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Episode 10: The brainstorm

The team at Tip Top trading

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The team at Tip Top trading are hard at work preparing for the launch and presentation of their latest product - the Imperial Lemon. Tom, Anna and Denise get together to share their ideas - something we call brainstorming. Anna's ideas are met with some negative comments and she has to learn how to disagree with the other's viewpoint in a confident but polite manner.

  • Language for disagreeing

This week's programme focuses on language to use when you want to disagree with somebody else's ideas and put forward your viewpoint.

Phrases from the programme:

Well, I'm not so sure about that...

I see your point but I actually think...

  • Listening Challenge

What discount does Anna suggest giving to their clients who order the Imperial Lemons?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

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