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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 19: You voted for - Alice will successfully give the patient mouth to mouth
Tim in the department store
Episode 19: Tim's reward
Tim: Hello I'm calling from McCarthy's. I helped you when you were looking at watches the other day.


Tim: I think I've found something of yours. Have you lost anything?

Not that I've noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing.

Tim: Well, you dropped 150!
Customer: Really!
Tim: Yes. Now, how can I return your money?
Customer: Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don't you?
Tim: Oh I couldn't.
Customer: You could. I'm sure you have a pretty young girlfriend who needs to be spoiled.
Tim: No I don't. I'm single just now.
Customer: A good looking man like you? I don't believe it!
This vote has now closed:

How much of a reward will Tim get?
1: 50
2: 100
3: 150
Total votes: 2344


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