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Three wishes

Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! This week, you can have three wishes. What will you wish for?

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The Express English team

In London, some people wished for world peace and an end to greed. Others wished for something for themselves, like to travel round the world or to own an expensive sports car.

One man wished for health, happiness and love.

We hope their wishes come true.

Did you know?


In Northumberland, England, around 16,000 coins were found in an ancient Roman wishing well, dedicated to the goddess Coventina.

Language tip

Say 'I wish I could' not 'I wish I can.'

Cultural tip

In Britain the Middle-Eastern story of Aladdin and the genie who grants three wishes is so popular, that it's now part of traditional Christmas plays called 'pantos'.

This Express English was originally published in 2011.

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You can have three wishes. What will you wish for?

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  • 74. At 01:45am on 22 Apr 2012, yoyoi wrote:

    I`ll wish
    1. keep all my family togetter, always
    2. I would like exhibit my masterworks (oil paintings)for all around the world
    3. To have very much, to give much

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  • 75. At 03:04am on 22 Apr 2012, tutrinh wrote:

    that is a interesting programe !!.. If had only one wish.. I wish for world peace... If had two wishes.. I hope for happy my family ... and If one more.. I wish for... I can get enough money to own a laptop.

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  • 76. At 05:41am on 22 Apr 2012, Helen Tang wrote:

    If I have three wishes, First, I wish all my family, friends and me could have healthy and happy life. Second ,I wish I could meet my Mr. right, who love me so much, we love each other, support each other, share every moment of our life including happy and unhappy, Third, I wish I could learn english well, it's good for me, it is a great help for my job also I could make more friends.

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  • 77. At 06:13am on 22 Apr 2012, ceu wrote:

    If I had three wishes, it would be:
    1. No illness (health).
    2. No sadness (happiness)
    3. No wars (peace)

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  • 78. At 4:51pm on 22 Apr 2012, svetlana wrote:

    If I caught a golden fish, my first wish would be happy family life. The second one would be to travel around the world. And also I wish people would be more concerned about each other, not to think only of themselves and their own needs.

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  • 79. At 05:44am on 23 Apr 2012, keti wrote:

    This topic reminded me of the bedtime-stories which my mum used to read me when I was a child.

    The main heroes were always so lucky that they were allowed to make three wishes that would come true. But no one could choose those wishes, which could make them truely happy.

    It's really difficult to choose something from a list of luxuries. Each of them is quite alluring. However, can they ever be a substitute for happiness or health?

    Does anyone have enough money to buy love, warmth or friendship? I think, not. Can people just be happy with love and health? Nobody can. It seems that just for this very reason nobody could make a good wish.

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  • 80. At 1:12pm on 23 Apr 2012, collaborator77 wrote:

    I think the "wish" is like "resolution". So, I remember my New Year's resolution in 2012. First I wish I could improve my english ability.Second, I wish Icould get my life in shape. Third, I wish for world peace. But I think it is impossible from hitory stories. Because people are always greedy. Anyway, Let me fullfill our wishes.

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  • 81. At 2:23pm on 23 Apr 2012, jiyoon wrote:

    If I had three wishes, they would be
    my family's health, peaceful unification of South and North Korea, and just all the people love each other. :)

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  • 82. At 4:47pm on 23 Apr 2012, tanya259 wrote:

    world peace,no more wars,no more death and the second one is to live as long as possible with my family and friends and the last one is to get to heaven after my death!

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  • 83. At 7:28pm on 23 Apr 2012, zuhogo wrote:

    If i had three wishes, I wish health for my dearest, love for my best girlfriend, and at least a great job for myself. I hope all my wishes will come true after all. These are not special dreams, but

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  • 84. At 11:19pm on 23 Apr 2012, kaczunia wrote:

    If I had a three wishes I would:
    1. Make love not war,
    2. All the people become happy
    3. The earth became all green for all the time

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  • 85. At 12:18pm on 24 Apr 2012, KangBoSeung wrote:

    My three wishes :
    1. People love each other.
    2. Clean nature.
    3. To improve my English skill well. :)

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  • 86. At 02:22am on 25 Apr 2012, Heldson Chagas wrote:

    I wish I could my God salvation
    I wish I become a successful professional
    I wish to the world more love, that the people knows really what is LOVE.

