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Computer games

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In London, lots of people said they used to play a lot of games when they were younger, but not anymore.

A few people said computer games can take over your life!

There are lots of different sorts of computer game. Strategy games are competitive and absorbing. Lots of people love a classic 'shoot 'em up'. There are racing games, football games and even housework games!

Did you know?


The world's first video game was probably 'Tennis for Two' created in 1958 by a physicist called William Higinbotham.

Language tip

The word 'noob' (sometimes written n00b) means a newcomer or beginner in online games. It is often used as an insult.

Cultural tip

Gamers can role play working in a refugee camp, dealing with global warming or bringing up a family in poverty.

This Express English was originally published in 2011.

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  • 21. At 3:37pm on 15 Apr 2011, mia200186 wrote:

    Computer games have a[n] irresistible attraction to me. I have played some simple games like Pikachu, Line98,..but not frequently because they consume so much time. Therefore, I tried to avoid access[ing] all kinds of them.

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  • 22. At 9:01pm on 15 Apr 2011, Nanno wrote:

    It's enjoyable but I don't like it very much as it makes time fly...

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  • 23. At 10:41pm on 15 Apr 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

    I think computer games are... [suitable] for all ages. It's the easiest way to spend your spa[r]e time, but it could be a dangerous lesson... in fighting , killing and motivat[ing] your aggressive skills. The more you play games the more you become introvert. So I agree with Jason it's a double-edged sword. So families must be careful and active to prevent computer games' [negative]... effect[s].

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  • 24. At 06:51am on 16 Apr 2011, serik wrote:

    My best favorit computer game is LEFT4DEAD . may be because its the only game I have in my PC

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  • 25. At 08:29am on 16 Apr 2011, Sami wrote:

    I used to play computer games when i was litle, around 8 or 9.
    Computer games has changed a lot since then, there is a bigger tecnology involved now a days.
    So i dont like computer games because it make children spend so much time playing , eastead of playing on the street with others kids.
    Computer games also can lead to addiction. Also can cause problems with relatioship betwen of the members of the family.
    In conclusion , i beulive that computer games is not good .

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  • 26. At 11:06am on 16 Apr 2011, Mohammad Reza wrote:

    I love computer games. Compare to the past, we see the games have been improved in many certain ways through the years and now they’re not just for having fun or spending the time or as a kind of pleasure. They are a great source of learning. For example, the strategy games really teach you how to organize your task to reach your goals. The games also are good for learning language, my brother is a great fan of computer games and never has studied English, but sometimes he says some words or phrases which are used by advanced learners, or his listening has improved in some ways as usually he has to listen carefully to some conversation to get the theme of the story. I do believe, computer games like everything, has its own advantages and disadvantages .We should just learn to choose the best ones and make a balance in whatever we do .

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  • 27. At 11:37am on 16 Apr 2011, jolesaint wrote:

    i think computer games make me happy . i used to play computer games since my childhood. i play it when i have nothing to do and it takes over my time. I can play it for six hours.

    I used to play playstation 2 and 3.

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  • 28. At 12:22pm on 16 Apr 2011, LEA wrote:

    Computer games, it is absolutely attractive and interesting, the visual graphic designs and the creative initiatives fascinate teenager's mind, and even adult's.
    It is true, it is a vast entertainment industry, and the developing of computer games will continue more and more as time goes as.

    However, the addiction is serious, there are some example cases, computer game addicts died, because they couldn't stop playing games, without sleeping and resting.
    Sustaining the hard brain work is really harmful, but people can't realize, while they play computer games.
    Furthermore, there is no strict regulations about creating games, for this reason, there are a lot of violent or sexual games, which could exacerbate children's emotion.

    It is essential, the parents' care on it, in addition, the adequate regulations about computer games should be arranged.

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  • 29. At 12:23pm on 16 Apr 2011, Natalia wrote:

    Actually, when I was a child I use to play computer game. I liked to be a treasure-hunter and find treasure. It was the only computer game that time in our village school computer. And it was cool to play it!.. But now in spite of lots of games are existing I think that when you play computer game, you waste your time. Nothing useful in it. I would say, that it can be dangerous for your body and for your brain.

