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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 84: You voted that: Helen will tell Alice and Tim about Khalid's rent reduction
Tim at work in the shop
Episode 84: A visit from the police
Police 1:

You see sir, we've received a complaint from a Mr Hall about a gentleman's watch that you sold to his wife just before Christmas. It would appear that the authenticity of the watch is in doubt.


Oh - Oh, I see...

Police 1:

Would you mind answering a few questions for us?


Well, no, but I think you should be talking to my boss about this.

Police 2:

We've already spoken to your boss sir, at some length as it happens. That's why we'd like to talk to you now. So, if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions...


What, here?

Police 2:

We can always go down to the station if you think you'd be more comfortable there, sir...


No, no, that won't be necessary. Would you like to come through to the office?

This vote has now closed:

Why doesn't Tim want to go to the police station?
1: He doesn't want anybody to see him
2: He doesn't want to take time off work
3: He's scared of the police
Total votes: 3494

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