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This is what some women in London told us about their personality traits.

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Some people are very open to new ideas.

Some are very conscientious and organised.

Some cry easily while others hardly ever get upset.

Did you know?


According to psychologists the big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Language tip

The word personality also means a famous person.

Cultural tip

52% of French companies use handwriting analysis to judge the personality of job seekers, while only 1% of UK companies do.

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This Express English was originally published in 2011.

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    • 1. At 9:35pm on 17 Mar 2011, Cleversson wrote:

      I believe I am very open to new ideas or contents, that's why I am here reading this website.
      I am not organized, but I really try to be.
      I get nervous sometimes with some people, not every time though.
      It's easy to me enjoy everything, everywhere.

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    • 2. At 10:44pm on 17 Mar 2011, oscaritow wrote:

      I like this section so much. Thank you BBC. I think I'm very polite person, an extrovert, talkative. [Note from Moderator: I've edited one word you wrote - 'talkative' is based on the word 'talk', although when we say it the letter 'L' is silent.]

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    • 3. At 11:01pm on 17 Mar 2011, Theteacher wrote:

      I'm a risk taker. I like experiencing new things and dealing with challenges. Besides that, I would say I'm conscientious towards the environment and fairness. That makes me so upset when I see people treating badly and unfairly one another. This explains my sensitiveness, I get upset quite easily.

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    • 4. At 00:33am on 18 Mar 2011, Jason wrote:

      hello,everybody!my personality traits is agreeableness and very introvert, so I don't like to talk in front of everyone,and just a little.I think personality is nature . and it is destined to your personality when you born. And they have each advantages whatever the personality traits.
      my English expression is very poor . thanks for your point out mistakes . thank you very much .
      [Note from Moderator: Thanks for your nice comment and joining the conversation. There are two ways you could write one of your sentences. I don't like to talk in front of everyone OR I don't like to say anything in front of everyone.]

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    • 5. At 04:43am on 18 Mar 2011, picky1507 wrote:

      I'm always open to new things to do. I'm very curious and sensible

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    • 6. At 06:07am on 18 Mar 2011, Susan wrote:

      I think i am a little irritable and careless, my friends said i was a outgoing girl ,but sometimes i think i also little shy

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    • 7. At 06:36am on 18 Mar 2011, vicky0403 wrote:

      that depends on occasions.sometimes I am very conscientious and orgnized and sometimes easily upset and sensitive.

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    • 8. At 06:54am on 18 Mar 2011, greentree wrote:

      This is the first time I heard about the big five personality traits, it's quite interesting, um, but I don't think I'm belong to only one of them, I think I'm a little bit openness, a little bit conscientiousness.

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    • 9. At 08:15am on 18 Mar 2011, Helen wrote:

      I think I'm a self-sufficient person. I'm organised and honest at work. I always try to do my best. My motto is 'Treat people as you want them to treat you'. I used to be very sensetive but now I'm not.

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    • 10. At 11:14am on 18 Mar 2011, Marek67 wrote:

      I am an organized person and very careful. I am happy to serve with other people who need help.

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    • 11. At 12:16pm on 18 Mar 2011, renee49 wrote:

      I think I'm an optimist. For me, the glass is always half full, not half empty. I'm independent-minded, and I like to learn new things, for example English, which is the reason for writing here. I'm not extroverted, and sometimes I get nervous in crowds.

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    • 12. At 12:56pm on 18 Mar 2011, ipjmac wrote:

      I've just done the big personality test and got the result. Phew! I'm neither a monster nor a genius. Pity! I wish I was. As far as I remember, I'm a bit introvert but very open and conscientious, not too much agreeable and a little neurotic. In a word I'm an ordinary man. Thank you for this test, in my opinion the result is true.
      But what about the way other ordinary people consider you? It might be quite different. I used to hear some astonishing, disturbing and incredible opinion about myself, either good or bad. Of course I preferred the good ones and had a trend to believe them. In my country, judging the other is something like a "national sport" :-) JM

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    • 13. At 2:41pm on 18 Mar 2011, harvestofsorrow wrote:

      I think I'm such a tolerant person that I haven't experienced to fight with a person. I believe that people should have respect to each other and accept as they are. I have been always too sensitive about my life and the life around me. I think that's why I'm a social person and also outgoing.

