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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 52: You voted for - They'll have a barbecue
Helen, Alice, Michal and Tim having a barbecue
Episode 52: The BBQ

Hi, come on in and have a drink. We're just firing up the barbecue.


Oh, it's nice to see you outside the classroom my friend. Thanks for inviting me.


Oh it's lovely to meet you Khalid. Michal's told us all about you.


So, who's for the best grub over hot coals this summer?


Me! Yes please! Wonderful!


Drinks anyone? Can I get you a top-up Dr Laver?

Dr Laver:

Oh come on. We've been working together for how long, looked after how many babies? I'm here at your party. Please, my name's Paul. And how about a dance before that drink?


Oh, OK!


Great party! Thanks so much for asking me.


Maybe it is time for us to patch it up. But I didn't invite you.


Well, here's a toast to the secret peace-maker.


I'll drink to that!

This vote has now closed:

Who invited John to the barbecue?
1: Alice
2: Michal
3: Tim
Total votes: 1908

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