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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 169: You voted that - Khalid will stay in a hotel
The flatmates
Episode 169: The wish list
Helen: Dad says we should make a wish-list for the redecorating.
Tim: The kitchen walls could really do with a lick of paint.
Helen: Yeah, there are quite a few tomato stains from all your great Italian cooking Tim!
Tim: Art comes at a price, you know.
Alice: Yes, chef. A power-shower would be fantastic.
Tim: There's nothing really wrong with the one we've got, is there?
Alice: Well, I suppose it works OK.
Khalid: And we need to think about the environment too Alice. Doesn't a power-shower use more energy?
Alice: You did say wish list, didn't you Helen?
Khalid: How about a dish-washer?
Tim: A stroke of genius, Khalid!
Helen: Could this be the end of fights over the washing-up?
Alice: And environmentally friendly too, eh Khalid?
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What will the flatmates get from their wish list?
1: None of the things
2: Some of the things
3: All of the things
Total votes: 2110

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