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  • 87. At 05:30am on 25 Apr 2012, TTT wrote:

    If I have three wishes,
    -I want to good in my English Speaking
    -I want to change work
    -I want to go back my country and to live my mother

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  • 88. At 09:34am on 26 Apr 2012, Galinette wrote:

    My three wishes would be :
    * I would like to find a job and so, to make money so that I could take care of my family
    * I would like peace all over the world
    * I would like to become a famous painter just for the pleasure of sharing

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  • 89. At 05:12am on 27 Apr 2012, iffi wrote:

    My three wishes...
    1.Peace overall world justice for every one in my country & equal education system for everyone in my country

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  • 90. At 06:58am on 27 Apr 2012, anhnguyen wrote:

    Actually my biggest wish is that I can pass the exam with the mark I expect.

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  • 91. At 07:37am on 27 Apr 2012, siavashjal wrote:

    my three wishes:

    1- a world without terrorism and poverty.
    2- a good family.
    3- love for humankind.

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  • 92. At 09:21am on 27 Apr 2012, Invincible wrote:

    I always to be think the poor people and i could be help to everyone those who are helpless in their life.
    And always be think about others.thats it.

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  • 93. At 10:25pm on 27 Apr 2012, csepelside wrote:

    My wishes:

    1. There were less poor people especially children
    2. People were more conscientious with one another
    3. Make people believe that world could be changed for better if they wanted it strongly and out of ther heart

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  • 94. At 11:18am on 28 Apr 2012, yassar1986 wrote:

    If I had three wishes, they would be:

    1- End the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
    2- Make the world fairer and more peaceful.
    3- A world tour with my love.

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  • 95. At 6:09pm on 28 Apr 2012, yelopez723 wrote:

    I wish I could do something for childrens, I wish I could create my own company,I wish I could travel around the world and be very happy with my loved ones.

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  • 96. At 10:33pm on 29 Apr 2012, alex wrote:

    Concerning our wishes I think they shouldn't be about some luxury, because a person, who have already reached something and have no idea about next goal, would stop in their evolving.
    So firstly I wish all my family would be healthy with no illnesses. It's essential,you won't achieve your goals if you are ill or unhealthy.
    Secondly I wish I could find a well-paid,promising job, which would give me satisfaction and professional development.
    And at last I wish I could learn several foreign languages,especially English, very well.

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  • 97. At 10:49pm on 30 Apr 2012, Jose Daniel Gamez Rodriguez wrote:


    my three wishes are

    I would my God Salvation
    I would like have a lot of money for help to poor people specialist old people and children
    I would like enjoy to love with my ideal girl


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  • 98. At 05:34am on 01 May 2012, SuzyPotter wrote:

    Well if I could have 3 wishes only for me.. it would be..
    1- Win the lottery
    2- Have a good health forever
    3- And Nick Jonas could sing a song for me one day.. LOL...

    But.. if I could have 3 wishes good for everyboby.. it would be..
    1- Peace for the world (no war)
    2- Job for everybody
    3- More love and respect for animals

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  • 99. At 5:10pm on 01 May 2012, Sylvie wrote:

    I would travel all ove the world with my daugther and my husband.

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  • 100. At 03:51am on 02 May 2012, Esther wrote:

    I wish I could live a fulfilled life and have more confidence.
    I wish I could have a better job in this competitive society.
    I wish all my family members are happy and healthy.

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  • 101. At 3:48pm on 02 May 2012, hoangyen_mar wrote:

    I wish I would have a good job and earn a lot of money for my family.
    I wish I could happy and funny.
    I become a marketing manager in the future

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  • 102. At 4:50pm on 05 May 2012, Saetbyeol wrote:

    My wish is Um...
    my friends, family, husband`s happiness!
    That`s my happiness!

    I want to be happy everyone, everything!

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  • 103. At 5:13pm on 07 May 2012, yoppy69 wrote:

    If I have tree wishs,Im gonna wish for love and peace xxx

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  • 104. At 08:36am on 08 May 2012, Elmira wrote:

    I would like to receive a master's degree and Ph.D. in one of the best universities in the world.
    Also, I want the world had less wars. And the children all over the world were happy and healthy.

