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The Flatmates
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Describing people 3

Alice, Helen and Tim in the kitchen

Character adjectives - usually positive

strong personal attractiveness, with very pleasing behaviour and speech; delightful
 Everything about him was attractive, but his smile was especially charming.

neat, tidy, clean and smart in appearance
 He's very clean-cut. His clothes are always clean and neatly ironed, he shaves every morning and his hair is always combed.

well-educated in and having a high appreciation of fine art, music, literature etc.
 She's very cultured - she goes to the opera at least once a month and she knows all of Shakespeare's plays.

behaving in a way that shows caring for other people's feelings, circumstances, etc.
 When he comes home late at night, he's always very considerate of the sleeping neighbours and doesn't make any noise.

being receptive to new ideas, experiences or arguments
 If you want to enjoy foreign travel, it's best to be open-minded.

behaving in a proper and socially acceptable way
 Everybody thought that he was a respectable family man, but secretly he was a gambler and a drunk.

accepting of the beliefs, practices, or behaviour of other people, even if it is new, challenging or different
 She is very tolerant with the children. She doesn't get angry with them, even though they are a little bit naughty sometimes.

Character adjectives - usually negative

unpleasant, annoying, weird, a little bit scary, makes you feel uncomfortable
 Do you know that creepy guy who works in our office? He's always staring at me, and sometimes when I turn round, he's standing right next to me, but I never hear anything - he's just suddenly there!

pretending to have beliefs or principles that you do not actually possess, or acting against the beliefs which you say you have
 My brother told me to stop smoking, but he smokes 20 a day himself - how hypocritical!

not honest or genuine in the expression of feelings
 He wasn't a real gentleman. His false charm and cold smile made him seem very insincere.

often doing bad things in order to hurt people
 It's just his determination and wanting to win and sometimes he gets a bit over-excited, but he isn't at all malicious.

much more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values
 Those girls are greedy and materialistic: they measure their success in terms of how many pairs of shoes and designer handbags they have.

motivated by a desire for money
 He's so mercenary - he doesn't care what he has to do at work, as long as the pay is good.

without pity or mercy
 He was so ruthless in his criticism of their performance that most of them started to cry.

a person who admires people of high rank or social class, and dislikes people in a lower class than him/herself
 He's so snobbish. He was very friendly towards
Jane until he found out her dad was a taxi driver. Now he hardly speaks to her.

wanting to do something bad to someone, usually because of a belief that they have done something bad to you
 She's so spiteful. When she saw that I had got the last piece of cake, she pushed me, to make me drop it.

resistant to change, especially of opinions and ideas, even if others are negatively affected
 Izzy is so stubborn. Everybody could see she was tired, but she wouldn't let anybody else help her.


to travel regularly over some distance, for example, suburb into a city and back, often for work

behaves in a proper and socially acceptable way

neat, tidy, clean and smart in appearance

unpleasant, annoying, weird, a little bit scary, makes you feel uncomfortable

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