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Episode 46: Acting up

Anna in Paul's office

How will Anna manage as the boss for a few days?

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Last time we heard Anna pitching her new plastic aubergine idea to Paul, in a lift. He was on his way to a biscuit-lovers' convention and didn't have much time. She gave the perfect elevator pitch and now it's down to Paul to give her idea the go ahead. But the problem is, he seems to have gone missing.

  • Language to use when you're in charge:

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use when you have to 'act up' as the boss.

Phrases from the programme:

If anyone has any issues about their work please come and speak to me.

I would like to have a meeting to discuss our work.

If there is anything you want to ask, my door is always open.

  • Listening Challenge

What does Denise want to do a bit more of, now that Anna is in charge?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

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