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Have you ever dreamt you were being chased by a tornado? Or that you had an exam, but you couldn't find the right room?

We all have anxiety dreams like that. Tell us about your dreams.

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Children don't dream about themselves until the age of three or four.

Language tip

The past tense of dream can be dreamt or dreamed.

Cultural tip

British people often believe that eating cheese gives you bad dreams.

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This Express English was originally published in 2011.

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  • 25. At 2:19pm on 25 Mar 2011, egyptgirl wrote:

    i`ve dreamt last night that we have another revolution and i went out in the streets strugling for the freedom :)

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  • 26. At 3:03pm on 25 Mar 2011, hkrainko wrote:

    When i am young, i know i am dreaming and i can control myself in my dream. I tried to hit myself and it is not painful.

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  • 27. At 3:46pm on 25 Mar 2011, hyojiney wrote:

    When I was child I found me with tube and trying to fly to the sky in dream. I could fly with my arms moving like birds. But nowdays I don't see anyone's face in my dream, even my face! And I was about to get board, missed bringing passport.

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  • 28. At 4:18pm on 25 Mar 2011, sherin Elhaddad wrote:

    Ilove dreams. if I dreamt a good one ,i will start my day in a haapy way. I dreem alot about sea.. ,sometimes i dream swimming in big sea although in reality I can't swim but I love the sea and dont afreaid of it > or just I dream looking to it throw window or a ship....I don't know what that means but that kind of dreams happen to me now and then

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  • 29. At 6:03pm on 25 Mar 2011, shamrock_su wrote:

    we believe that eating green garlic makes you dream of snakes and nightmares . you can try it once . as for me I always forget my dreams and just remember some snapshots of them . I wish you all happy dreams.

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  • 30. At 7:34pm on 25 Mar 2011, yalda2000 wrote:

    I usually dream of world at peace.

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  • 31. At 7:34pm on 25 Mar 2011, MartinGwayl wrote:

    allright buddies,
    I used to have a dreams about falling but mostly about being able to fly ... it was wonderful to just soar up to sky . Nowadays, I can't remember any ... pity...

    [Edited by Moderator: buddies are friends, but butties is a slang word for sandwiches.]

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  • 32. At 10:40pm on 25 Mar 2011, Danijela wrote:

    I usually have dream like I'm lost and than I'm trying to find the way to my house. Usually I don't find the house before I wake up. But, last night I had a dream about my grandmother. She was very beautiful. She passed away 8 years ago, but I still miss her.

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  • 33. At 02:01am on 26 Mar 2011, rabbitbitdragon wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 34. At 02:58am on 26 Mar 2011, Tina Ryndy wrote:

    When I was a child, I usually had a nightmare that came everynight. I saw myself going along a narrow road and suddenly someone pushed me to the abyss beside the road. The feeling of falling from such height made my heart seem to be broken. I was really scared, I woke up and can't sleep again. But this happened again and again and many times later I knew that I was dreaming, so I didn't fear any more. I enjoyed the feeling of falling as I was parachuting.
    But I still can't explain why that dream came again and again everynight...

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  • 35. At 03:42am on 26 Mar 2011, berlin wrote:

    i always dream in morning, what dream about running, running as usual . i do not remember the detail. i look for the symbol of dream meaning , obviously it mean i standing in high pressure for a long time..haha .

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  • 36. At 04:47am on 26 Mar 2011, codename3 wrote:

    My last dream was terrible. last month, I fail in interview to become pilot student of ESMA. After that, I dreamt of trying to wear pilot'uniform but It didn't fit with me, it's too tight for me

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  • 37. At 06:29am on 26 Mar 2011, Darian_Yang wrote:

    Hi, everyone my name is Darian Yang. I'm from CHINA
    One of my recurrent dreams is to be about the past happy time with my friends. I miss them after i graduated from MIT last year. Now i'm back to CHINA.

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  • 38. At 06:50am on 26 Mar 2011, uma wrote:

    I have been getting a dream for a month. In my dream i was boarding flight and all my family members were also there to say bye...