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  • 30. At 1:02pm on 16 Apr 2011, en3a wrote:

    It's very sad to read about bad judgements of some users that have never played one of these games. I would like to ask to these users if they usually talk about something, saying it is good or not, without trying it or know it. I don't think it's the best way to approach something new. However I think that there is a misunderstanding, some people completely ignore what a videogame is nowadays; I mean a modern videogame and TRUE videogame, not those Wii-like [...word removed by moderator]. Today videogame is a media, a social media that permit to interact with other players all over the world, and often it's a kind of art; it's not only entartainment. I agree with parents say that don't allow their kids playing videogames, because today most of videogames have mature contents, such as violent or sex scenes.


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  • 31. At 8:20pm on 16 Apr 2011, sikor4uk wrote:

    Computer games took a lot of time in my childhood. I regret now. Why didn't I learn something useful and interesting instead of sitting at the computer and shooting the not-real monsters???
    But everything is an experience and only now I can understand that computer games are the waste of time.

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  • 32. At 00:04am on 17 Apr 2011, vovstorm wrote:

    I used to play computer game. playing game is so much fun. one thing that you should know about is that you are able to be addicted.

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  • 33. At 01:58am on 17 Apr 2011, abdullah wrote:

    I think computer games are good for our life, games help us to cope with stress.

    I likes football game, sometimes I like speed games.

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  • 34. At 08:15am on 17 Apr 2011, Remi wrote:

    I bought DS2 and some computer games for the first time a few years ago. Softwares I bought were Zelda's adventure, Final Fantasy and Dragon quest. I was amazed at stories requiring so many times to reach the goal being put into the small plastic card.

    When I started, I found it was difficult to have it proceed without any help on the internet. I could reach goals for each games, but as I found it a waste of my time, so I quitted to play those.

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  • 35. At 2:07pm on 17 Apr 2011, wiko wrote:

    I started playing computer games since I was in primary school, and now I still like playing computer games, but not spend much time than before.Because I know game is juse used to relax, studying, working are all more important than game. If spending a lot of time on game, it is easier to be addicted, just like some of my friends.So I want to warn everyone to balance the time between game and real life.

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  • 36. At 2:52pm on 17 Apr 2011, Language Master wrote:

    Yes, I have a PlayStation 3. I usually play sports game like FIFA, Top spin, or MLB. These games eat up my whole day when I am really into them. what I want to say is that We can play them as much as we can, but we need to control ourselves not to be isolated from our society. Playing computer game is one of the ways to screw up your social life.

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  • 37. At 3:03pm on 17 Apr 2011, baatoo wrote:

    I don't like to play computer game very much,but sometimes playing computer can bring us joy and reduce life pressure.

    Some of my classmates like it very much, even some of them addicted it deeply ,so it effect their life and studying very much.

    I hold the view that appropriate time of playing computer games is good to reduce life pressure and train our brain.

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  • 38. At 8:07pm on 17 Apr 2011, strawberry_kia wrote:

    I used to be addicted to computer games. My favourite sort of games were war strategies you played in tours. But I also liked playing combat flight simulators. I remember how many nights I spend playing them on my Atari XE. Today I play computer games occasionally only. They have changed significantly for 30 years. The old games had poor graphics but there was something attractive in them. Something that made you willing to come back to them and play them again and again. Nowadays games dazzle you with their fantastic graphics and sounds but in my opinion they usually miss this subtle factor I call "playability". Their plots and assumptions are either too primitive or too intricate. Subsequently they are either too easy or too difficult. It may sound ridicously, but I installed an emulator of Atari XE on my modern PC computer and play oldies-but-goldies from time to time, like Sid Meier's Crusade in Europe, Eastern Front, Tigers in the Snow, F-15 Strike Eagle or Blue Max. Unfortunately, time passes so quickly...

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  • 39. At 02:28am on 18 Apr 2011, Jaehee wrote:

    When I was a child, I didn't like computer games, because I was not good at it. But now I want to play racing games. Recently, I am practing to drive a car, and I hope that racing games help me improve my driving skill.

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  • 40. At 03:42am on 18 Apr 2011, lynx wrote:

    I used to play computer games when I was younger, at secondary or high school. It took too much time. I could spend many hours sitting in front of the screen and playing without taking any notice of other things such as my housework, exercises, etc...
    It may be good if you can control yourselves and stop when you have to do. But I think it's quite difficult for not only me, but also everybody to give up when we are addicted to them.

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  • 41. At 04:14am on 18 Apr 2011, Dave wrote:

    Computer games are awesome, i played video games since i was 10 and the video games has accompanied me from a child to an adult. I think we can find lots of happy memories with the video games.

