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The Flatmates
Archive episode 180: Last week Khalid should have said - 'impolitely and inefficiently'
The Flatmates
Episode 180: Breakfast on the farm
Tim's mum: Good morning Khalid!
Khalid: Morning Mrs Hunter. Thanks for inviting me to stay here.
Tim: We couldn't have you staying another day in that dreadful hotel. Sleep well Khalid?
Khalid: I don't know who said the countryside is quiet.
Tim: The birds can make quite a racket in the morning.
Mum: How do you like your eggs, Khalid?
Khalid: Scrambled please.
Tim: Oh, me too mum.
Mum: Coming right up. So what are you boys up to today?
Tim: I thought you'd like to give me a hand with the chores Khalid.
Khalid: Chores?
Tim: Well, where do you think these lovely eggs come from and the milk in your coffee?
Khalid: The supermarket?
Tim: Khalid! I think it's time for you to...
Khalid: Pardon?
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What did Tim say?
1: learn about farm life
2: see where your food comes from
3: have a tour of the farm
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