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Hotel vocabulary

The flatmates

Types of hotels:

budget hotel
economical or cheap hotel that is usually part of a chain (or group) of hotels; one that's cheaper than a business hotel or a 5-star hotel
The flights were so expensive we decided to save some money on accommodation. She didn't like how basic the rooms were, but the budget hotel was definitely the right price!

family hotel
hotel that caters for parents with children. It usually has special services like a free baby-sitter or planned activities for children
When the kids were young we always stayed in family hotels on holiday. It was such a treat to have a baby-sitter there all the time so Linda and I could go out by ourselves.

five-star hotel
hotel that is of very good quality
We had a fantastic weekend. We stayed in a wonderful five-star hotel and were totally spoiled. There was a swimming pool, a spa and a beauty salon.

Jobs in hotels:

person who deals with your reservation, booking and payment in a hotel. He or she usually works behind a large desk in the main area of the hotel lobby (or entrance hall)
You need to ask the receptionist if you want a wake-up call in the morning.

person who carries your suitcases to your room when you first check into a hotel
Just give your bags to the porter. He'll take them up.

person who greets you at the hotel entrance. He or she can also help you hail a taxi, recommend restaurants, theatres etc. in the area
The concierge said the Italian restaurant on the corner had really good food.

person (usually a woman) who cleans hotel rooms
She works as a chambermaid and has to make hundreds of beds every day.

person who is the manager of all the chambermaids in a hotel
We need all the chambermaids to work weekends when the hotel is very busy. If you can't work on Saturday, you'll need to speak to the housekeeper.

Types of hotel rooms:

single room
a room for one person with a single bed (a bed for one person)
I'd like a double room for my husband and me and a single room for my brother.

double room
a room for two people with a double bed (a bed that two people can sleep in)
My wife and I would like a double room for three nights please.

twin room
a room for two people with two single beds
My sister and I always book a twin room when we go on holiday together.

family room
a room for parents and children to stay in together; it usually has a double bed and some single beds and sometimes a cot for a baby
We'd like to book a family room please. We're two adults, a three year-old and a baby of seven months.


per night
each night, for one night

isn't my fault
I'm not to blame. I didn't do anything wrong

charging me extra
making me pay more money than usual for something


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