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  • 105. At 10:13am on 09 May 2012, Patricie Slauf wrote:

    The wishes change in our own ive.. So I think, we can not tell evrything, what we really want. The people are growing up and their wishes and their priorities with them... us. So I think we have to take our wishes in our minde and heart. Maybe they will come true!

    good luck

    Have a nice day Guys!

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  • 106. At 1:18pm on 14 May 2012, yoonchaelee wrote:

    I wish my family members are healthy and happy.
    I wish I want to be a good friend to my friends.
    I wish I want to be a person that can help other people.

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  • 107. At 10:09pm on 16 May 2012, Amanda Mandy wrote:

    If I had three wishes, they would be:

    1 - To be rich
    2 - Marry with the love of my life
    3 - Get the right to have most three wishes

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  • 108. At 12:13pm on 18 May 2012, sohail kamal wrote:

    My first wish:
    2nd wish:
    Everyone follow law of the country
    3rd wish:
    respect the religions of everyone

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  • 109. At 5:42pm on 22 May 2012, monolya wrote:

    My three wishes could be to speak english very well at last, to find a good job and to get pregnant and have a baby..

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  • 110. At 00:53am on 28 May 2012, bmwcarigcombr wrote:

    I wishif I could a good Olimpic Games, which comes soon, to all the World.

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  • 111. At 6:42pm on 28 May 2012, Fuad Ahmed Hussein wrote:

    Dear, Pen-pals,

    Kindly, receive greetings from the bottom of my heart!

    If, I have more wishes than three and here they are:

    1- A world of free from terrorists and terrorism, just peaceful.
    2- Living my heart, I mean my wife, because she lives in London and I live somewhere which is miles far from the United Kingdom.

    3- To see and settle, my home country which is currently unstable ( Somalia).

    That are some of my wishes.

    I also really enjoy, the lesson from the BBC, keep the spirit, I love you work.



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  • 112. At 07:42am on 03 Jun 2012, ZoeMarin wrote:

    I would like people lose the necessity of power, so that the world live in peace.
    My second wish is for a balance of the all the ressources in the world, with a real partition.
    My third is personal, I want pass my competitive examination to teach in primary french school.

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  • 113. At 7:00pm on 06 Jun 2012, Lalan Kumar wrote:

    my three wishes
    * all the borders between two countries disappear and we'll be free to move everywhere like bird
    ** everyone have enough money to take the food and no one live hungry
    *** 100 % education in the world

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  • 114. At 1:25pm on 07 Jun 2012, siddig wrote:

    I wish to learning English as england accent
    I wish to see my family very happy always
    I wish to live in peace and wide world

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  • 115. At 11:04pm on 11 Jun 2012, PhuongVy wrote:

    I wish i could speak well english with the accent as english people
    I wish i could have more money to improve my life
    I wish everybody have a good health and enjoys their life

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  • 116. At 02:20am on 17 Jun 2012, anna_tran wrote:

    I wish I could be fluent in English to read the books, to listen to the music, to watch the English.
    I wish I could travel to England with my family to visit Big Ben Tower and many interesting places which I only have seen on the TV
    And I wish my comment could be edited so I can improve my written ability

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  • 117. At 11:16am on 23 Jun 2012, tazim71 wrote:

    Wish can be changed by the change of time & situation .
    Suppose, if somebody is suffering by rear disease & his life is under a time frame...he will wish to get relieve . If somebody is in family crisis, then he will wish to remove the crisis. It depends on situation. Now I want three things if came true...(One-I want huge money that can solve many problems (Two- I want to get a good wife and happy family with my parents & brother and (Three- I Want to fulfill my responsibilities & duties those have given to me from my Lord to get his mercy.

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  • 118. At 7:59pm on 25 Jun 2012, Rani wrote:

    I wish i could get my dream job.
    I could buy a odi car for my family.
    I could have my own small and beautiful home.

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  • 119. At 07:57am on 27 Jun 2012, Rania wrote:

    My three wishes:
    1) I wish people weren't so ignorant..
    2) I wish I improve my english skills.
    3) I wish people respected more each other!

