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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 27: You voted for - Michal will find Polish recipes from the internet.
Alice, Helen, Tim and the cat in the kitchen
Episode 27: The hungry cat
Tim: I don't believe it! Kitty's just eaten my dinner. I was putting the kettle on and I turned round and there she was, eating my chicken. That cat's a pain in the neck.
Alice: Oh calm down.
Tim: It drives me mad! I'm starving, I've been slaving away in that dusty old stockroom all day. I hate work just now and then this happens! The cat's got to go or be put down.

Don't be horrible. You can buy something else to eat.


We're not all as rich as you, you know, daddy's girl!


How dare you Tim! I didn't eat your chicken. You drive me up the wall sometimes.


Hey guys, chill out.

This vote has now closed:

What will Tim do for dinner?
1: Eat Helen's food.
2: Go hungry.
3: Eat the chicken.
Total votes: 2448

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