    I played different types of video games and currently i played pro evolution soccer, the latest version is 2011 and frankly speaking it is fantastic! Everyone should give a try and i assure you you will have fun with it!

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  • 42. At 06:50am on 18 Apr 2011, codename3 wrote:

    Hi all !
    Everything is a game and has two sides, left side and right side. It can cause some trouble for you if you don't arrange for reasonable time but it is also helpful for you. I played video game since i was a child. I remember that my first video game was Super Mario game, zentris game...until I was high school I still played video game, special game online. With video games, It helped me relax after hard study and hard work and It helped me increase my creativity but it also caused me a lot of trouble. It was not good for my health. In stead of going out side with my friend or took holiday with my family or study, I wasted time to sit in front of computer screen for playing game so my knowledge and some relationship were decreasing. And now I have decided to leave video game to chase the biggest of my life time. I am trying to become commercial pilot and video games are nice memories what i will never forget !

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  • 43. At 08:35am on 18 Apr 2011, Chang_Ru_Li wrote:

    I play computer games sometimes. Actually, I don't like video games so much, especially whose pilot or stages are too complicated.

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  • 44. At 10:07am on 18 Apr 2011, Khalid22yankkee wrote:

    It is good to have games that develop creative thinking in kids and adults as well. However, computer games, and to my own judgement, are time-consumers and capabilities waste! They negatively affect kids perfomance especially when it is time for schooling! They can be useful if they are designed to be used for both purposes; learning new things and for enjoyment, also.

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  • 45. At 1:58pm on 18 Apr 2011, yazed18 wrote:

    i like computer game im intersting when i play it i like play station

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  • 46. At 2:44pm on 18 Apr 2011, crystal wrote:

    I didn't use to be interested in computer games but my son likes them. I have been trying to make him play for one hour a day, because when he plays computer games, he becomes nervous and aggressive a bit. But if I don't allow him to play them even for a hour, he will be more stressed. So it is difficult to control to what extent I allow him to play games. These days, I am trying to know about details of computer games. If not so, I can't advise him whether these games are good for him or not.

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  • 47. At 4:14pm on 18 Apr 2011, syu wrote:

    It's a good way to making friends in computer games I think.It can also help people to foster a sense of communication skills.But it shouldn't be putting too much time in it.

    I used to spend so much time in playing games.But not anymore.I have made many friends there and learned a lot.

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  • 48. At 7:04pm on 18 Apr 2011, MohanKumar wrote:

    How do you feel about computer games? Tell us which ones you play and why.

    Computer Games are also Taken in a way they are Brain Teasers.
    There are numerous games are there like racing, horror, adventure,IQ Raising and Virtual Play. Are These games are help us? yes at some point these games help us to improve our brain in a manner how to apply a rule or how to break the obstacles. Games like Adventures improves our brain usage 50 to 60 percent than our normal brain usage.
    The simple Thing what we have to do is, We have to schedule a good time so that Our day to day activities shouldn't gets spoiled.

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  • 49. At 7:12pm on 18 Apr 2011, Laurabailo wrote:

    Well, actually i don't play computer games.
    if there are people who like to play games, it is ok for me.
    but some people can't stop playing and i think that that's not right.

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  • 50. At 11:56pm on 18 Apr 2011, Kingkong wrote:

    For me, I had tried different kind of computer games. Some of them were quite creative for player and some were not. Now, an only computer game I'm still playing is flight simulator just because pilot is one of my passions and I love it.

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  • 51. At 03:03am on 19 Apr 2011, kokasih wrote:

    As long as it's you controlling the computer games and not the other way around (i.e. addicted), it should be fine and even will benefit you to release your stress.

    Personally, I will play any kind of computer game but sports genre.

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  • 52. At 04:00am on 19 Apr 2011, rhaul wrote:

    I actually get relaxed when I play computer games. However you have to control your time, otherwise it can take over your life. I also have a gameboy, which was given many years ago, it came with a game called 'quest for camelot' - a very good game!. Sometimes the university and work lead to have less time to play computer games, however I always get some time to play my favorites games such as Resident Evil, Zelda, Starcraft, Left 4 Dead.

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  • 53. At 09:10am on 19 Apr 2011, Judy wrote:

    I think why more and more people want to play the computers games, because they feel alone, have no friends, do not like communicate with others. however, they can make friends in the internet, express their mood, search for something that can prohibited in the real life. Through the intenet, they can get the accomplishment that can not gain in the real life.
    so, I sugget the society can set up more and more organization that can provide communication platform.