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  • 39. At 08:14am on 26 Mar 2011, gold wrote:

    When I were young, I always dreamed about somethings or someones that I were affected strongly in during day.But now I always dream I'm falling into the dark hole or falling from high buiding while I can't control my body, I can't move my arms, foots.
    I'm very scare,can't breath, When I feel my face's going to touch the ground I suddenly wake up then . That's awful

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  • 40. At 08:35am on 26 Mar 2011, lynxxx wrote:

    In my nightmares, most of the time, there used to be a bull or something else running after me, and I used to be running, looking back and I can remember I was even running on my hands and feet at the same time like an animal, almost flying. Thank god, I don't have theses nightmares anymore !!!

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  • 41. At 09:41am on 26 Mar 2011, grapevine83 wrote:

    Hey, what's the name of the background music ?
    It's so good [Note from Moderator: I will check the name and post a message tomorrow.]

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  • 42. At 10:33am on 26 Mar 2011, hinah wrote:

    Whenever I used to be in the middle of the stressed days, I have ever dreamed about being late for some important things. For example, In my dreams, I woke in the morning and saw the alarm clock. I found out that I was late for important presentation. I was so embarrasses and then I tried to remember my colleagues and boss’s cell phone number. Next moment, I came back to real world and realized that day was Saturday morning. There weren’t any meetings or presentations.

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  • 43. At 1:22pm on 26 Mar 2011, monkey wrote:

    It's almost every night I'll have a dream, but I always can't remember what I dreamed when I woke up. But recently, I had a dream very funny. I dreamed that I am going to take a course, it's really urgent, because that I can hear the bell is rang; however, in the dream, I'm not anxious to go to the classroom, but......looking for a comic book which is extraneous to the the course I 'm going to take.

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  • 44. At 3:24pm on 26 Mar 2011, johnevans wrote:

    Last night, i stayed up late around 12 am, And i have a good dream. i saw my idol. because all day, i think of my idol, some day in future, he come to vistit my country. i will arrive in airport. then i meet him face to face. hey, he so more handsome than on televion. everyone shout , and surround him, get his signature, especially, take picture, that's the key. I come nearer him, i want to listen his voice. he has beautiful voice. He give me a kiss on cheek. my face turn red, so wonderful. and really, i'm desparate to make a long dream, my idol 's keeping in mind

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  • 45. At 5:50pm on 26 Mar 2011, phancun2009 wrote:

    I dream about my friend. I miss them and remember many activities with them. I hope the summer could come fast, that I could meet them :))

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  • 46. At 9:12pm on 26 Mar 2011, Badr wrote:

    Hi all
    Usually, I don't remember my dreams, but I still remember that one I was chased by a white cloud that tried to cover my head I was scared and cannot run freely.
    Do you think that some dreams can became reality? Or all the times it just illusions?

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  • 47. At 11:10pm on 26 Mar 2011, flowerlu wrote:

    Well,i dreamt maybe 3 days ago like i had done smth,a crime(nothing criminal in fact,smth political but i don't remember excatly) and they accused and convicted me to death)!!! I was attending the execution and my family and people i know treated the fact as normal!!What an anxiety!

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  • 48. At 03:17am on 27 Mar 2011, adriana wrote:

    Well, actually sometimes I can´t remember my dreams you know!! but when I try to to remember it, the most common thing that I´ve been dreaming is about my family, I think that it´s because in some way I have afraid that something happen to them.

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  • 49. At 04:44am on 27 Mar 2011, FernandoHosen wrote:

    I always dream about me having this bizarres conversations with people I know, usually about stupid issues. I always try to explain my point of view, but no one understands or even listen to me (just like in real life haha).

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  • 50. At 09:19am on 27 Mar 2011, RED wrote:

    in recently i dream about i couldn't found my best friend's phone number,and i checked my address book in cell phone just couldn't found it.then my best friend called me,i missed the call.the most interesting is there was no incoming caller id display.i always found the number in my dream.

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  • 51. At 12:40pm on 27 Mar 2011, kukuryku wrote:

    I remember and I don't like my dreams. They are always strange. And after i woke up, i am sad or I'm thinking about them. I dream about exams, school, lakes or sea, very often about buses,and I'm going somewhere or people who want to harm me or my close friend.. It is funny but sometimes I looking for a toilet and I can found it in my dream!