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    • 14. At 2:56pm on 18 Mar 2011, Dora wrote:

      I think i'm a strange girl.When i meet some strangers, i'm so shy , not more words, just like a mature person or a man of the world. But after talk with you in one or two hours, you will know how crazy i am.
      I'm open, talkative,interested in fresh things,treat friends sincerely and i love life especially niceness.

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    • 15. At 3:37pm on 18 Mar 2011, Arun wrote:

      I am very open in my heart, but I am different in socilizing with people. But I like to help people.

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    • 16. At 6:38pm on 18 Mar 2011, Zamignani wrote:

      I am a new person here. i´m just love this site, however I´m with hardness.
      About personality I´m a good person, I I like help another people and my my family, but there are a problem, ´cause people abuse us goodness. Frequently I´m nervous ´cause the Hypocrisy too. It´s

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    • 17. At 7:32pm on 18 Mar 2011, Elena wrote:

      Its seems to me that we can meet this 5 clean personality types very seldom. We all are the mix of different types. I am a little bit sensitive and a bit open, I am conscientiousness and agreeableness, I am introvert of course, sometimes I becam a neuroticism. And that all is about me.

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    • 18. At 10:09pm on 18 Mar 2011, Gianluca wrote:

      I am a person very open to other people and very polite. I think to be very courious and intelligent too.

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    • 19. At 10:45pm on 18 Mar 2011, sherin Elhaddad wrote:

      hi. i'm sherin from egypt> i'm soopen to new ideas or ways to do thing .i'mbe happy when ido new thing or know new thing> so i'm happy to be here in this website. but this trait not always agood one because when i didn't find any new in my day i get easily very upset and this thing happens alot. i have awear trait too > i be so sensitive towards asmall details and words while when a huge problem happen I'm stay tough and calm > and this thing made all my friends think of me as a tough and un sensitive person and i belive that isn't true

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    • 20. At 02:05am on 19 Mar 2011, rabbitbitdragon wrote:

      I am a man of a double character.I think the personality of virgo always is so.Sometimes i am open and fiery even the fiercest man,but sometimes i am fairly sensitive and vulnerable.

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    • 21. At 02:52am on 19 Mar 2011, Alejocc wrote:

      I´m new is this place and I'm really happy, the people that
      coment here is people polite and intelligente BBC

      I´m a creative person, I love to talk in public and do part of a team.

      Thanks so much.

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    • 22. At 02:58am on 19 Mar 2011, Thiago Gomes Veríssimo wrote:

      I am a social person, talkative. I like to understanding the things... So, I use free software like the boy in video. It is my first post here,

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    • 23. At 04:29am on 19 Mar 2011, castleontheriver wrote:

      With respect to the subject of the traits of personality of this occasion, I would say that I am a reflective and careful person, that is, rather extroverted or introvert according to the social occasion. Also, I consider me very concientious but open to the learning and new ideas. When very young, I admit, showed to me nervous before many things. Today already adult, I consider that trait of personality moderate.

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    • 24. At 08:31am on 19 Mar 2011, cocari wrote:

      Hi, I think I am not easy to understand. Maybe I ' m becoming more complicated cause I get older. I don't know but the genius are crazy.
      Enjoy with BBC l.e.

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    • 25. At 1:28pm on 19 Mar 2011, GiorgioItaliano wrote:

      I really want to be open towards new experiences and, in particular, towards people, but not always I'm able to comply with my will. It's probably because of culture, in the sense I haven't been grown in a multicultural environment so sometimes I'm kind of 'afraid of' diversity of very different cultural patterns. But I strongly want to overcome such an aopproach, and I always try. A big help to this aim is try to be always polite, kind and respectful to other people e catch the chances to stay and understand who has different culture and opinion. Thank you for you hugely useful job. Gio

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    • 26. At 4:47pm on 19 Mar 2011, zenah91 wrote:

      First, thank you I joined this site to learn English, it is weak!So I expect that there will be mistakes when express what I want to say,so Excuse me, please

      My character in general quiet, do not show my feelings easily, careful, fair, sensitive to the feelings of others, is not easily forget the insult, but I do not hate one, faithful in my relationships, explicit, clear, do not exaggerate in my feelings and my actions.

