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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 21: You voted for - Helen and Michal will go on another date.
The flatmates in the kitchen
Episode 21: Tim's treat
Tim: Hiya folks. How's everyone this fine evening?
Alice: Exhausted! I had to give someone mouth-to-mouth for the first time today!
Helen: That's so exciting, congratulations! You must feel really proud.

Yes I do. How are you Helen?

Helen: I'm tired, I've been staring at finance textbooks all day.
Michal: I think my head is going to expand from all my studying too.
Tim: Well, how about a drink at the pub? My treat! Would that make you two feel less worn-out?
Helen: You paying for all of us? That's not like you.
Alice: What's come over you?
Tim: Well let's just say I got a special bonus at work.
This vote has now closed:

What should Michal have said?
1: My head is going to explode.
2: My brain is going to expand.
3: My head is going to express.
Total votes: 1469


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