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  • 52. At 4:22pm on 27 Mar 2011, sikor4uk wrote:

    My dreams depends on the last wishes and events. I thought about trying parachuting and in my dream I tried...but without parachute)))

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  • 53. At 5:44pm on 27 Mar 2011, mg wrote:

    hi everyone...i dont know sometimes i m forget what i m dreaming about when i wake up, its hardly to remember, but sometimes i also remember what i m dreaming. i even cy when i m dreaming, you know it feels not good when i wake up. but if u dream about pleasure its make me feel better when i wake up.

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  • 54. At 7:37pm on 27 Mar 2011, billsousa wrote:

    I don't know why but what I most dream about is working and sometimes being naked on street or even at work and trying to make my way back home as fast as I can. It's very weird and in the dream I'm very ashamed.

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  • 55. At 9:01pm on 27 Mar 2011, angesca wrote:

    I'm in an old flat where there are many stairs and I don't know which of these I can use to go up. When I chose and I'm trying to go up, the stair is broken! This is my nightmare...Then I wake up!
    Bye :o)

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  • 56. At 03:38am on 28 Mar 2011, archard wrote:

    I went to the universe and met the feature of half of Golliar and half of human . He had a big knife and was coming to me. I screamed and shouted " save me, please" in English - I'm a korean. He cut my palm and bleeding , I cried out and begged to save me. He suddenly cured me. and saw his children with smile.

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  • 57. At 08:46am on 28 Mar 2011, Marie wrote:

    Dream is a very interesting thing and one which is difficult to comprehend. But I rarely remember my dreams. Usually when I wake up I don't even remember if I had any dreams. But sometimes when I have bad dreams, e.g. about my relatives' death or suchlike, I realise already in my dreams that it's not real, it's only a dream and I don't have to worry. This thought comforts me greatly.

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  • 58. At 10:45am on 28 Mar 2011, dropageansea wrote:

    my last dream was about flying..when i see myself flying in my dreams,peace is coming into my soul and when i wake up in the morning ,i repeat myself same sentence..i wish i can fly....

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  • 59. At 11:14am on 28 Mar 2011, Mitch wrote:

    I always see my daughter in my dreams strange but true still i'm bachelor.

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  • 60. At 11:53am on 28 Mar 2011, dalio wrote:

    I always dream I can fly and I can rises to the top but I fear when I go down

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  • 61. At 12:40pm on 28 Mar 2011, aljood wrote:

    I am dream talk express english one day

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  • 62. At 12:50pm on 28 Mar 2011, helmy ismail wrote:

    i dont know why but i always dreaming walk in green park, surrounding with beautiful trees, and then sitt on the wood chair and listening the rhythm of the falling snow, somehow its really weird cause i live in tropical island. but in the real world i also dream to touch and play with snow! :)

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  • 63. At 2:01pm on 28 Mar 2011, Luluxa wrote:

    Most of the times I dream of my work and all the tasks I have to do above all when it's a period with lot of works to do. Are they dreams or nightmares....?
    Maybe I have to stop eating cheese at diner, like it's written in the cultural tip, to have sweet dreams!

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  • 64. At 2:06pm on 28 Mar 2011, crystal wrote:

    I often dream about math exam. When I get exam paper, I am shocked because the exam is always about what I never study. I try to solve the question but eventually I hand in empty paper. I am very frustrated and disappointed. sometimes I am even crying in my dream and when I wake up from the dream, I find out myself crying really. I am relieved, realising that this is just dream not reality. It is very strange because when I was in school, I was better at math than any other subjects. Mybe at that time I was nurotic at math for being the best.

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  • 65. At 2:19pm on 28 Mar 2011, txnghia wrote:

    I used to have dreams falling from a high like AlirezaBBC described in the previous comment, and I had similar feelings. I have less dreams when I get older. Sometimes, I dreamed about I was living in my native country Vietnam with difficult life, from hard works with poor living conditions to fighting games with friends in school. But in my dreams, I realized it would not last long; I had another life in the United States. It's more than twenty years since I left Vietnam. [Edited by Moderator: Leaving means to go away but living (somewhere) means to have your home in a particular place.]

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  • 66. At 2:59pm on 28 Mar 2011, Victtor Bruken wrote:

    In my last dream, I was wearing black clothes, like "ninjas" do and a black mask. I had a sword and there was two friends just like me.
    We were hunting things, hunting a man (I don't remember).
    The woman that was with us vanished then we started looking for her. Few seconds later, we were inside a train with a big fat guy with a gun in our faces, we had to kill that guy and leave the train, because it was just about to collide with other.