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    • 27. At 6:45pm on 19 Mar 2011, mercurio wrote:

      hello, I'm mercurio, from italy. I believe that big five personality traits teory could be quite reductive, in general, but very useful in case of trying to describe someone's architecture of own personality. Everybody are consciuos, but not ever, or often neurotic, etc. It's important to know, however, that's possible there could be an amount on each of this traits in everyone of us. A quite exact amount, countable, with statistic proper tests.
      It could be very useful keeping in mind that one can usually react to similar urges in a turbulent way rather than smooth, or quiet .... we can control better our behaviour ....
      E.g. I think I'm often not so consciuos, risk attracted, easily involved in challenges, a bit neurotic.... better for me knowing it before .....
      bye bye

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    • 28. At 07:58am on 20 Mar 2011, uzair Ahmed wrote:

      I am not too introvert but yet!i'm conscientious and confident but sometime i feel uneasy to be with others.i'm agreeable and sociable ,and always willing to help needy.

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    • 29. At 08:19am on 20 Mar 2011, MIS wrote:

      First, I like this blog and thank you BBC.
      I am always open to discuss new ideas and love to learn for improvements and career developments. I am conscientious and organized at work. Though, sometimes I try to be little unorganized in my life in general but just can’t.
      At times, I get impressed by knowledgeable gentle people, more if they are females.
      I love to travel around the world and to meet different nationalities.
      I hate and repent on filthy politics, hypocrisy, divide & rule policies. I seriously feel bad for such eyewash activities being adapted in any part of the world on the name of religions and terrorism.
      [Message shortened by Moderator]

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    • 30. At 09:38am on 20 Mar 2011, Le Thu wrote:

      I get easily furious. When something isn't on the right track or doesn't properly occur to my expectation, I feel a strong blood to my head, I increase volume of my voice or become grouchy while showing a wry face. I know it's so bad but, you know, it isn't easy to change it. Meanwhile I am quite open to new ideas and behaviors of other people. That's strength and weakness of my personality.

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    • 31. At 12:43pm on 20 Mar 2011, scnzhang wrote:

      eh, so it seems I'm easy to get nervous to talk with strangers. But this do not happen when the one is someone I know. Maybe it is because I don't know how to express myself.

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    • 32. At 12:54pm on 20 Mar 2011, bodhiwish wrote:

      I have strong conscientiousness. If you give me a job, I will do my best to achieve it through all. And also, I’m agreeableness. I can open my heart to accept some embarrassed things. I love nature and universe, the life is magical, I think everyone, each of us, including zoetic and azoic. We should be tolerant to everything.

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    • 33. At 1:50pm on 20 Mar 2011, Fatih G wrote:

      I am totally straigh-out and sometimes i lose many things due to this. I would never say i am conscientious.. I dont like to be orginized. I like things to be spontaneously. I am not that sensitive. Actually I am really sensitive in me but i never reflect this to other people. They never understand this.

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    • 34. At 3:13pm on 20 Mar 2011, mg wrote:

      hi everyone.........i think i m a shy girl and introvert, but i m generuous, i like to help people, to listening their problem to share and i m very happy to do that.

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    • 35. At 3:13pm on 20 Mar 2011, crystal wrote:

      I don't know what my personality is exactly. But I always wish that my personality could be changed if it is possible. Sometimes I am not confident to myself, so I try to be perfect about everything. In this case, I am a little neurotic. Also I am very introvert and shy. I often don't say my idea to other people, but I just llisten to them, even it is different from mine and not good for me. But, at very important monent to me
      I say my idea accurately. Anyway I want myself to be open to everyting and make me free from myself. I wonder if you understand me.

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    • 36. At 7:49pm on 20 Mar 2011, saleh555 wrote:

      hi to everyone.l am new here and thanks to BBC

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    • 37. At 8:06pm on 20 Mar 2011, hind wrote:

      It is difficult for person to discribe his personnality;for me i think im so polite but not with all persons;i mean im going to be so tough with who dont respect me .and im open to new idia and thing;but im hesitant i dont take the right dicision in the right time .

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    • 38. At 8:41pm on 20 Mar 2011, Mariusz wrote:

      I'm rather a peaceful person but sometimes I can do crazy things. I am well-organised and I get upset very rarely. Sometimes I think too much of what I have done earlier.

