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Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! This week, have you ever had dancing lessons? When do you dance?

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The Express English team

Lots of children in the UK have dance lessons (especially girls). One man says he's never had lessons, but wishes he had.

We also met some professional dancers, who do music videos and live shows.

And how does dancing make us feel? One woman feels alive when she dances, and in her own little world. And the man who only dances in the shower? We guess he must feel shy when he dances.

Did you know?


The world's largest bhangra dance was in Ontario, Canada, on 31 August 2008, when 763 people performed this Punjabi dance together.

Language tip

To 'make a song and dance' about something means you're making a big fuss.

Cultural tip

At a British wedding, the couple usually have the 'first dance' together. The couple choose significant music for them, usually a romantic pop song like Amazed by Lonestar or Everything I Do by Bryan Adams.

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This Express English was originally published in 2011.

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Have you ever had dancing lessons? When do you dance?

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    • 1. At 1:41pm on 07 May 2012, vatche wrote:

      Unfortunatly not, but I really wish I had because apart from joy and happiness it brings to your life, it's kind of physical exercise that keeps your body fit.
      When? I do the dancing on certain ocassions like Clubs, wedding ceremonies and parties. but when I'm on my own, I don't feel like dancing.


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    • 2. At 2:12pm on 07 May 2012, jwan wrote:

      i have never had dance lessons, the last time i had been danced was in my wedding party , usually i m dancing when i play sport games , i feel so joy &vitality when i dance

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    • 3. At 2:34pm on 07 May 2012, siavashjal wrote:

      unfortunately i can't dance well, but i wish i could. in my country, there are many kinds of dance and each one of them come from a part of my country.

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    • 4. At 3:14pm on 07 May 2012, suresh wrote:

      I don't like dancing, but my country India is famous for cultural dances such as Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Bhangara etc. Western dances are also quite popular here. I think dancing requires lot of energy and it is a good exercise. South Indian films also depict lot of dances.

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    • 5. At 6:44pm on 07 May 2012, loretta wrote:

      I never had dancing lessons but a big friend of mine when I was
      a child studied classical ballet for many years so I was in some
      way interested.
      What I really love is to dance in big concerts because music make
      me feel happy but I don't like too much discos and latin american
      I must admit that if someone invites me to dance I feel quite
      nervous because I can't move with grace, I am a piece of wood!
      but looking to big dancers performans no matter the type of
      dance is always a pleasure.

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    • 6. At 9:42pm on 07 May 2012, Mari wrote:

      I love dancing "forró". It is a typical dance here in Brazil. It makes me feel good, beautiful and relaxed.

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    • 7. At 10:25pm on 07 May 2012, csepelside wrote:

      To tell the truth I can't dance. There are only a few oppurtunities to dance in my country.

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    • 8. At 01:54am on 08 May 2012, tenocht wrote:

      Hi everybody !
      I have never had dancing lessons but I´d love it because when I´m dancing I seem a brown bear dancing, also because I always step my girlfriend´s foot.

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    • 9. At 02:02am on 08 May 2012, DY Kim wrote:

      I never have learned dance, but I wish i will learn dance with my wife. I think dancing with wife will be most beautiful and memorable moment of our life.

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    • 10. At 02:42am on 08 May 2012, lii1618 wrote:

      No, actually. but I think dance is a good way to perform yourself and to release your stress. even I didn't learn it before, but sometime I will dance freely when I hear nice music, because my body will move with music automatically.

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    • 11. At 04:34am on 08 May 2012, Pradip wrote:

      Dancing helps to build your confidence and also gives you physical and mental support.Professional dancers have stress that is not a good idea.

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    • 12. At 08:27am on 08 May 2012, penelopekara wrote:

      Greece is my country, among the things we are famous about, are traditional dances. I can dance only three dances. I tried to learn more when I was a child, but I wasn't really good. There are so many different dances. Each region has its own rhythm. And it's so amazing to watch people dancing, especially young boys and girls. They are the future and it is encouraging the new generation supports our tradition so it won't be lost through the years. It's also remarkable the effort of the schools to keep the tradition alive. Nowadays we dance less and less. We have the opportunity at weddings and traditional fests at summer; we call them "panegyria". The well known taverns are places that we used to dance a lot, but due to austerity measures that we suffer the last two years, we have to forget that entertainment. And this is very sad, because when you dance, you feel like other person, happy one, you laugh a lot and the problems are aside.

