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Episode 13: The Imperial Lemon

Mr Lime asking for 300,000 lemons

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Anna's big presentation to Mr Lime and his team at Citrus Ventures is not going to plan. Her computer has crashed and the presentation, along with her notes, have frozen.

She's on her own now and all she can do is talk... but what can she say? This is where she really needs some skills to help her pitch the Imperial Lemon. To pitch something means to do a sales presentation.

  • Language for pitching

This week's programme focuses on the language needed to make a pitch and sell an idea.

Phrases from the programme:

The company has a strong track record of…

We’re particularly proud of…

The Imperial Lemon’s key strengths are…

  • Listening Challenge

What does Anna say are the key strengths of the Imperial Lemon?

The answer is at the end of the PDF transcript.

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