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  • 54. At 09:37am on 19 Apr 2011, Orana wrote:

    I love computer game

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  • 55. At 11:04am on 19 Apr 2011, moutaz wrote:

    hi all
    actually i'm interested in computer games , and its good way to make new friends and give good knowledge about technology but its has bad side like you can't control your self and mange your time.

    i used to waste 6-10 hours everyday to play poker, monster world, counter strike and Farm valley.

    finally i stop play this game to control my self and mange my time.

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  • 56. At 1:14pm on 19 Apr 2011, tehama wrote:

    Nowadays computer games are very popular in teenagers as well as in childrens.But they are not suitable for the young peoples because the body is stable at that time instead of playing games play outside the house like cricket, football that increase the mental ability of the person..

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  • 57. At 1:33pm on 19 Apr 2011, brahim wrote:

    in my opinion , i disagree with the game because many young generations spent their time in front of screen.

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  • 58. At 2:20pm on 19 Apr 2011, claude50 wrote:

    Tetris is the best as I like to play more and more fast

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  • 59. At 3:48pm on 19 Apr 2011, cdpsttarng wrote:

    I must say that video games have a kind of special power to catch people's attention. When I walked in the MRT underground mall in Taiwan, I noticed that the shops which gathered large number of people are always selling video games. Many youngsters and adults played games together and consulted each other on how to break hurdles in the games. When it comes to education, teachers nowadays must admit its ability of videos games which get students' mind working rather than forbid students playing them. If teachers can not stop students from indulging in the games, why not make up ideas to integrate learning materials in the games? I believe students will extremely anticipate having class by playing video games.

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  • 60. At 5:26pm on 19 Apr 2011, torpi wrote:

    Face book has some games like fast car, mafia war, farmville which i play sometimes when i use face book. Although it is a waste of time, but it is a great way to relax for few minutes.

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  • 61. At 8:15pm on 19 Apr 2011, Anjani wrote:

    Games are really great. They help the children to grow their mind. when i was child i used to play lots of games. whenever i had the spare time, i always played the games. but mostly i used to play street fighter. i liked this game very much. i did not have any game console then. i always went to market to play games.

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  • 62. At 9:33pm on 19 Apr 2011, CRISTHIAN wrote:

    i just play when i was 10 years old after then never more

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  • 63. At 11:42pm on 19 Apr 2011, Evemond wrote:

    In general I do not play lots of computer games. As a software engineer sitting in the office the whole day, I always try to avoid those computer games that keep me sitting in front of my PC. But I like those computer games with movements, such as sports games on Wii. Recently the latest Xbox with motion detection are in the market. I think those games on Xbox would also be my favorites, though I have not got a chance to have a try. In addition, I play some small games on my iPod Touch, e.g. Smurfs. Playing computer games is time-consuming, one has to control his- or herself to avoid getting addicted.

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  • 64. At 08:22am on 20 Apr 2011, Jason Seo wrote:

    I think that computer games are usually useful for refreshment purpose when these contain non-violent contents. In these days, there are controversial issues on the violence and addiction of computer games. In my opinion, some people who could not control themselves make it easy to burn-out on game and it makes an end to social problems.

    When I was young, I enjoyed TETRIS. The rule of this game was very simple, on the other hand it required fast decision to solve each stage. I think, the main reason of the wide-spread of TETRIS was that there were not so many computer games executable on simple 16-bit machine those days around 1980s.

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  • 65. At 08:54am on 20 Apr 2011, Vision wrote:

    The computer games like a double-edged sword,you used it to spend the ildy time when being lost you. I am a reader from china,this problem has troubled this country many years.In the country, the youngmen mean students and the computer games mean devils.If a youngman play computer games his study-grades will be down,may be not,but a majority of youngmen who have played computer games study inefficient.So i think don't touch it if you can.

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  • 66. At 09:51am on 20 Apr 2011, hunterwang99 wrote:

    I had played the "Age of Empier" for a long time before. It was so great game. But in fact, it take over a lot of my time. And, I also had played FIFA for a long time. But now, I only play some small game for taking a rest in the job.

    Computer game is so great but same time, it is a time killer.

    My son now fall in love with angry birds of Ipad and I will limit his time spent on it to protect his eyes and make sure he will not waste so much time on it.