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    • 13. At 10:54am on 08 May 2012, iammum wrote:

      Hi, somebody, The dance is great thihg, when I was young we were dancing when we listened some music, we have been every weekend in the dance-shcool, and we loved dancing classical dances as walcer, csa-csa-csa. rumba, but we could dance rock-and roll. and slow-fox..but I am not young so I usually only can see when other poople dancing, my English teacher member one of Salsa club so I sometimes go to your performence, and I have a great feeling when I can spend time with young people, I love to see when they are dancing, and I very like to listen the different music.. I live in Hungary and a little love our traditional dance , and folklor .. I am old woman now 62 years old , but I am learning English with you Thank you Kate from Hungary

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    • 14. At 11:03am on 08 May 2012, thangnguyen wrote:

      unfortunately, in my country dancing is not popular. that's why i don't know how to dace and it is very pity for me. i absolutely love dancing because i watch many channel such as dancing with star or dance sport. i feel it is very interesting and i wish i can dance. i think dancing is good for me to make friends and broaden relationship. thanks to dancing, it also help me release stress and feel better.

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    • 15. At 3:21pm on 08 May 2012, Juan wrote:

      My class lessons was my first experiences dancing. I started dancing in meetings with my family and parties with my friends. Dance is part of our culture here in South America and I think dance is something important for some social event.

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    • 16. At 00:33am on 09 May 2012, tienphat wrote:

      I used to join a dancing class 2 years ago.

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    • 17. At 02:54am on 09 May 2012, Carol wrote:

      I really like dancing but I am very shy.

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    • 18. At 05:16am on 09 May 2012, Saprina wrote:

      Maybe it sounds rediculous, I and my parents don't dance .Some people in our neighbourhood like dancing very much and often dance in park. I admire that those people have the interesting hobby to improve their psychological health and physical condition.

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    • 19. At 05:46am on 09 May 2012, hongdt1 wrote:

      I've learned dancing for a little time when i studied abroad. And i felt amazing: It make me more fresh, more funny and more self-confident. I prefer dancing in festivals than parties because it make me feel comfortable.

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    • 20. At 09:41am on 09 May 2012, paolo wrote:

      I've never had dancing lessons and moreover I haven't any natural skills in everything that requires movements and coordination of the body. So I'm a complete disaster in dance! :) Fortunately my girlfriend is not much better than me in this and we never have to fight about this.
      I'd like to improve myself in the future though, maybe I'll take lessons soon!

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    • 21. At 10:45am on 09 May 2012, Francesca wrote:

      I do not like dancing very much, probably because I am too shy and I hate disco music. But I would like to learn some traditional dance of my country, those ones that my grandparents danced. I hope I can convince my boyfriend to accompany me sooner or later

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    • 22. At 11:15am on 09 May 2012, honey wrote:

      I want to be a good dancer but I could not dance. I fond of to watch dancing programs on T.V. I like Punjabi Bhangra and Classical dance. Dancing is a good source of pleasure and exercise. I think its a language. you express your happiness through dancing

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    • 23. At 6:39pm on 09 May 2012, tanya259 wrote:

      I do love dancing with my favorite song,dancing makes me feel free happy and it helps me to destress

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    • 24. At 8:44pm on 09 May 2012, Hi5 wrote:

      Yeah !I had dancing lessons since 2009. I danced in a top academy in Bétera, Valencia, and I practised hip-hop and funky. I felt happy, and when I'm dancing I feel free and I don't think about anything else.
      When? I dance at home when every time I have a moment. I love dancing with my friends at parties!! love for everyone!! Sandra

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    • 25. At 10:28pm on 09 May 2012, CindyZ wrote:

      I love dance since when I was a little girl. I still remember we don’t have a TV at home but a radio in 70’s. I can’t help myself dancing when I heard the music from radio. I love dance so much that I can't think anything when dance. I often attended various dance performance since 5 years old. Now I still go to dance lesson once or twice a week.

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    • 26. At 8:20pm on 10 May 2012, nindeleia wrote:

      I have no had dancing lessons. But, in my country dancing is a common activity, specially salsa, so I am able to dance this. Anyway, I really wish to learn dancing tango, one of the most beautiful kinds of music in the world... meanwhile, I will continue hearing it. I dance when I go to special place to do it. In Bogotá, many places are used to dance salsa and vallenato (or tropical rythms). But also, we find places more quiet to dance other more "relaxed" music.