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    • 39. At 8:48pm on 20 Mar 2011, Irina wrote:

      The people are different each other . It is important to use their positive qualities more often.
      I think that i'm very conscientious , polite and organised person. But sometimes i'm very impatient and shy .

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    • 40. At 11:21am on 21 Mar 2011, hatem zaki wrote:

      I'm a shy .it's my worst trait I've in my personality ..although I'm well-educated with wide culture ,I can't say anything in front of any groups so I must make a friendly relations with them first to be able to talk freely .I think the reason is my loneliness I live with books .

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    • 41. At 1:16pm on 21 Mar 2011, gilwinem wrote:

      I'm sensitive. I don't like seeing bad news like earthquake because I would like to help all people. my worst trait I've in my personality is to be very shy. I'm shy when I have to talk with people that I've never met before, or to do a speech,or talk in a group I 'm not confortable to give my opinion about the subject before a group, That I think it will contribute to the group.

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    • 42. At 8:09pm on 21 Mar 2011, khatchik wrote:

      hello,i think that i 'm very open person ,theris'nt samthinknew what can maky meto be inpolait,i' m very serieus and a like to make risk

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    • 43. At 11:07pm on 21 Mar 2011, mar wrote:

      Sometimes I´m shy when I´m with people I don´t know but I´m very fun with my family, but sometimes I tend to be sociable too. I´m sensitive too.

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    • 44. At 03:51am on 22 Mar 2011, anne wrote:

      i am a very sensitive person, so very easy to cry:( and i am conscientious for my work. my worst trait is not very insistent, it seems i have many different hobby.but all are not professional.

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    • 45. At 04:14am on 22 Mar 2011, jolinicking wrote:

      Hi, this is my first time browsing this website to learn English, and i do really feel that it is a perfect way of me to study English.

      For me, i think i'm optimistic, so i have lots of friends.
      I'm strong, so hard things can never bring me down.
      I'm kinda crazy in front of my friends but quiet before strangers.
      I fancy explore new things.

      I know now i just can use limited words to express my feelings, but i do believe that if i insist learning, i will use English well.

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    • 46. At 08:40am on 22 Mar 2011, hunturk wrote:

      bbc thanks a lot for this web site, i am new in here and i really enjoy it.My personality depends on my mood actually.

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    • 47. At 11:50am on 22 Mar 2011, Ahmed wrote:

      thanks very much for the BBC to open an opportunity to the English beginners to build their english language.
      For me my personality is, i'm very open with people, and sensitive i can be angry quickly but anger that is mean you lose the control for that i'm reacting my self to come down and relax.

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    • 48. At 12:56pm on 22 Mar 2011, HAZEM wrote:

      First thing I would like to thank BBC web site's team to they efforts to improve our language skills ...I think my personality trait became well after i graduated from police academy that I can deal with different people's traits ....

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    • 49. At 1:52pm on 22 Mar 2011, Junexie wrote:

      I have an open mind in my brain, but have traditon behavior. I always want to be an extraversion person, but was introvert of apperance, so it usually makes me upset. Even i know, every kind of trait has it's virtue, i still struggle at them. May be i did not get the balance my value.

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    • 50. At 8:30pm on 22 Mar 2011, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:


      I think I´ve a tolerant personality and patient to, always I try don´t upset in dificult situations, I search obtaind a solution and talk with people and finished to agreement. The biblie to say: the soft word to calm down the ire. Is better has a agrement

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    • 51. At 9:37pm on 22 Mar 2011, taka wrote:

      I'm usually open to new idea. I like thinking about creatitive thing. But sometimes I'm very concious. certainly I think about new things, but sometimes I can't do that.

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    • 52. At 10:20pm on 22 Mar 2011, Jaime wrote:

      hi, this is my first time, thanks BBC. I'm so introvert, it's dificult for me that I open my mind for new experiences, moreover I try to be organized but no always succeed; I don't cry although everyday there is a few situations that i would cry.

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    • 53. At 11:16pm on 22 Mar 2011, Hydayat charmy wrote:

      Thanks for this charming program. As for myself, I think that I’m and very shy, I get red when people speak to me about marriage or something similar, so I've tried but in vain to overcome my shyness. I like helping people without thinking of reward; it's a real source of satisfaction. I also like discovering new things and new technologies. I'm rather calm and polite person and nothing makes me mad like injustice towards vulnerable people.

