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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 171: You voted that - Tim will go for Sally's idea
The Flatmates
Episode 171: Packing up
Khalid: The flat seems so quiet without Alice and Helen.
Tim: It'll be even quieter when we head out of here soon.
Khalid: Now, are you sure you've got everything Tim?
Tim: I think so but I get the feeling I'm missing something important.
Khalid: You've got two huge suitcases. What can you possibly have leaved out?
Tim: That's the trouble. If I knew what it was, I'd be able to pack it.
Khalid: Let me see if I can run your memory. Have you packed your clothes?
Tim: Yes.
Khalid: Looks like you've got enough to last you a month! Keys?
Tim: Yeah got them here.
Khalid: So what can you have forgotten?
Tim: Hi Kitty. Of course, Kitty!
Khalid: Kitty! Tim how could she have slipped your mind?
Tim: Don't tell the Helen and Alice, please! They'll kill me!
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Which phrase of Khalid's is correct?
1: have leaved out
2: run your memory
3: slipped your mind
Total votes: 2437

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