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Alice, Tim, Michal and Helen in the sitting room
You can make some nouns into adjectives or adjectives into nouns by adding suffixes (extra letters at the end of the word).
For example, you can make the noun 'noise' into an adjective by taking off the 'e' and adding 'y' to make 'noisy'.
Here is some of the most common suffixes:

Making nouns into adjectives:

knowledge - knowledgeable
fashion - fashionable
comfort - comfortable

nature - natural
accident - accidental
music -musical

danger - dangerous
fame - famous
adventure - adventurous

health - healthy
cream - creamy
mess - messy

Making adjectives into nouns:

important - importance
patient - patience
violent - violence

popular - popularity
formal - formality
regular - regularity

happy - happiness
lazy - laziness
ruthless - ruthlessness

difficult - difficulty
modest - modesty
honest - honesty

Some spelling rules:

When the adjective or noun ends in -e, -t or -y, sometimes its spelling changes.
For example:
nature - natural
fame - famous

important - importance
patient - patience

happy - happiness
lazy - laziness


to cheer someone up:
to make someone feel happier

an anniversary:
a day that is exactly a year or a number of years after a particular event (for example, It's our 25th wedding anniversary next week)

a fancy-dress party:
a party where people dress up in costumes (often dressed as famous people)

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