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Episode 55: To show you the ropes


Does Denise know how to be a Sales Executive?

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Paul, the boss, was a little hasty in getting rid of Denise so now he's asked her back but she's negotiated some new conditions which includes learning how to be a Sales Executive. But who's going to show her the ropes?

Language for telling someone what to do:

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use when you are teaching a new colleague how to do your job:

Phrases from the programme:

Let me show you the ropes.

Watch what I do for a while.

Why don't you make a start on this?

I'm here to help, so please ask me if you need to know what to do

Listening Challenge:

What task does Anna give Denise to do first?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

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