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The Flatmates
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Tim in the department store

No, none and none of

'no' with a noun:
We have no homework today. = We don't have any homework.
She has no brothers. = She doesn't have any brothers.

'none' without a noun:
'How much money have you got? 'None' = No money
'How many letters did you send?' 'None' = No letters

'none of' with a noun:
All of the class passed the test. None of us failed.
I went by myself. None of my friends came with me.

'No' + noun at the beginning of sentence:
No butter was used in the cake.
No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Nobody/no-one, nothing and nowhere

In a statement:
Nobody (or no-one) likes doing the washing up in our flat.
I have nothing to wear to the party.

In a short answer:
What did you buy?' 'Nothing.' = I didn't buy anything.
'Where are you going on holiday?''Nowhere, we're just staying at home this year.'

nobody/nowhere/nothing = not + anybody/anywhere/anything:
He helped nobody (or no-one) = He didn't help anyone.
Note: He didn't help nobody.

They've eaten all the cake. There's nothing left. = There isn't anything left.
Note: There's not nothing left.

Any/anyone/anything = it doesn't matter who/which one

Anyone in that office will help you. = It doesn't matter which person you ask, he or she will help you.

It doesn’t matter what you give me to drink. Honestly, tea, coffee, water, anything is fine.

Note: after nobody/no-one you can use they/them/their:
Nobody wants to play football, do they?
No-one in the office has sent their Christmas cards out yet.


something (for example, a reward) is in order: : it's logical or right that something should happen (for example, that Tim should get a reward)

to return (v): to give something back

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