    Very weird, I used to dream it many times when I was younger

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  • 67. At 3:08pm on 28 Mar 2011, Luisa wrote:

    Lately I never remember my dreams. But often I used to dream about not arriving on time to take the plane and I did a big effort to arrive, taking a taxi, after running in the airport. In the end I was woking up so nevous. I think it was because I was living abroad and It was so important for me to take the plane to come back home.

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  • 68. At 6:07pm on 28 Mar 2011, dony_82cl wrote:

    I usually dream and when spring is arriving I start to dream the sea so I think it's the desire of holidays.
    But my last dream was sad. My boyfriend was going out with another girl and I was there shocked and enraged...

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  • 69. At 7:19pm on 28 Mar 2011, iamLC wrote:

    Sometimes I dream about being able to fly without any effort. I just jump in air and float like when I swim. It's really relaxing but it's tiring too so when I wake up I usually feel more tired than when I fell asleep.

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  • 70. At 8:28pm on 28 Mar 2011, Yuko wrote:

    I often have similar bad dreams. In the dream, I am in a hurry to go to a certain place, but there are many probrems to get there, such as train delays, taking wrong bus or simply getting lost. I manage to arrive there, but always I can not before I wake up. It makes me tired.
    I think I'm really afraid of being late :(

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  • 71. At 11:10pm on 28 Mar 2011, nu3000 wrote:

    I have many dreams and can't remember. I am confused.

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  • 72. At 01:38am on 29 Mar 2011, herry wrote:

    The worst dream that I have ever had is chased by zombies. I have it several times. I like to watch horror movies, but I do not know why only zombie which came up in my dream. I have never dreamt about the other scary characters, only zombie. Very interesting.

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  • 73. At 08:23am on 29 Mar 2011, tara wrote:

    I often have dream ,But unfortunately I remember the scary ones.Sometimes I have dream about war .I see myself in a city in night time and I see Bombs are coming down from the sky .
    Another common dream I see ,Is suddenly I loose all my teeth .
    I have just remembered the good one ,I dreamed about clothe market and I was buying beautiful clothes and shoes :).

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  • 74. At 11:37am on 29 Mar 2011, Carlos wrote:

    Usually I don't remember my dreams. But when I have a lot of things to do in my job, I can't sleep well because I'm thinking that the time in not enough

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  • 75. At 12:03pm on 29 Mar 2011, siham wrote:

    One of my best dreams is traveling by train from Nice in France to Venice (Italie). It looked like a real travel. I still remember all details and the good feeling I have had. I hope realize this dream one day.
    In my country some dreams have meaning:
    wear stwitable shoes is to get married soon
    eat meat means fail in achieving something

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  • 76. At 3:06pm on 29 Mar 2011, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:


    Always my dreams are so uggly, they are so horrific. Within of they be have persecutions, dirty water, demons, dark´s places, etc. I remember few beatifuls dremas in my live.


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  • 77. At 3:38pm on 29 Mar 2011, localocaloca wrote:

    Sometimes you don't remember your dreams. I remember a dream. I am in a jungle and i do a competence. the person who are in my dreams are my friends and animals. i don like so much the snake, spider and insects.
    Please answer me if you like that. i write more things.

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  • 78. At 5:28pm on 29 Mar 2011, pennyontheroad wrote:

    I often dream of being chased by some horrible people, and I keep running away. Sometimes they get the chance to hurt me then I consciously chage it because I know we are inside my dream. Sometimes I dream of wierd things growing out of my face, like grasses, it's really unpleasant. Sleeping can be really tiring sometimes! The dream I most want to have is a flying dream which never happened to me. I guess a person needs to have certain personalities to fly in dreams!

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  • 79. At 10:01pm on 29 Mar 2011, Hui Wen wrote:

    My last dream was the day before I moved out my flat. It's my flatmate she was so happy and had a party. After that I told her about this dream she said "Oh! I'd never done this to you".

