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Episode 31: Sign on the dotted line

Anna, Denise and Tom

How on earth did Anna and Tom get locked in the stationery cupboard?

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It's time for Anna to develop Tip Top Trading's European marketing strategy but where should she begin? Her boss, Paul, doesn't have a clue so it's down to Anna to work out what to do. Listen in to find out what her plan is.

  • The language for a marketing strategy

    This week's programme focuses on what to say when you need to develop a strategy for your business.

    Phrases from the programme:

    We've got to compete on price

    We need to price our rivals out of the market

    We need to corner the market

    We need to build good relationships with our customers.

  • Listening Challenge

Paul tells Anna he wants to touch base, what does he mean?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

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