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  • 120. At 1:22pm on 02 Jul 2012, Downtownlol wrote:

    I wish I have Fall in Love!
    I wish I get more skill in languages
    I wish I have Happy forever

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  • 121. At 11:29pm on 04 Jul 2012, Fayed wrote:

    I am seeking to make a general contribution to my country Egypt by applying geographic information to urban and regional planning, so i have three wishes to be very near to reach my goal. i wish i could make a master of science in Geo-Spatial Information integrated to urban planning, i wish i could a start my new consultant company for applying urban and regional planning approach for improving the quality of life with all it`s sectors in Egypt. i wish to be a consultant for the higher level decision support system makers in Egypt to implement our projects is realities form.

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  • 122. At 1:28pm on 09 Jul 2012, púpavka wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 123. At 1:37pm on 09 Jul 2012, púpavka wrote:

    My first wish is a health for my close family, for my boyfriend and all of my friends. I think that health is most important in our life.
    The second wish is successful life, it means I´d like to find a good job where I earn a lots of money. Of course, money are also important but they are on the second place in my ranking values.
    My third is happiness for all over the world. It includes no war, no weapons, no baby crying, no pollution. Peace for everyone...:)

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  • 124. At 11:46pm on 25 Jul 2012, natalia wrote:

    Firstly, I wish I complete my studies and obtain a master's degree.
    Secondly, I wish I become more indepedent and have my own flat. And the last, I wish I would develop my skills and passions to the last days of my life.

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  • 125. At 02:52am on 30 Jul 2012, Rou wrote:

    I wish I could speak many languages in the world and people could do anything they want , finally , everyone could be health and happy. :))

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  • 126. At 7:37pm on 07 Sep 2012, mageed wrote:

    one day i wish to see a world free of nuclear weapons, all wars in world are stop, and united nations being international government.

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  • 127. At 04:52am on 17 Sep 2012, perromalo wrote:

    I wish I have my own house or apartment. Also, I want to improve my knowledge of English and German. I want everyone to have happiness and live with healthy

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  • 128. At 3:01pm on 22 Sep 2012, Rahul wrote:

    I wish that after three months I can improve my written and spoken english.

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  • 129. At 1:27pm on 04 Oct 2012, RENOUX10 wrote:

    This matter is too difficult to deal with, and I have got far more than three wishes in my mind actually. To tell you the truth...I would ask The Teacher himself. By the way, I wish him all the best. But, as far as I am concerned, and as regards to my personal attempt to seek fame and wealth, I would...Stop...Now I am CRAVING FOR...a chocolate instant wish, this impredictable wish at this very moment. STILL CRAVING FOR, don't know why, healthy life, wealth, happiness, harmony, friendship, everything basically. Wish the same for all of you.

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  • 130. At 8:24pm on 07 Oct 2012, pepinno wrote:

    I wish only for all my family and all my friend and me:

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  • 131. At 9:55pm on 07 Oct 2012, zek wrote:

    Firstly, I wish Almighty God pleased with my actions!
    Secondly, I wish I could seek only Divine pleasure in my actions!
    Finally, I wish I could worship God Almighty who is Giver and Sustainer of my life!

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  • 132. At 00:18am on 08 Oct 2012, Sieli wrote:

    I wish I find a job, I can improve my english and loose some kilos

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  • 133. At 06:46am on 08 Oct 2012, manoharan wrote:

    I wish,I would learn English fluency.
    Second,I would like to start a export business.
    Third,I would like to travel all over the world.

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  • 134. At 08:10am on 08 Oct 2012, saeed wrote:

    My wishes are divided into two main parts including personal and public.what I wish for myself would be health,a happy family life and more money.but when it comes to public;I wish there weren't any poor and hungry all around the world.whenever I finish eating a meal,I wish all people had enough food to serve.poverty is the worst thing that could be I wish for eradicating poverty.

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  • 135. At 12:51pm on 08 Oct 2012, Burgosman wrote:

    I wish a new well paid interesting job, I wish another baby and I wish good health for my family and friends.