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    • 27. At 10:59pm on 10 May 2012, misti1 wrote:

      Hy people :) I have been dancing all my life. I can not live without dance. I used to dance Latinoamerican and Ballroom dances (15 years), and now I am learning Irish dance. I really like it and it is very good substitute for sport dance. You really have to try interpretate music with your body. Is is amazing experience.

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    • 28. At 03:52am on 11 May 2012, Zora Lee wrote:

      I like dancing ,but I can't any kind of dances. I am from guangxi China, there are lots of national dances in Guangxi, such as peacock dance,Dance for fire dog.
      I wish I have a chance to learn dancing one day ,social dancing is what I want to learn , it's the most simple dance ,isn't it ? There were a lot of chances to learn dancing when I was in the university ,but I didn't seize it.

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    • 29. At 11:25am on 11 May 2012, nhocmiko1710 wrote:

      It's a pity that I had never dancing lessons. But I wish I could. When I see someone dancing, I really admind. And I wish I could like as them.:). I think dancing helps people feel relaxing, more love ly...and of course losing weight:). I plan to registry about a dancing course in next month. And you???? What's your plan???

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    • 30. At 08:22am on 13 May 2012, alex wrote:

      I wish I had dance lessons, but I used to want to join some one. And I had got a potential partner too)) but.. Now I do sport a lot and I haven't any time to dance, of course, except weddings and clubs.

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    • 31. At 01:35am on 14 May 2012, grazi wrote:

      i used to dance when i was young, but one day i broken my arm learning step dancing and gave up ...but now, i really want to learn samba dancing in brazil, i think it is amazing !!

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    • 32. At 03:30am on 14 May 2012, yoyoi wrote:

      I ca´nt dance but, I would like to learn to do it.
      I am from Colombia and every region have a traditional dance.
      My country have a very diverse culture.

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    • 33. At 03:41am on 14 May 2012, glorsal wrote:

      Four years ago I took salsa lessons because I needed some activity to free my mind and body. Those lessons were relaxing and really funny for me. One day I met somebody in those lessons who became my boyfriend, and nowadays we practise salsa and bachata at home. It was a good experience and I hope to go back to salsa lessons again with my boyfriend.

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    • 34. At 08:32am on 14 May 2012, pancake wrote:

      You know what, every student can dance in China. Because we all need to learn a kind of aerobics dancing to keep body in shape. And in some areas the students need to learn more than one set.
      To my personally, I like to dancing, it makes me happy and the heart beating faster.
      Dancing is a good way to have fun and keep fit.

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    • 35. At 3:33pm on 14 May 2012, yoppy69 wrote:

      I had a dance 4 years ago with my friend and It was ballet.
      Also I had a pole dance lessen.
      Allthought, it was hard to me, I really enjoyed it!

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    • 36. At 04:02am on 15 May 2012, IsabellaPW wrote:

      I love to dance! I have ballet classes since I was 11 and I feel very happy when I dance. But I think that the best feeling is when you're on the stage dancing...It's magical!

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    • 37. At 05:04am on 15 May 2012, Will wrote:

      Dancing is not my cup of tea. And I think I am not cut for dancing cause I find it difficult to dance to the music.

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    • 38. At 11:51am on 15 May 2012, dorade wrote:

      I have never have dancing lessons, i dance a popular king im my country

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    • 39. At 11:00am on 16 May 2012, Petra wrote:

      I really love dancing! It has been an essential part of my life for about eight years as in 2004 I became a member of a Greek dancing group here in the Czech Republic (in our town there´s quite a big Greek minority to explain that). Every Saturday there´s a necessary training, so I can say I´ve had plenty of dancing lessons so far. I also started belly dancing few years ago and attended some workshops. It has led me to tribal fusion style that I dance nowadays. I often give performances too. I appear regularly on a stage either with the Greek group or individually. Dancing makes me feel happy, free, more confident, relaxed and alive! ... and it shapes my figure perfectly!

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    • 40. At 10:14pm on 16 May 2012, Amanda Mandy wrote:

      Dancing is free your soul. When I'm dancing, I can't think nothing. I'm belly dancer since 2 years ago and I can say: It's my life and my moment when I can be myself.