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    • 54. At 03:56am on 23 Mar 2011, Riaz Khan wrote:

      I am a very positiveminded person. My personality is mainly inclined towards accomplishments. I want to excel in my career by proving my worth in my job. I believe that positive thinking may affect your performance in a productive way.

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    • 55. At 04:05am on 23 Mar 2011, monkey wrote:

      It's really great to read this website to let me can try to think a lot of thing. If you ask me what is my personality, I will answer that I'm easily being angry which means I'm not an easy-going person. I know that it's not a good personaility, so I try to improve it everyday now; however, it really a hard work. Hope one day I will success.

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    • 56. At 11:24am on 23 Mar 2011, piedad808 wrote:

      I think that I am very outgoing, extorvert and lively but only when I know people who I am talking to.If I don't know the person who I am talking to I feel very uncomfortable at first and I am shy and usually brushed by anything until I begin to meet him/her.

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    • 57. At 1:10pm on 23 Mar 2011, sahzimran wrote:

      I think every human is being gifted with some attributes,eduactional and social background plays vital role in determining one's personality.I am considered myself a very sensitive person i cant see people in trouble,no matter which part of the world they are belonged to.

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    • 58. At 1:29pm on 23 Mar 2011, Junaid wrote:

      What is the purpose of, and how can I learn the english through this blog or forum or whatever, as the english isn't my native language?

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    • 59. At 1:37pm on 23 Mar 2011, Miguel wrote:

      I'm bad, you know really bad.
      I'm bad, I'm bad come on, you know...

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    • 60. At 2:25pm on 23 Mar 2011, Yulia wrote:

      I'm conscientious what concerns my job or study and I think different aspects of my life. I'm honest. I always try to tell the truth even if It's not pleasent. I'm careful about animals and environment.
      I'm a little bit shy. When I meet new people I don't talk a lot. Mostly I'm silient. I feel confident only with my friends. And another negative trait of my personelity is that I get crazy easily. I hate it when someone criticise me or joke about me. It drives me crazy.

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    • 61. At 3:38pm on 23 Mar 2011, kukuryku wrote:

      Hey, it's my first time here:)
      I think I'm such a shy person, because I'm not self-confident. But othersides I have no problem with making friends. I have a lot of friends, because I'm tolerant,helpful and I always take care with my friends. By them I'm always smiling... I like working in team. I'm creative and conscientiuous person, but sometimes I'm nervous or jealous and I don't like it.

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    • 62. At 3:40pm on 23 Mar 2011, DKUS wrote:

      hi, I'm talkative, honest, trusty, person. I' m open to new ideas, people and conditions nevertheless i prefer to save conditions :) I was very agressive before, but I'm controlling anger now. it's very important progress about me.

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    • 63. At 4:55pm on 23 Mar 2011, BBC Learning English wrote:

      Hi @Junaid

      Your question was: "What is the purpose of, and how can I learn the english through this blog or forum or whatever, as the English isn't my native language?"

      In Express English, we're giving you examples of spoken English, which were recorded in London. There is a wide range of other learning materials, quizzes and crosswords on our website. Most of these materials are available to download by clicking "Downloads" on the menu to the left of this page. You can also chat with other website users, by reading and commenting on the message boards and blogs. Click "Communicate" on the left of this page to find out more.

      I hope this helps!
      BBC Learning English

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    • 64. At 10:21pm on 23 Mar 2011, Ajitha wrote:

      Hello Everyone . This the 1st day of me . I know about this site few months back but I don't know how to post a comment , at last I'm successful.

      I like to be with a few people which I know them atleast few months back . I don't accept new wheather its people or things or food. It takes time for me to accept . I'm not a conscientious person , I would like be. I admire those who are conscientious. I'm a dependent person. I always need some one to boost me .

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    • 65. At 07:10am on 24 Mar 2011, ukata wrote:

      Hi everyone! I am shy but really nice person. I like people and like talking with them but I need a lots of time to trust the other one.
      I' m really conscientious and hard-working. I've never gave up.:)

      Best whises
      Kate from Poland

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    • 66. At 11:33am on 24 Mar 2011, xinxingirl wrote:

      this is my frist time here ,i don't know how to express myself,i am a janpanese,i sometimes feel shy to express,and my english is not good either,so,i should improve it.