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  • 136. At 10:28am on 09 Oct 2012, MEMOLI wrote:

    These last months, my learning of english have take me to great adventures. so,

    1- I wish i could be fluent in english as soon as possible
    2- I wish i could dive in english cultural way of live
    3- I wish i could meet good friends around the world

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  • 137. At 07:39am on 10 Oct 2012, courage714 wrote:

    Should I have three wishes, what I really fancy is to speak English as naturally as my mother tongue, to hope everyone round the globe to escape from disease, war and disaster, and much more exorbitantly, perhaps to be given more wishes.

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  • 138. At 04:56am on 12 Oct 2012, phantuan wrote:

    1. I wish health for all peoples around me.
    2. I wish a world in peace.
    3. I wish for my self would be health, happy family and a successful life.

    Just for fun, I wish I had more genies to grant me more wishes :) Have a nice day everyone.
    ^ ^

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  • 139. At 7:17pm on 12 Oct 2012, Carol wrote:

    Peace, Health and Justice :)

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  • 140. At 1:17pm on 20 Oct 2012, Nagarjun wrote:

    My first wish is that in whole world LOVE be the most important factor of life.
    Second wish i get my Mercedes CLS soon
    Third wish my parents life remain always with full of happiness

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  • 141. At 9:02pm on 23 Nov 2012, Renan wrote:

    Travel a lot.

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  • 142. At 8:35pm on 10 Dec 2012, Maysoon Al-Nasser wrote:

    My three wishes are :
    1- Peace for all over the countries all over the world
    2- Haveing agood family,a good husband and wonderful children
    3- Being in love with some one deserve it =)

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  • 143. At 01:11am on 23 Dec 2012, Samo wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 144. At 10:59am on 07 Feb 2013, laura_she wrote:

    If I could, I would like all my BTS GPN students to have their exam this year. They are so great that they make me feel good and I wish they could all find a great job opportunity, find their way in life and be happy for the rest of their lives.
    For myself, I wish that things would go on the way they are, plus live heathy until I'm 100 years old...

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  • 145. At 4:12pm on 07 Feb 2013, satvafou wrote:

    first i would like to dance with saulnier
    secondly, have a double gun
    and finaly do the happyness of all living being

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  • 146. At 4:12pm on 07 Feb 2013, Ben31 wrote:

    My three wishes are:
    1-Live with my dog
    2-Travel in all states
    3- Buy a lemon tree to drink freshly sqeezed lemon juice

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  • 147. At 4:13pm on 07 Feb 2013, Rafiki wrote:

    My 3 wishes :
    -Create a society in harmony with his environment
    -Restor the original ecosystem in all parts of the world
    -Discover new species and give my name to them

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  • 148. At 4:13pm on 07 Feb 2013, Baidy wrote:

    I would to have a lot of money !!!
    a lot of happy in my family !!!!
    and a lot of peace in the world !!!

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  • 149. At 4:13pm on 07 Feb 2013, Chaa wrote:

    My wishes would be :

    - travel around the world, discover countries, cultures, people.

    - hapiness for my family, my friends.

    - breathe under water.

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  • 150. At 4:14pm on 07 Feb 2013, Awa wrote:

    My three wishes would be:

    - Love and happiness for all over the world

    - Travel as much as possible, visit countries in the need and bring them everything I can

    - finally I hope it will snow soon !

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  • 151. At 4:14pm on 07 Feb 2013, marge11 wrote:

    I would like to all people was lead by love and share all things with everybody. and i wish have a beautiful familly and a job who i like and live next to the sea. and i would like travel around the world.

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  • 152. At 4:15pm on 07 Feb 2013, Julinette wrote:

    If i could have three wishes, i wish to travel around the world and discover all the cultures. Secondly i would find my princess in order to love, protect her and live in the love.
    At last, i wish to be in peace with myself, in a world full of love and peace.

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  • 153. At 4:15pm on 07 Feb 2013, jack wrote:

    I would wish:
    1-Peace for all people on earth
    2-Peace IN everyone
    3-get a 4th wish...

