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Episode 25: The big cheese

The big boss, Mr Socrates, is offered biscuits by Paul

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The fire at Tip Top Trading is out and there's going to be an investigation. But there's a more serious issue to deal with; the arrival of the big boss from America, Mr Socrates. He is a particularly fussy man but because of his importance he gets his own way, including the type of hotel room he stays in. This is something that Anna will find out when she has to book his room.

  • The language for booking a hotel room

This week's programme focuses on the phrases to use when booking a hotel room.

Phrases from the programme:

Hello, I'd to check availability and prices for a room please.

Does the price include breakfast?

Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi-fi?

I'd like to go ahead and make the reservation please.

  • Listening Challenge

How much is the nightly rate for the hotel?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

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