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  • 80. At 03:40am on 30 Mar 2011, JACOB wrote:

    what it happens to me when dreaming is a big dog is always trying to chase me but dont know how i always escape from it

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  • 81. At 10:47am on 30 Mar 2011, yazed18 wrote:

    im my dream i see my self play football or swimming

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  • 82. At 12:39pm on 30 Mar 2011, catwoman wrote:

    I dream that my students will do well at their exams.

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  • 83. At 2:15pm on 30 Mar 2011, yasminedelicate wrote:

    In the past I had a recurring dream about flying in a strange country,I don't know where!! and some phantoms or ghosts were chasing after me..that was a little bit frightening and scary at the beginning of having that dreams ;however I got used to it
    Fortunately,I don't have this dream anymore ^_^

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  • 84. At 2:54pm on 30 Mar 2011, Fish wrote:

    In my dream...I'm running and no end on the way.

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  • 85. At 8:53pm on 30 Mar 2011, hind wrote:

    I usually can not remember my dreams ;but some dreams i see it in many times;when i'm going to take an exam i see my self in exam room and the exam is very deficult and i can't answer .and when i was in problem i dream that i'm walking in long street but i can't find an exit;some dreams makes me laugh when i see my self walking along the school way then realise i'm barefoot and i feel ashamed of my self.

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  • 86. At 10:27pm on 30 Mar 2011, phrankow wrote:

    I am a retired teacher and almost every night I dream of school. I am in huge buildings and I don't find my classroom. It is late, I walk along corridors, I go upstairs, I go downstairs, I ask caretakers, clerks, but they dont know or they don't answer. It's very distressing.

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  • 87. At 01:42am on 31 Mar 2011, BoomProgrammer wrote:

    I have always a dream that I would be fluent speaker in english. However My dream have not been converted into reality but i know i am on the right track.

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  • 88. At 03:43am on 31 Mar 2011, ningrum wrote:

    I was dream about small snake bites me at my finger and i could feel the wound. So horrible :-(

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  • 89. At 04:24am on 31 Mar 2011, MrKeii wrote:

    when i feel exhausted some days ago, i had a nightmare which i could not run away from the killers... i read somewhere it's regarding the situation when your heart was not functioning well.

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  • 90. At 06:17am on 31 Mar 2011, fangmeiping wrote:

    I often dreamed about taking math exam and coundn't get the answer which made me so terriable.BTW,I was not good at math when I was a student but that's was years ago.

    Sometimes I dreamed sombody that I have never think about but strangely he/she will appear the next day or I will get sth about him/her.

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  • 91. At 1:42pm on 31 Mar 2011, SergioG wrote:

    very often i dream about my school years. That i turned back to secondary school in my current ages and as usual failed my exams.

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  • 92. At 4:41pm on 31 Mar 2011, Ajitha wrote:

    Hello everyone , guess what some of the dreams resembles mine. like I overslept and missed the exams , I get alarmed and woke up suddenly . after knowing its a dream and I finshed my eaxams I go to sleep again. This dream I used to get long time after I finished the post graduation

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  • 93. At 9:31pm on 31 Mar 2011, Roger Pontes wrote:

    Certainly i can say with absolute precision that i don't remember at last few weeks, what or all about i was dreaming.
    Perheaps nothing so important, i guess.
    But, thinking better, the nice wasn't be if everyone could make your dreams choise's and them, remember only the best parts! Don't you agree?

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  • 94. At 04:03am on 02 Apr 2011, Cate wrote:

    Hi to all

    When I was a child, I always dreamed to be a free person who like to travel... and live in differents countries, and help people!!!

    And my father pass away four years ago... I always dream to talk to him in a dream when I sleep... and say it "I love you daddy and i miss you"...!!!

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  • 95. At 5:47pm on 02 Apr 2011, Monik-a wrote:

    I used to dream about tornadoes and planes that crashed,and after that I woke up very frightened

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  • 96. At 7:34pm on 03 Apr 2011, lamya wrote:

    i usually can't remember my dreams,but when i was kid i was dream i'm falling down from balcony and i run away from a monster look like a giant earthworm and i can't escape, i just hang on the roof and sow it under me moving from room to another

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  • 97. At 7:45pm on 03 Apr 2011, lateh wrote:

    *when i was alittle,i was dream about falling down from a high place,some time it was about going to work barefoot

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  • 98. At 09:25am on 04 Apr 2011, roro wrote:

    when i wake up i don't remmeber what i dreamt, but my really dream i would like to speak english fluent

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  • 99. At 1:19pm on 04 Apr 2011, travis520 wrote:

    Actually i don't member my dreams in detail. But i can remember that my dreams looks like a movie but action happens in thevplaces where i have been.

