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Adjective order

Alice, Tim, Michal and Alice in the sitting room
Here are some rules about the order we put adjectives in

Describing before classifying:

Descriptive adjectives come before adjectives which classify or say what type of thing we are talking about
classification noun
a black leather handbag

Giving options before describing

Adjectives which say what we think or feel about something or how we judge it usually come before descriptive adjectives
opinion description noun

Ordering of descriptive adjectives

Although this order isn't completed fixed, we usually put descriptive adjectives in the following order:

size, age, shape, colour, origin, material

a little, old lady
a young, fat, brown puppy
a petite, white, French, linen jacket

Commas and 'and' with adjectives

We can put commas between adjectives, particularly if the list is long and gives similar sorts of information:

an informative, interesting, interactive presentation
a lovely, funny, light-hearted film

We can put 'and' between the final two adjectives in a list depending on whether the list comes after a verb or is followed by a noun

After a verb:
She was tall, beautiful and smart
They were expensive, old and rare

Followed by a noun:
A tall, beautiful woman
Expensive, old, rare coins


the promise of something:
to guarantee that you will get something

a match:
a game played between two teams (for example, tennis or football)

a raffle:
a competition where the winner is chosen at random or by chance (not on merit or skill)

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