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The Flatmates
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Describing people

Alice and Helen and the cat in the sitting room
To talk about people's personality or characteristics we can use the following words and phrases:

Positive characteristics

She has an air of authority
Other people believe her and listen to her opinions

She's courageous
She's brave

They're magnanimous
They're very generous

She's very dependable
If she says she'll do something, she does it. She always keeps her promises

He's honest
He always tells the truth. You can trust him

He's unbiased
He's neutral or impartial. He can see both sides of an argument or disagreement

Negative characteristics

He's prone to emotional outbursts
He often reacts with very strong emotions (for example, an outburst of anger or tears)

She reacts poorly under stress
She reacts badly under stress
She doesn't deal with stress well. She cries or gets very angry when she's in a stressful situation

He's so venomous He's extremely hateful or angry

Neutral characteristics

She's such a perfectionist
She likes everything to be perfect. She has very high standards for herself

He's introverted
He's very shy and doesn't like talking to new people

Note: Both these characteristics can be thought of as negative. It depends on the context of the sentence

Making negative characteristics sound more positive

To make a negative comment about someone sound a bit more positive you can say:

not very + positive adjective

She's not very generous = She's mean
He's not very dependable = He's unreliable
They're not very honest = They're untrustworthy


Does that bode well for you two?:
Is that a sign that you will have a good future together?

astrology (n):
the belief that the movement of the stars and planets affect people and their behaviour

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