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    • 67. At 1:52pm on 24 Mar 2011, dmorsoleto wrote:

      hey everyone... I think that so much complicated think and talk about us! But I was wondering about this question and I think that I am a extrovert person, who likes many challenges. I always open to listen new ideas and new ideologies I like so much.


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    • 68. At 7:41pm on 24 Mar 2011, MartinGwayl wrote:

      when reading comment it seems we've got very similar personalities so we're not so different as might being expected. Extraversion suprised me, think lot of people are rather introverts. Anyway, I think I'm rather shy, conscientious and polite. Sometimes I'm quite open when being surrounded by old folks. Then I'm talkative as well, you know...
      the most important thing is just have a little patience and be fair enought ...

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    • 69. At 09:17am on 25 Mar 2011, shamrock_su wrote:

      I am actually not extroverted with my relatives , and I dont like even talk to them .but I want to sit in an irish pub and have some pints of beer and have conversation with others around me ,I do not like showing off and Courtesy .

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    • 70. At 3:04pm on 25 Mar 2011, allison wrote:

      Hi bbc people! so glad to have an opportunity to write about me on bbc blog. most of the time i like to talk to people, and could make friends easily. even on the plane, i made quite a lot of friends. cause i am interested in people's lives.

      also im very spontaneous! "Just go for it!" mindset? If it works, it would be a good decison and it will open another door in your life. If it doesnt, you could go another way. i like that way.

      i could add straight foward for me. wow, sound very aggressive!
      i like myself, though. Thank you, bbc=)

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    • 71. At 11:17pm on 25 Mar 2011, Danijela wrote:

      People for me say I am sociable, flexible and very tolerant. I think am sensitive and not enough self-confident person. I am always trying to give the best of myself but I expect that also from the others. Because of that sometimes I am annoying. I would like to be more organized.

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    • 72. At 4:16pm on 26 Mar 2011, johnevans wrote:

      i'm impatient. 1 month ago, i set goal to type computer by two hands, but 2 days, i practise it harder, but fews day later. i gave up. so bored. and i have my head in clouds. i feel like people all world live in peace, wealthy, no disease. i hope everything good to people. but, nowaday,out there happen to earthquake, fight, violent.i'm disoppointed in what go on.
      i hope the worst thing come to end.
      i'm romantic person. I wish someday in the future. i'm able to speak english natural than before. and i find a good job. my family never support money to me.

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    • 73. At 7:46pm on 26 Mar 2011, lateh wrote:

      *Peace be upon you,,,
      i'm lateh,i'm glad to share my comments,i wish spend useful time with you
      about me,i like routine,and keep things as i found it,i do not like change things
      and when comes to work i but my god front my eyes and try do doing thing right
      i'm very sensitive and care about other people to much and be merciful so i call myself the kingdome of mercy
      thank you

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    • 74. At 11:07pm on 26 Mar 2011, eliszka wrote:

      I think that our character is changing by new experience. For me it was I went to Art school. I becomed independent, selfconfident and I started to speak my mind. Previously I was shy and afraid of doing anything. Now I'm writing here, what is also astonishing myself.
      I hope that you will be responsible for my english:D

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    • 75. At 7:01pm on 27 Mar 2011, AVSA wrote:

      I would describe me as a kind, tolerant, patient, trusted and friendly. I am hard worker and I think my best trait is the strength of will. For the first time I have decided to ask my wife to describe me. She said I am patient, generous, kind, have a sense of humor, purposeful and good father. Great, she described me better then I. And my 5 years old son Suren says the following: “Stop learning English and come to play with me”.
      Thank you for the project.

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    • 76. At 03:46am on 28 Mar 2011, marie wrote:

      I am very social and extroverted to. i always want to do new things and innovative ideas comes in my mind but i have not done any thing like that its a hesitation or any thing else.
      To be a unique is also one of my trait and my personality keeps on changing not constant as i am moody as well. I think i am Pollyanna that's why some time i can not face reality.

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    • 77. At 05:04am on 28 Mar 2011, Sandra Teixeira wrote:

      I am a true, honest, playful person, but sometimes I feel bored and cranky, I admit. I'm kind person.

