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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 170: You voted that - The Flatmates will get some of the things on their wish list
The flatmates
Episode 170: Plans for the cafe
Tim: Jack, Sally, can you come here for a minute?
Jack: What is it?
Sally: What's up?
Tim: You know my flat is getting redecorated?
Sally: Yes.
Tim: Well, I'm moving back to my parents. And they live too far away for me to be able to come in to the cafe for the next couple of weeks. So we need to decide what you're both going to do while I'm away.
Jack: We could close the cafe and all have a holiday.
Tim: That's sounds like fun.
Sally: Yes, but would our loyal customers find somewhere else to get their cuppa and then never come back to us when we reopen? How about appointing one of us to be the manager?
Tim: Interesting ideas. Both of them. Let me think them over.
This vote has now closed:

Whose idea will Tim go for?
1: Jack's
2: Sally's
Total votes: 3219

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