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    • 41. At 04:55am on 21 May 2012, keti wrote:

      One of the main components of culture is a dance. Georgian dance is pretty varied. It developed out of historical and ethnic vicissitudes. At the beginning of the twentieth century two Georgian enthusiasts went from region to region, from town to town, from village to village, from family to family, gathering bit by bit the parts of Georgian dances. They reconstructed ancient Georgian dance enriching it with new actions. A dance demonstrates habits and traditions of people. The Georgian woman was always shy and obedient. A man would spend a lot of time trying to win her favor. At the beginning of their acquaintance a woman would try to run away, and a man would have to be alert not to allow her to hide. She couldn't even dare to raise her eyes to a man. Georgian dance embodies man's caring attitude to a woman; however, I must admit that different regions of Georgia have their own kind of dance and their own dress; sometimes they don't have anything similar. When I watch Georgian dance, my heart is filled with pride that I am a small part of a people that created such a fantastic dance culture.

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    • 42. At 2:54pm on 21 May 2012, Jacek wrote:

      I have never dancing lessons officaly. If I can call YOUTUBE my Dancing Teacher, that i have. I dance before mirror and I have opened my mind. I feel some free and I can be relax.

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    • 43. At 11:52am on 24 May 2012, KangBoSeung wrote:

      I have never dancing lessons and i'm not good at dancing...
      Nine years ago, my all classmates did folk dance at school festival. I danced enthusiastically but my friends laughed at me...

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    • 44. At 02:36am on 28 May 2012, gemymax wrote:

      i love dance but i can't do it here

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    • 45. At 06:13am on 29 May 2012, The_N_satu_colaus wrote:

      When I was young, My school got me into traditional dancer. I proud of it because me and my friends danced to represent my school in front of The Major. Now, I always dance in the room if I play dance floor with robotic dance :D.

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    • 46. At 4:33pm on 07 Jun 2012, Marc945 wrote:

      I've never had dancing lessons because i don't like dancing. My girlfriend loves it and always wants to teach me salsa or tango.

      The only moment where i dance is in club with my friends or my girlfriend. I'm aware that being a well-dancer is a advantage to seduce but It's not natural for me to dance without reason.

      What i feel when i'm dancing ? Nothing, i'm not addicted to it but i don't know exactly why.

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    • 47. At 8:02pm on 10 Jun 2012, Mohamed Saleh wrote:

      i'm dancing in my friends' weddings, and it is really amazing and funny. I'm dancing also in my friend's clothes shop on folks music.

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    • 48. At 12:14pm on 20 Jun 2012, Luwia wrote:

      As for me dancing is my part of life style. After a hard day at my job office, i rush to a new dancing class, full of light music, new moves and just fitness for whole body. It's already became my hobby. I am trying to teach my friend to dance with me, but not so easy to bring him there))))
      If you have a chance to visit dance class, go, you won't regret)))

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    • 49. At 10:53am on 12 Jul 2012, esmadolbadze1 wrote:

      When I dance I don't think about anything else.I have never had dancing lessons, but I wish I had,because when you dance you can forget everything for a moment

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    • 50. At 10:59pm on 24 Jul 2012, Fayed wrote:

      i haven`t had any dancing lesson, and i don`t think that i will do something like this in the future, the only moments that i decide to dance it depends on my mood and on type of music i was listening, really when i feel free and satisfied, there are somehow a feeling of relaxation in which a feeling of hyper active is frequently come after, then i choose some type of folklore music in which a very high and noisy sound of drum is occurred and then i didn't be hesitated for a little bit to dance "alone" as i am a quit shy. i was very pleased at these moments. and that`s all :)

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    • 51. At 01:00am on 18 Aug 2012, salman wrote:

      for me , I can not dancing when I be in party . i do not know may be that make me nerovus but I like dancing as long as alone

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    • 52. At 11:57pm on 22 Aug 2012, applepeach11 wrote:

      I've had a jazz dancing lesson in my college time, but unfortunately I couldn't continue to go to a lesson because I realized that I was a terrible dancer and I did't find it enjoyable. Since I couldn't dance well, I got stressed out. I would rather do a slow dance.

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    • 53. At 12:30pm on 05 Sep 2012, Magdy wrote:

      Hi everybody..... i love dance but i don't dace very well .

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    • 54. At 02:47am on 10 Sep 2012, Gurpreet wrote:

      i think dancing is one of the best exercise and at the same you can enjoy it. i do not know any particular dance form but i like freestyle dance because you need not to follow some rules.