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    • 78. At 12:01pm on 28 Mar 2011, dropageansea wrote:

      im a very ambitious person but it s not about being bad to other people.its just about my job and my work.i complete my every work on time i never delay it.i work hard for that i believe i ll be successful whatever i other trait is being fair.i m very conscientious person.sometimes it gives harm to me 'cause people who feel my conscience,try to use it.also i can t stand of unfair very polite,thoughtful.On the other hand ,sometimes i may be very aggressive and emotional.Finally im a human my emotions change time to time.But i dont mess my work because of my very open-minded.. i like new ideas,new places,new people,new cultures..beyond all of these,i think i must be a traveler..

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    • 79. At 04:29am on 30 Mar 2011, JACOB wrote:

      There are three basic kinds of personalities and they are. active, emotional and rational. if saying what mine is, I place active followed by rational and finally emotional or sensitive, otherwise I am organized, as well I have energy enoughIi am not very patient and tolerant.

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    • 80. At 11:40am on 30 Mar 2011, onru wrote:

      Of listed qualities, I easily get upset and very open to new ideas, but I have many other ones :))
      I try to overcome my stereotypes that I don't like.

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    • 81. At 2:00pm on 01 Apr 2011, ekaterina_istomina wrote:

      I'm very open-minded and creative but sometimes I get a strange scare to do something new. It's like being toren in two. I believe human nature is quite contradictory that is why sometimes we do things we have never expected from ourselves. Yesterday I attended a lecture on consiousness and various ways of knowing. The lecturer has been studying neuronic systems in the human brain and has come to the conclusion that when we grow up we loose our integrity and our mind becomes multifacet (having multiple IDs, or selves). The professor advised us to do yoga in order to return to the wholeness. I didn't expect such an end of the lecture))

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    • 82. At 05:49am on 03 Apr 2011, sudalotter wrote:

      Hi. Everyone. It's my first time posting comment here. I am originally from S. Korea and now living in United States. Learning English is very hard and challinging, but I guess using this website, full of great sources that I've beeing looking for, will help me to improve my English. I am hard working and enthusiastic about the work I am doing now. Although I am not out-going person, and I feel shy when I encounter person I don't know well, I really like to have one-on-one conversation rather than group talk because, in that way, I can have close connection with that person and can be a close friend. I also like to make jokes and like to see the smiles on people's face.

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    • 83. At 8:47pm on 03 Apr 2011, lamya wrote:

      i'm fighter girl,aspirant and i always trying to achieve my goals, dreaming about get a good position in top companies,my positives personality are insistence,patience and achievements,my negatives are emotional frustration,short relationship and irscible.
      i take along time to understand and organize my work and at the end i do it in best possible way.
      i'm very sensiteve especially in the emotinal attitudes and betrayals at work,i get upset when my friends let me down.
      thank you bbc on this good idea,i love you all.

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    • 84. At 07:48am on 05 Apr 2011, Yohanna wrote:

      Hey , its my fist time doing this !! I really like doing new thing that i never done before .. Am a very quiet person at home but l am very loud with my best friends .. When am with my friends we like to gossip and we have a really huge imagination ,, we just love to laugh out loud .. Sometimes people think were crazy !! But i like being crazy ,, its just who i am .. I think am a very kind and helpful person ,, especially with little children .. I am not a sensitive person but in a relationship situation i am very very sensitive .. [message shortened by Moderator]

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    • 85. At 07:49am on 05 Apr 2011, acio wrote:

      Personally I'm a very sensitive person but i always trying to stay relax and think positively when it comes to deal with a particular problem. I also love to try something new such as extreme sports or any other activities which involve less safety because i can see the thrill from the experts doing them properly and having good times from doing them too, so that makes me kind a curious to try, even though I'm a female. The last thing is that I'm a very unconscientious when doing something, and sometimes i do something late in the last minutes but i always try to focus in one thing to make it happens and do my best to improve it.

