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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 17: You voted for - Michal and Helen will go for a date on a river boat trip
Michal in the sitting room
Episode 17: Booking tickets*
Agent: Good morning, London Attractions.
Michal: I'd like to book two tickets for next week. For River Boat cruise please.
Agent: OK. When?

Next Thuesday.

Agent: Sorry?
Michal: Thuesday.
Agent: I'm sorry sir, is that Tuesday the first or Thursday the third?
Michal: Thursday the third.
Agent: Right, and what time would you like?
Michal: In an evening.
Agent: Because it's winter, the last trip is at 7.00. Is that OK?
Michal: Yes thanks.
Agent: OK, just let me put you on hold for a moment please.
  * This episode features competition winner Wesley from Sao Paulo, Brazil as the travel agent.
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Which one is correct?
1: For River Boat cruise
2: In an evening
3: Thursday the third
Total votes: 2825


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