games and all. All we knew was the game, some of its rules and that's it.
      It was this particular day where my football memory cling on mostly. This day, I had bought my first football boots - was quite an expensive one. I was so happy that day; I took those boots out of bag, put on those football shocks that came along with those new boots, little bit in a showing-off way. I got up and as I ran towards the field to take my position, this daunting event took palce - I twisted my ankle. "Poor I" It was really bad and admitted in a hospital for a week ..... I could never play as a striker and became a goal keeper since then...

      Quite a Football memory!!!

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    • 41. At 6:23pm on 01 May 2011, Sera Laure wrote:

      My first football memory is also the 1990 World Cup which held in Italy. Actually I was just 2 years but I think all Cameroonians, even those born after that competition cherish this memory and the famous dance of our national heroe, and it's true to say, Roger Milla... A very great moment of pride!!!

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    • 42. At 4:01pm on 02 May 2011, robiii wrote:

      hello to everybody ,
      italy took part to the final of european cup on 2000 or 2001 ( i don't remember well because i was only 5) is my first football memorie . That time , France won against italy thank to a super trezeguet . But world cup 2006 will always remains in my mind . I was in Rome and i celebrated with everybody when grosso scored . Football , i believe, helps us to feel good because when you are watching a football match , you forget works problems and etc . So , Football power is catching up your attention because you never know the ending of the match . it's always a surprise !!!

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    • 43. At 08:06am on 03 May 2011, Jacque wrote:

      I haven't been to the football field for a game ever, but I am planning for a trip to UK for Arsenal's game in Emirate Stadium. Hopefully I could fulfill this dream on 2012, since the league matches are approaching the end of season very soon.

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    • 44. At 4:30pm on 03 May 2011, luis-lux wrote:

      My first football memories are when Spain won the eurocup in Switzerland and Austria in 2008 , it was the first time Spain was in a final since 1984 and they just won the cup in 1964. In 2008 Spain played against Germany, which was one of the best teams in the eurocup. Spain played really good and the goal of Fernando Torres was fantastic. As Spanish I am very proud of that victory.

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    • 45. At 4:10pm on 04 May 2011, Nora_Wang wrote:

      Actually I watched a few football games and knew a handful of football stars. I only watched World Cup in 2002, 2006 and 2010 with my friends and room-mates.

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    • 46. At 08:49am on 05 May 2011, erik_e wrote:

      Each time I come to the stadium to see the games, my memory flashback to the time when I was young, playing football with my little friends at the harvested yard. No burning sun or heavy rain can't stop us playing football.

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    • 47. At 6:42pm on 05 May 2011, petrus82 wrote:

      I am really keen on football!
      It's so hard to remember my earliest soccer memories. They are very undefined and fuzzy, because I was pretty young. I remember my parents sent me to bed early, like usual, at 8:30. Whereas I wanted to stay awake to watch the mach on tv. Finally my parents won and I went to bed. Fortunately also my favourite team, inter, won. It was the final of Uefa Cup against Roma. It happened in 1991, when I was only 9 years old.

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    • 48. At 7:51pm on 05 May 2011, melgarja wrote:

      My first football memories is when I was nine years old, my dad and I went at the stadium and I was eating fruit, sundly I hear "watch out" and my head was hit by a big ball and I started to cry, Now tha's funy.

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    • 49. At 8:35pm on 05 May 2011, Dedy wrote:

      My first football memories was when my team Atletico Nacional won the libertadores cup, It was in 1989 all the fans of Atletico Nacional are very proud of this victory.

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    • 50. At 2:16pm on 06 May 2011, sferhat1071 wrote:

      In the year 1990, there was a TV programme which was aired on Sundays. It was also the year that Italy organized the World Cup.The TV programme was an entertainment programme which was presented by a woman and a man. I remember that they had a bet on the final match, the man betted for Argentina, and the woman betted for Germany. The one who lost would eat his/her microphone. After the final match man kept his word and ate his microphone. Later it was understood that it was a chocolate.

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    • 51. At 10:01am on 09 May 2011, Yulia wrote:

      I'm not a big football fan. But I sometimes like to go to the sport bars to watch important match with my friends.
      When I was young about 10 years old I used to play football with boys. And It was during chess lessons which I had to attand)))
      Also I remember when I was on a football match in Kiev. It was Ukrain - Spain game. I liked it so much. I was so excited.

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    • 52. At 4:00pm on 14 May 2011, Mr Wilson wrote:

      When it comes to football memories, I remember World Cup 1994 and 2002.

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    • 53. At 2:00pm on 16 May 2011, osso wrote:

      My first football memory is the world cup in 2006. Italy versus France. Zidan headed down one Italian player and he was given a red card .Italy won this championship (2:1). I saw this match in the TV with my family.
      For a short time my favourite football team was Italy but then I changed my mind and now I like Spanish picked team, Manchester United and Barcelona the best. They are my favourites.

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    • 54. At 2:37pm on 16 May 2011, vidokse wrote:

      My first football memory is my first match. We had a free kick and I was in the front of the opponent's goal. I closed my eyes and I headed the ball into the goal.
      My best football memory was in 2010. It was in the national championship when I saved the last penalty and my team won the championship.
      Later my school football team was on the junior national championship. We reached the 9th place. I kicked three goals.

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    • 55. At 4:32pm on 16 May 2011, Yacine81 wrote:

      My Earliest football Memorie was Barcelona dream Team in 1994 With Romario, Stoichkov and the rest of great Players in this period , They Played an amazing football, and I was Fascinated by thier style and became a big Fan

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