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    • 86. At 7:05pm on 06 Apr 2011, rainbow2011 wrote:

      I think I am a very sensitive person. I am often extrovert but sometimes I prefer to stay on my own, it depends on the person I talk to. I am usually an open minded person and I try to think about all the possibilties we have in each single moment of our life. You usually have the same toughts and you often do the same things because it makes you fell more confident.
      I try to focus on the present moment and don't think about the past because it wouldn't be useful for me. If you focus on the actions already done you miss the present and lose a lot of energy

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    • 87. At 7:30pm on 06 Apr 2011, LILU_LILU wrote:

      I'm honest, sensitive and harmless person and I'm ready to help my friends anyway I could and my drawback is I can easily get offended for nothing

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    • 88. At 3:03pm on 09 Apr 2011, AT wrote:

      Personality is that thing that we take with the course of the time we take everything from we are in the belly of the mother we start to learn our personality and Is something else, we come to this world with traces about who we really are and vague memories of other lifes as an influence in our personality, me personally cant say what kind of personality I am because everyting change all time everybody is changing with closed eyes and one of this days suddenly if you watch yourself in the mirror even you cant recognize yourself , so Im changin and I cant say what exactly I am but I know I am kind little weird, but who cares if personality is the hard cover who dont let you discover who you really are so I cant judge by personality.

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    • 89. At 2:45pm on 10 Apr 2011, SalSNA wrote:

      i agree that people like to try to do new ways of things. I believe that i am a risk taker to try new things such as new challenges which i never done before. Before, i wasn't really organized but as i grow up i become more independent and take life more seriously as everything is becoming more complicated. I think that i am not sensitive as i don't get really upset easily. However i do consider myself polite and nice to people but I get nervous sometimes with some people that i know or people who i just met, not every time though. It's easy to me enjoy everything.

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    • 90. At 5:04pm on 12 Apr 2011, Palestine wrote:

      I love this video.
      I think i am a very sensitive person and i often want to hear emotional songs, for example ´hallelujah´.
      I like experiencing new things and dealing with challenges.
      I am a person who tries to make in every situation much fun,
      what i want to say is that to have fun without wear someone down.

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    • 91. At 10:13am on 15 Apr 2011, mary wrote:

      I am not open to new things. I can't give up my habits that I am used to do[ing]. Sometimes it makes me [a] boring... [person]. To change my habits I need a turning point... [in] my life.

      [Edited by Moderator: I have added some suggested changes in brackets to make your comment a little easier to understand.]

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    • 92. At 04:19am on 18 Apr 2011, hming1015 wrote:

      I think personality can change and I guess the younger you are the easier you can change it. I was kind of outgoing when I was young. But now I am not. I really want to change my current personality, which is introvert and a bit shy because I need to speak more to improve my English. I feel like I am more likely to being afraid of taking risk as getting older.

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    • 93. At 12:59pm on 18 Apr 2011, travis520 wrote:

      Iam very creative when i painting ... When I made some things that i like. Often I follow my experience and intuition. I get sad when I make some mistakes. But soon I try to correct my mitakes. And do thin[g]s right.

      [Edited by Moderator: I have made some suggested changes in brackets to make your message a little easier to understand.]

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    • 94. At 08:24am on 19 Apr 2011, bana wrote:

      It seems to be a very nice to answer this such a contradict question.I think and as the people who know me very well are used to comment on me that I belongs to a very strong character , modest , concientious and an agreeable person.

      But as far as my views about me are concern I would like to say that I am a very gentle , very kind, very polite and an extravert person and wish to do something better in my life.

      In addition sometimes I like or prefer to remain quiet and silent on some spoiling issues especially when two people are arguing arrogantly to one another.I think this might be the weakness in my personality.

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    • 95. At 1:33pm on 22 Apr 2011, aysehan wrote:

      ı am maternal people.Hard working but easy to fed up sometimes.Sometimes everything comes to me so regularly.

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    • 96. At 3:02pm on 16 Jun 2011, krichhariya83 wrote:

      Personality is like a trait that impress to someone or can make a distance to others. I have a few things that I know, am very open minded and having an open heart. I like to help others. I love life, but sometimes I become very upset and irritated with situation that is beyond my hand. I am not very organized but I really try to be but failed often. At few places I see myself extrovert and usually I remain introvert both help me to take a serious decision but sometimes it will take a long time to decide. I admit that am talkative person, but it doesn't usually happen with me if I am talking with the person I am not interested, apart from this I am very shy and sometimes become aggressive. I don't think the people the way they consider me bad or good. I always go with good opinion but bad also make upset me. It might be quite different if I obtain incredible and disturbing opinion. It is said that make your best what you have, don't care about the crowd they are following. If you follow them, you lose your personality you lose your own nature. Because nature generate your personality....

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