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The Flatmates
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-ed and -ing adjectives

The flatmates in the kitchen

-ed and -ing adjectives - meaning

We can use -ed adjectives to say how we feel about something or someone:
Alice is exhausted by her work at the hospital. Helen is tired of studying.

We can use -ing adjectives to say how something or someone makes us feel:
Alice's job is very exciting. She gave someone mouth-to-mouth today.
It's surprising that Tim is paying for all of them at the pub!

More -ed -ing adjectives

He used to like that TV show but now he's bored with it.
That film was so boring that I nearly fell asleep!

He was so embarrassed when the boss shouted at him in front of everyone in the office.
It's embarrassing when my dad tries to dance at parties. He's too old for all that!

He's really depressed. His wife left him and he's just lost his job.
I think it's depressing how much poverty there is in the world.

She was disappointed that she failed her English test last week.
The film had loads of hype and publicity but it turned out to be very disappointing .

They're interested in collecting stamps but I think that's a really boring hobby.
Even though War and Peace is very long, I still found it really interesting .

He's such a baby! He's 25 and he's still frightened of dogs!
Nightmare on Elm Street is the most frightening film she's ever seen.

Words used after -ed adjectives

bored by
depressed by
exhausted by
excited by

bored with
disappointed with

frightened of
tired of

interested in


a treat (n): something special and nice that you don't have very often

worn-out (adj, informal): tired

wooden (adj to describe actors or acting): boring or unemotional or unrealistic

dynamic (adj): exciting and stimulating

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