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  • 67. At 10:30am on 20 Apr 2011, Irene wrote:

    In my opinion, nowadays children tend to play only computer games. It seems to be serious.
    There are so many side effects such as psychological problems and lack of exercises... But many children and young adults have their own electic game which is getting more compact and light than before. So whenever, wherever, we enjoy games easily. that makes us lazy....

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  • 68. At 5:21pm on 20 Apr 2011, hoangphuong0806 wrote:

    He he, computer games are very interesting. I played a lot when i was a student. I played Lines, Mario.. :P It's so silly. You might think they are boring game but it made me feel relaxing. Sometimes, I still play these boring games in my phone when i wait my friends or feel upset.

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  • 69. At 05:21am on 21 Apr 2011, OLIVE wrote:

    Frankly speaking, nowadays I don't have enough extra time to play computer games because I am a working mom and there are lots of things to do when I come back home after work. However, when I am stressed out from my work or daily routines, I sometimes play computer games like star-crafts. If you don't spend too much time on that, it is a good way to releas your stress and forget difficulites.

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  • 70. At 06:43am on 21 Apr 2011, kathie wrote:

    Gone are the days when you go outside and play and sweat at the same time. Nowadays, games are just a touch of a button. We owe it to technology to entertain us but in the long run this kind of amusement will take its toll on ones health. Prolonged sitting in front of a tube for gaming can cause damage to one's eyes, also we are not spending energy to cause our body to perspire thus we are prone to get big on the bottom. In summary we should keep our heart pumping thus get up and move instead of just letting our fingers tinker!!

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  • 71. At 08:47am on 21 Apr 2011, Milly wrote:

    I think computer games is boring now.
    But when I was young, I used to play computer games.
    When I grow up, I never feel the ecstacy when I win.
    So this is why I don't play now.

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  • 72. At 09:16am on 21 Apr 2011, Sayful_Islam wrote:

    I dont't play games!

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  • 73. At 10:19am on 21 Apr 2011, Jebel wrote:

    I'm not addicted to computer games.When I have free time and dull at home ,I maybe play some of small games,such as minesweeper,Freecell , Hearts.

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  • 74. At 3:31pm on 21 Apr 2011, Oliver wrote:

    I am a college student, but I think we can play these games not too often when we feel tired or have a bad mood. The computer game that I appreciated before is Assassin's Creed made by a foreign company whose name I have forgotten.

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  • 75. At 5:07pm on 21 Apr 2011, Kingsley wrote:

    I like game very much, I think game is useful for everybody ... but do not play too much.

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  • 76. At 10:34am on 22 Apr 2011, NadyainFaith wrote:

    I don't like computer games at all. Because my younger brother has spent too much time on it since he was child. So he has never had a chance to study in college. Also he can't do his job well now just because he has always played computer games all the day.
    That's why I hate computer games.

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  • 77. At 8:22pm on 23 Apr 2011, jjackie wrote:

    I do not like computer games, it boring me.
    I was try play some times, but I was really not enjoy it.

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  • 78. At 02:38am on 24 Apr 2011, Gusar wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 79. At 4:18pm on 24 Apr 2011, chocoballs wrote:

    Ohhh, I love it. It helps me a lot when I have nothing to do but definitely, it always takes up so much time, sometimes it's a whole day. Now I'm totally addicted to many games on iPhone and used to be addicted to some online games on facebook.

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  • 80. At 2:42pm on 25 Apr 2011, Dave wrote:

    I really love video games. Is the pecfect opportunity for staying in touch with your friends whom are abroad.

    I am player of x box, nowadays i play Soccer games.

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  • 81. At 02:46am on 26 Apr 2011, FFA wrote:

    I use to play computer games and it was horrible. It's take a lote of hours from my life. I use to play sega and playstation. The good point I got a good memores with my family and brothers when we was play together.

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  • 82. At 4:38pm on 26 Apr 2011, nimmin26 wrote:

    I used to play computer games a lot when I was a kid, specially after school and nearly all day at the weekends. There was a place where I used to live , had loads of machines which you put some coins and play games only. Whenever I had some money , I end up going there. I used to play fighting games, mario and snowman. I also had a gameboy and enjoyed playing it alot then. But after finishing middle school ,I lost my interest. Recenty not all the time but occasionally I play angry bird ,minesweeper, backgommon on my phone.