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  • 154. At 4:15pm on 07 Feb 2013, Louis34 wrote:

    I wish a good life
    I wish many goog friends
    I wish that for everybody

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  • 155. At 4:16pm on 07 Feb 2013, Romain wrote:

    1) I wish Peace between nature and humanity
    2) I wish real artists could earn money a lot and not fake artists like David Guetta or Psy
    3)Going to Florida to see wet land with gators, birds and fish

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  • 156. At 4:16pm on 07 Feb 2013, Melissa wrote:

    If I had three wishes, it could be:
    Everybody lives in the nature respect and peace without money, it's a cliché I know...but a real dream...
    And also I would ask for understand plants, insects and animals.
    Travel with a genie for have a lot of wishes! :)

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  • 157. At 4:16pm on 07 Feb 2013, claire wrote:

    My first wish is to meet my prince charming,
    My second wish is to live for a while in California,
    My third wish is to have a beautiful house who look like a manor.

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  • 158. At 4:18pm on 07 Feb 2013, melina wrote:

    My three wishes are :
    1- a happy world, with the peace to each person who can live as they want
    2- be successful in everything i start
    3- travelling and discover/live in other cultures on earth

    :) Nice !!

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  • 159. At 4:19pm on 07 Feb 2013, Florian wrote:

    My first wish can be travel around the world to climb
    I would like to make a parachute jump
    My last wish could be to become famous in the middle of the mountain

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  • 160. At 4:19pm on 07 Feb 2013, Pauline11 wrote:

    If i could meet a genie i would ask him to give me enough money to live on.
    Secondly i would like to speak all languages in the world to understand all people.
    Finally i would like travel a lot.

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  • 161. At 4:26pm on 07 Feb 2013, hugo SB wrote:

    In first, I wish I could dance naked under rain of Care Bears with a bleu unicorn.
    In second, I wish I could swim in a pink cloud of rice pasta.
    To finish, I wish it never rained.

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  • 162. At 4:26pm on 07 Feb 2013, soho11 wrote:

    my wishes are :
    - happiness for my family and good health
    - pass my exam
    - have a good life

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  • 163. At 4:26pm on 07 Feb 2013, Anais Andre wrote:

    If I had three wishes to express, I would like to have the possibility to understand, reed, speak, write every language and dialect in the world, I would also have the chance to remember all the things that I read, that I hear and that I see, and finally I would ask the right to get ten more wishes to do !

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  • 164. At 4:31pm on 07 Feb 2013, Grouse wrote:

    Three wishes well, if i could choose it would be love, luck and life

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  • 165. At 4:05pm on 08 Feb 2013, donald wrote:

    If I could make 3 wishes, my first one will be that I can make 100 more wishes to realize all i wish !

    Paul De Cruscades

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  • 166. At 4:05pm on 08 Feb 2013, mary wrote:

    If I had 3 wishies,
    I would have a mustang car,
    I would buy many bottles of wine,
    I would succeed in my life.

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  • 167. At 4:08pm on 08 Feb 2013, jb wrote:

    My three wishes are :
    - Be a millionaire limitless for my familly.
    - Have an extraordinary house and a job that I love
    - A extraordinaire familly

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  • 168. At 4:08pm on 08 Feb 2013, Alex2111 wrote:

    If i could have a wish, i would succeed my studies.
    I would have a very nice life with many food, drinks, friends, car and hobbies.
    I would be a god !

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  • 169. At 4:18pm on 08 Feb 2013, teyssier s wrote:

    my three wishes are:
    - health for my familly, my children and my friends
    - a good job
    - help as many people as possible

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  • 170. At 4:19pm on 08 Feb 2013, mickey wrote:

    If I had three wishes, I would like to buy a John Deere tractor, I would like to play tennis like Roger Federer and Iwould like to win a lot of money

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  • 171. At 4:20pm on 08 Feb 2013, Luc11 wrote:

    If i had 3 wishes, i would like :
    -in first i would like to be immortal
    -in second i would like a huge vineyard
    -in third i would like to be happy all the time

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  • 172. At 2:21pm on 09 Feb 2013, luc wrote:

    If I had 3 wish, I would like have a ford mustang fastback 1969; a good work that I like and love

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  • 173. At 10:16pm on 24 Feb 2013, JWANA wrote:

    if I had three wishes, my first wish would be peace of world.Second would be a happy family life.Third, would be happy life for all children around the would.

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