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  • 100. At 10:35pm on 05 Apr 2011, martinh wrote:

    I'm still dreaming about better tomorrows which beginning to finally come after my arrival to Ireland.

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  • 101. At 02:10am on 06 Apr 2011, andongff wrote:

    lately, i always dream my experiment is hard to complete,

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  • 102. At 2:21pm on 06 Apr 2011, tobeyung wrote:

    When I was stressful, I dreamed nightmares alot. That made me exremely exhausted the next morning when I woke up with a still vivid yet horrible image from the dream last night. I don't usually remember accurately what I just dreamt because I have so many things to carry on through out the day to set my mind on to, so I just vaguely finger to the details that scare or pique my head most. It's such a coming of age experience for a person just stepping to the threshold of becoming an adult like me. It's not like what I've ever imagined as it turns out to be. Being an adult is not funny at all. That's what I'd like to share with all of you for today. Wish all of you the best inside. Ciao!!!:)))))

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  • 103. At 2:23pm on 06 Apr 2011, cnskaya wrote:

    When I was little, I had often dreamt beetlejuice was chasing me by flying with his cloak.

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  • 104. At 4:31pm on 06 Apr 2011, BBC Learning English wrote:

    The music featured called Unharmed, by Andrew Britton/David Goldsmith.

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  • 105. At 7:55pm on 06 Apr 2011, LILU_LILU wrote:

    I often remember my dreams. sometimes I woke and thank God that it was only dream and sometimes i don't want to wake up because its so wonderful, sometimes i fly and other time i lost my way and couldn't find it

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  • 106. At 11:54pm on 06 Apr 2011, maryem wrote:

    speaking for my self i dream very often which is rare but all my dream are a bit strange i dont know why but usually i cant remember my dreams in the morning

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  • 107. At 5:32pm on 07 Apr 2011, carlos wrote:


    [Edited by Moderator]

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  • 108. At 5:35pm on 07 Apr 2011, carlos wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 109. At 05:20am on 08 Apr 2011, Angela wrote:

    I also have terrible repeated dream. In that I fall freely and there's a huge sharp knife in the bottom and it makes me awake all the times. It appears not often but it frighten me a lot. I wonder is it a kind of sick?

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  • 110. At 10:31pm on 08 Apr 2011, AT wrote:

    Dreams is the way how the ego takes most control because feels free of the body in time body rests but even dreaming we have to see what is hapening and take the control in the course we are dreaming. The thing we usually never do when we are awake.
    Seems when we are awake we sleep and we awake in our dreams. But maybe now Im dreaming with my favorite ice cream.

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  • 111. At 2:06pm on 09 Apr 2011, jhan wrote:

    In my dream 2 days ago there was an earthquake in the place where my two brothers were residing. This was followed by a tsunami that also reached the place I was residing. After the phenomenon, I called one of my brother but there was no answer. The phone just kept on ringing. I called my other brother and thankfully, he answered me. He just told me that my other brother was gone. I was shocked and completely out of my mind. Then, tears came running down my eyes followed by a loud cry. This was the time that I suddenly woke up. When I woke up all I did was to say silent prayers for the safety of my brothers. I told my friend about this dream. She said I have to ask my brothers to go to church, light a candle and whisper a prayer for safety. Her explanation of my dream was a premonition that something might happened to them. Thank God that nothing happened to them.

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  • 112. At 7:01pm on 10 Apr 2011, likeaflower wrote:

    It's very weird :in my childhood when I was dreaming I always knew that it wasn't reality.
    So I tried to do some crazy things thereby taking advantages of it.Nonetheless I was pretty sure
    that I could take something from a dream:for example sweets or a beautifull doll. I had
    only to hold it very very hard!!!

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  • 113. At 2:33pm on 11 Apr 2011, free825 wrote:

    I always dream about driving and in dreams my driving skill is usually quite good. But acctually, i can't drive. :(

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  • 114. At 5:15pm on 11 Apr 2011, Yulia wrote:

    I've changed the job recently and feel a wee bit uncomfortable at my new job. I'm dreamimg about it now. I have a bad dream that I don't cope with my duties. I know that occurs becouse of my anxiety. Hope I'll get used to my new place of work and even I like it.