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  • 83. At 07:04am on 27 Apr 2011, Du wrote:

    Some years ago, computer games, especially game online, played an indispensable part of my life. I used to spend the whole free time lost in the virtual worlds which is full of colors and hide a variety of secret story made me extremely curious. At that time, computer games really dominated my mind. I found that the virtual worlds gave me opportunities to become another person. In the worlds, i felt free to do anything i want and did not need to consider the consequences. I could make my own decisions and I was totally responsible for them by myself. But, unfortunately, I didn't realize that I was getting more isolated and more introverted. Only until i had to stop playing game to focus on preparing for going to university did I perceive that computer games had lost me not only time and money but also my confidence and skills needed in the real world.
    After that, i changed my tune and gave up computer games. However, i don't mean computer games is comprehensively bad. I think if we play it in moderation and just regard it as a relaxing tool which helps ourselves become less stressed, it will be very useful.
    Now, although i haven't been a game addict, i often play PES 11 on PS3 with my friends twice a week. I learned a precious lesson about playing games too much, so i believe i can curb my desire for PES.

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  • 84. At 4:52pm on 27 Apr 2011, Juan wrote:

    When I was a teenager enjoyed a videogames. I loved to play mariobros 3, legacy of kain, one game when a principle "actor" call "snake", and others about strategy, several "worlds", and action.

    Playing video games demand a lot of time.

    Actually I dón like them. I prefer enjoy my free time playing guitar, soccer, swimming, and be with my family and friends.

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  • 85. At 09:48am on 28 Apr 2011, Sally wrote:

    I used to paly computer game when i was young such as car racing or chasing something .. It can help to beat a stress sometime but not all the time .
    For teenagers, it could causes game addict.. Many students spend their time for it for a long time seriously and they tend to stay at home rather than go out with their friends ... My younger brother also do it day in and day out .. Computer game absolutely has addiction..and some are very violent..
    I hope there is more interest things ,for teenagers, outside.

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  • 86. At 3:27pm on 02 May 2011, Yulia wrote:

    Actually I don't like to play computer games. I think It is a waste of my time. Instead I can spend this time on more usefull things.

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  • 87. At 5:05pm on 03 May 2011, sferhat1071 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 88. At 09:18am on 04 May 2011, erik_e wrote:

    It's hard for me to say negative impacts of games, because I was growing up with games since no PC games existed. And I still play Real-Time Strategy games on PC now, like Age of Empire, C&C, etc; but can't everyday because I've to work and live with my wife and sons.

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  • 89. At 5:56pm on 05 May 2011, petrus82 wrote:

    I'm afraid, I am not very keen on computer games. A few years ago I was usual sometimes to play a soccer strategy games, which I don't remember of the name.
    They are for me so boring...

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  • 90. At 02:52am on 06 May 2011, c4c1 wrote:

    Nowadays I would rather play on nintendo wii console, my favourite game is Mario of course.

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  • 91. At 1:55pm on 06 May 2011, bony wrote:

    I think sometimes it doesn't matter to play computer games. But if you play too much you will spend all your life in front of the computer.
    I play cod mw2 twice a week for one and a half hour
    because it's a very popular game and I ejoy it.

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  • 92. At 8:21pm on 07 May 2011, amer wrote:

    Im playing videogames on my PC because I love it, its fun and I can learn and improve my English playing videogames, I play about 2 hours a day and videogames are not take over my life :D

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  • 93. At 8:51pm on 25 May 2011, Aized Jamal wrote:

    When I was younger, I used to play Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive 2 and then Play Station... Mostly ended/ completed lots of games. I also went to games shop to play games but I was pulled out my ears by my mother and scolded me, she told me that I would weak my eyes sight!!! I really got my glasses. I still play games on Play station 2 for understanding 3d graphic. As you know, I am 3d animator and 3d character designer!!!

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  • 94. At 03:44am on 31 May 2011, love you 12 wrote:

    i dislike the online games. they are wasted my time and money and the result we have nothing. i just play some easy games to relax my mind after a tired-working day.

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  • 95. At 1:40pm on 10 Apr 2012, Radif Aghnadiin wrote:

    I really like computer games. I play a first person shooter game called "Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3". I could spend many hours sitting in front of the screen and playing without taking any notice of other things such as my housework.

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  • 96. At 2:16pm on 10 Apr 2012, vanegas wrote:

    Computer games are not bad neither are good. All depends on how you use them. You can learn some skills or you can waste your time. It's your choice.

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  • 97. At 4:59pm on 10 Apr 2012, Chipsouu wrote:

    I think computer games are good enternainment but we shouldn't play it too long. For exemple, I could play "Sims3" maybe for 3 or 4 hours per day, so it's too long !! We should play computer games for 1 or 2 hours per week, it's enough !
    There's so much things to do...