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    • 55. At 02:05am on 19 Sep 2012, Greenlight172 wrote:

      when i was In Paris and Firenze, i saw a lot of people dancing each other that they didn't know about somebody who dance with, which is meke me exticed, so funny and romantic. since that i would like to learn dancing if I have a chance and really know about that feeling

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    • 56. At 02:41am on 19 Sep 2012, perromalo wrote:

      I dance Tango Argentino since four years ago. At the beginning was difficult for me, because I am a man. There are a lot of steps and movements.

      Now it is an important part of my life. The tango is very funny and passional. Is good for your heart and body.

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    • 57. At 7:29pm on 14 Oct 2012, charlotte wrote:

      I love dance! I started with salsa and bachata one year ago.... and from that moment, i found out my passion!now i am attending samba classes (advance level)... i suggest to everybody to dance and dance again because it makes you happy and you feel good!

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    • 58. At 4:54pm on 19 Oct 2012, sohail wrote:

      I dance when i am happy and when i do my exercise

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    • 59. At 07:07am on 20 Oct 2012, Jeremiah wrote:

      I hadn't had any dance lessons.I wish I could. I think it's a good exercise too. But I have danced in my school at annual celebration
      4 times in primary and middle to bollywood numbers

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    • 60. At 02:06am on 28 Oct 2012, Henry2012 wrote:

      Actually i never had dance lessons, and for this reason i think i'm not a good dancer, i just try dancing sometimes, hehehe also in a shower, i'm a bit shy, so, i just don't like dancing in public.

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    • 61. At 4:45pm on 21 Nov 2012, Solrun wrote:

      Music is an important part of dancing of course. I enjoy dancing when the music is good. It is a special feeling when there is a lot of people dancing freely and amusing themselves - kind of a euphoria maybe?!

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    • 62. At 09:45am on 09 Dec 2012, Awanish Kumar wrote:

      i have not taken any dance lesson. i am doing my self from age 6 onwards. Dance make me feeling fresh and alive

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    • 63. At 9:30pm on 29 Dec 2012, latinito wrote:

      Firstly I love dancing . I'm from South America so that means you have to know to dance we are the best dancing salsa, merengue , cumbia etc.. When I'm dancing I fell alive I forget all around me . I really enjoy it. To dance is very useful you can use it for lost weight or simply to have fun .

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    • 64. At 2:06pm on 22 Jan 2013, arcmi wrote:

      I had had dancing lessons about Tango five years ago.I couldn't keep on because if you want to be profesional dancer in tango, you have to make a lot of practice.I like dancing. Even I heard a few rythmic sounds, I want to dance. When I dance I feel very happy and relaxed.

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    • 65. At 11:06am on 23 Jan 2013, vladiksun wrote:

      I have been dancing ballroom dances for about 3 years already. There is nothing better sport in the world than dancing. It is hard, it might to force you to shout on your partner during process. But it helps you to be more patient, stronger, faster, more beautiful. It distracts you from daily problems and routines. It has pros and cons, but it is definitely worth of spent money and time.

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    • 66. At 02:04am on 06 Feb 2013, Rawan wrote:

      actually, i'm a horrible dancer :(
      i don't know how to dance.

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    • 67. At 2:27pm on 18 Feb 2013, MukeshJha wrote:

      i have never had dance classes. but last time i had danced in new year party on my office terrace and also in the cinema hall which was organised by our office on 31st december i had danced more than 3 hours with my collague and my HOD. it was great experince for me. it was very enjoyful and unforgotable moment

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    • 68. At 10:29am on 26 Mar 2013, INA wrote:

      Well, i have learnt some dance styles like salsa, bharatnatyam ( my country's traditional dance ), free style. I enjoy dancing so much. Its like a good physical exercise of body vitality which makes yourself fit. But i am afraid as there is no dancing classes now where i live, but i always wish to learn some more dance styles and dance like professionals and give a lot of dance live performances.

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    • 69. At 1:45pm on 10 Apr 2013, mizinko wrote:

      I have never learned dancing professionally, like going to a private dancing institute, however there was an experience that my friend who are very good at dancing taught me it.
      It was approximately 7years ago when I was a high school student. So I was tired everyday for examinations, but I could relieve stress through dancing with him.
      I never forget the memory because it was very meaningful time for me, and I have wanted to learn dancing while writing about it now.

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    • 70. At 5:40pm on 26 Apr 2013, MrOxy_3D wrote:

      I wish I could dance well, because my girlfriend always wants to dance in the disco and i always say no because i'm too i wish i was brave and go dancing on the danceflloor with all the people watching around me. so i could feel very cool!!! :-)

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