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  • 115. At 05:35am on 13 Apr 2011, sayaka wrote:

    I always dream about becoming a ball in a small room when I am sick. I am chased and crashed by other balls, they are very very soft. It is very comfortable:)

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  • 116. At 7:46pm on 13 Apr 2011, VladimirGas wrote:

    I never remember my dreams, unless it is something so unpleasant that I wake up. Usually I dream about my "topical fears" like exams or an important conversation.
    But most of my dreams I remember are about some absolutely absurd and illogical situations when I am trying to solve a problem or to reveal something I need to find out... but then I wake up.

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  • 117. At 08:18am on 15 Apr 2011, adelin wrote:

    I always pray... before [I] hit the sack.I still remember i was confus[ed] which course should I chose to enter university.God told me the answer through my dream.I forgot what is my dream about.My mouth ke[pt] saying biology when i woke up.It's amazing!

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  • 118. At 5:38pm on 15 Apr 2011, stephyhyy wrote:

    I love... hav[ing] dream[s] when I sleep. Dream[ing] for me [is] like watch[ing]... drama...

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  • 119. At 08:16am on 18 Apr 2011, bana wrote:

    I often dreamt about my an international visit that I have a flight and I am standing at the airport, sooner I heard someone announcing about flights schedules.......I was wondering that I have a ticket, passport and a bag in my hands so I have started walk towards the queue whereas the people are waiting anxiously to get their flights.

    Sometimes I dreamt that I am driving a car perfectly and then after a short while I park my car in front of shop and I get off from my car and walk to the shop and when I came back and I opened the door of my car I notice that its small I can't sit into it...... it is shorter than my height. though it is very small I tried a lot but I can't sit into it .......I feel very sad at that moment sooner I waken up and I realize that I am on my bed and there is no car no more.

    Obviously I feel very sad about that it was only a nice dream and I just realize about the reality that I have no car since I have ever born anyhow I was very happy that at least often in dreams I can drive and I can fulfill my wish to have a ride so far.

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  • 120. At 10:22am on 18 Apr 2011, Pawel_Poland wrote:

    I usually do not remember my dreams. Although sometimes I do. They are various types. Sometimes really nice when I am floating in the air and feeling totally free, and sometimes they are nightmare, when I am scared to death. Generally I do not remember my night dreams more than two hours after I wake up, but there is one dream which will be remembered until end of my life. When I was 6 years old, or some like this, in one my night dream I was on the lawn in front of my family house and I was looking on the beautiful blue sky. In the sky I saw many planes, which were circling around me. It was really amazing view. This was really unusual, because I had never seen any aircraft before my night dream.
    I still remember this beautiful, memorable view. Maybe that's why I am a former aircraft pilot and currently an aeronautical engineer...

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  • 121. At 3:00pm on 20 Apr 2011, kim chi wrote:

    Hello, my name is Kim Chi. Sometimes i dream about scenes, i see something happens. Maybe it's not concern to me and i almost forget about it. But many weeks after, when i see something "real" happens, i have clear feeling that i dreamed about it before. So can we dream about future? Do you think so?

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  • 122. At 5:11pm on 20 Apr 2011, abdullah wrote:

    the dreams is big word to me. Because the breams means a lot to me. I had many dreams when I was child, but almost this dreams are changed. Because some diffirent betwwen thinkin of tah men and childern. For examble, when I was child, I dreamed to built money factory. Now I think these is crazy thing. But these is important think to my maind.

    I dream to be lawyer.

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  • 123. At 8:31pm on 23 Apr 2011, jjackie wrote:

    I used to dream I get a lift at big building and it cross the roof and fly like a rocket but it no cause any panic or fear, I really enjoy it and apreciate if this dream come back.

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  • 124. At 06:25am on 28 Apr 2011, Lolita Masagutova wrote:

    Hello guys, my name is Lolita, and i'm from Latvia.
    This always was such a dissapointment to me, that I don't see dreams at all, like never ever.
    I'm so jelous to all of you, cause your life is a little bit more colorful, because of dreams, than mine :D

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