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  • 98. At 7:31pm on 10 Apr 2012, nixf64 wrote:

    In my case,I don't like very much the video games, but my son is a big fan.
    I try to combine the time that he spend in from of the computer with other activities, but each time is much harder to avoided that.
    I think that the key is to find a good balance betwen other activities, like could be, sports, music, play with firends....
    As many of you have said, the computer games have advantages and disadvantages but if we manage it carefuly can be a good source of learning for children.

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  • 99. At 7:32pm on 10 Apr 2012, kirillarte wrote:

    I think that computer game is a psichological drug. I have spent two years of my life playing in MMORPG.
    But once I understood a wrong way I choose.
    In my case addiction didn't absorb me.
    A lot of depends on self-control and people you surrounded.

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  • 100. At 9:15pm on 10 Apr 2012, Lausanmo wrote:

    Although I'm not a frequent user of computer games, I have to admit that sometimes I have spent a considerable while playing on-line games like Farm Town or in the last time, Angry birds.

    They are very simply to play, but the hope of getting through another level and discover new features make them very addictive. So I try to play just a little every week in order to not be hooked on these games.

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  • 101. At 00:49am on 11 Apr 2012, paheydt wrote:

    Computer games are many things to many people; some use them to pass time, some for fun, some to compete and connect with others on line, and some to build lightning fast responses and challenge themselves. They can also be used as entertaining education media feeding us information about items such as time, space, speed, competition, benefits of practice, and hopefully English. Choose games you enjoy but can also sharpen practical skills at least half the time.

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  • 102. At 01:41am on 11 Apr 2012, Truong Le wrote:

    I used to play a lot of games when I was young. The first game I play was play station. After that, I played a lot of game online when I studied at high school. Today, I do not have a lot of time to play games because I have to go to the university and do numerous homeworks. Sometimes, If I have free time, I still play games with my friends such as play station 3, fifa, red alert. Playing games help me feel relax and relieve stress; spend much more time with my friends.

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  • 103. At 06:11am on 11 Apr 2012, Saprina wrote:

    When I feel very anxious especially in studying , I will stop to play Farmville in computer, which can make you relax effectively. Some teenagers are addicted to the famous game World of Warcraft which is very interesting and excited.

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  • 104. At 08:51am on 11 Apr 2012, salih wrote:

    I believe that it is beneficial and it helps brain to work fastly and efficiently if people don't cross the red line which it can cause to obsessive behaviour. Some people unfortunately crossed this red line therefore this activity came hazardous habit for them. Everyone needs to regular playing hours and it shouldn't jeopardize people's life. Especially for young persons, I believe that some kind of computers games which include processing of cognitive ability helps them in their life for many aspects, for example in their work life. Some computers games especially the stratejic games gives people responsibility feeling. Young persons analytical thinking and contemplating process also improves thanks to the computer games.
    In conclusion, if people can achieve to use computer games according to their benefit and can achieve to regular spending times, computer games helps people for many aspect.

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  • 105. At 09:27am on 11 Apr 2012, sabo wrote:

    I had hated computer games since I was a child, because people who were absorbed in their display wouldn't listen to me, even if I was sitting just next to them. I thought they were missing their precious times and important experiences, that is, they didn't appreciate friendship or love with their family.
    However, my image about computer games was changed since I started to learn English online. I found some English learning websites, which helped me understanding and remembering new English words. These website were helpful especially when I practice using numbers in English.
    Now, I think, computer games are enjoyable as far as they are used consciously. They are sometimes addictive, but we should n't be controlled by them.

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  • 106. At 09:45am on 11 Apr 2012, Shujaat Ali wrote:

    Well I find computer games exciting. Instead of going out in scorching heat in summer, young ones can play at their home.

    Gaming has become obsession for the gamers. it helps to build both tactical and physical skills. Consoles like Kinect enables gamer to interact with the game physically.

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  • 107. At 09:54am on 11 Apr 2012, phancun2009 wrote:

    Hi all,

    I think computer games is funny entertainment. They help people decrease stress in working and learning. Your skill as looking at st, responding problems and solving everything faster. But if you play computer games much, it has many left side. They affect your healthy, time and your money. Many people are died because of playing much hours in computer. It waste time for entertaining.

    I usually play games as caro or football in computer. But I like play sport much.

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  • 108. At 11:22am on 11 Apr 2012, VicenteNieto wrote:

    I have a PlayStation, a Nintendo DS, a Wii... and many games, but I play with them once in a blue moon. So I really wasted my money. I think computer games are good to relax but I prefer to do sport or go out with my friends.

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  • 109. At 11:23am on 11 Apr 2012, Murat Aksu wrote:

    I am a computer programmer and I am working a computer company. I use all day computers.I miss green trees.I dont like computer games. They make who play with it having very boring time. We can not talk with friends if he plays games.Actually Human likes funny times. But I dont think that for this time. I miss green garden. I live very boring a city in my country.
    When I was a young , I was playing games. But I had very headache.My eyes was keeping very fast right and left =) Maybe that's it a problem for it.
    We can go outside .We can look sun shine and nature. I think , we ll have rest. Above all , we ll be social. We wont look like robot =)

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  • 110. At 11:48am on 11 Apr 2012, anna wrote:

    I think computer games are a good hobby. They are not only a mean to enjoy and relax, but also to improve mental abilities.
    The computer game market is full of various offers. The developers release new games continuously. It is very difficult to follow all of them. You have to choose ones the most interesting for you. Thanks to games you can plunge into an incredible imaginary space with a lot of obstacles and adventures. But enjoying games you have to sacrifice the most valuable – your time, it is a law.
    As for me sometimes I play games, for instance Diablo. In this game you play a role of the character you have chosen, develop his skills, complete quests fighting enemies to perform the main mission in this imaginary world.

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  • 111. At 1:15pm on 11 Apr 2012, Torpak wrote:

    When I was young I used to play computer games with my little brother in the summer holidays. It was very funny and exciting games, dance during a game like that, we must have a sheet controller to play the game. My mother told me that the game's sound is very annoying. But we did not do anything lol.

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  • 112. At 1:59pm on 11 Apr 2012, SaraHashimoto wrote:

    I think computer games are great, but I'm not good at playing games, so I just watching people play the game.
    Sounds weird, but I like watching people play games more than I do it by myself.

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  • 113. At 2:07pm on 11 Apr 2012, Marianna wrote:

    I'm unfortunately quite prone to develop addictions, and I've actually been spending a lot of time (too much time) playing computer games since I was about thirteen... Recently, however, I've started losing this habit little by little.

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  • 114. At 4:00pm on 11 Apr 2012, TheFugitive wrote:

    I like books, music and movies but for me nothing is better than video games to discharge the daily stress. They have the power to make me forget my troubles. Personally I love historical games like the "Total War" series or "Age of Empires" and I find them very educational and funny. They're the proof that you can also learn something's good by a videogame.

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  • 115. At 06:34am on 12 Apr 2012, Liana wrote:

    the topic of this conversation is very neer to me , as i have many problems with my husband because of computer games, he is a gamer and he can sit dawn in front of computer all day long playing his strategy game. So computer games make me nervous ang angry((

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  • 116. At 08:27am on 12 Apr 2012, kadour wrote:

    The games in computer Is FABULOUS !!
    I love the games in computer

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  • 117. At 09:47am on 12 Apr 2012, Nick wrote:

    When I was young I used to play playstation with my elder brother when we guys went back to our hometown. We played some excited games like Metal Slug, and others 2 player games.
    I liked to play these games with my brother as they were very interesting. I liked that feelings which when we cooperated together to defeat the bosses.

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  • 118. At 12:06pm on 12 Apr 2012, Marc wrote:

    I bacame a technology freak since i got my first computer. I used to play a lot of games as i was a young boy. From the 2D games till the beginning of developing the 3D games i was really udicted to them. Nowadays i have a Xbox and only play sportgames in combination with the füll body motion controll. It has a very big advantage to me. Beside playing videogames it keeps me fit.

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  • 119. At 1:38pm on 12 Apr 2012, minyoung wrote:

    How do you feel about computer games? Tell us which ones you play and why.

    I love computer games very much, especially role-playing games.
    because, it is so funny and i can do what i cannot do in reality. so i played game when i was young, from 12 to 17. but, now i don't play game because i know its bad things. for i am playing game, i hate to do nothing. just i can concentrate on that.

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  • 120. At 5:31pm on 12 Apr 2012, mauros wrote:

    I've been using computer almost everyday since the first PC was made. I've never played any computer games, would you believe it? When I have free time I always go out to enjoy open air life.

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