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Finance vocabulary 2

Alice, Tim and Helen looking at Khalid

When things are going well in the economy

a demand
a need for something to be sold or supplied
There was a huge demand for shares in the company when it announced its half-yearly profits.

a boom
a period of sudden growth in a business or a country's economy, when demand is rising
There has been a real boom in investment in China recently.

a high turnover
a large amount of money earned by a business through the sale of goods or services
After years of not making much profit, we started advertising on TV last year, and suddenly we had a very high turnover.

optimistic or expecting the price of stocks and shares to increase or rise
The market was bullish after the top 100 companies posted a better than expected profits announcement this morning.

When things are going badly in the economy

a credit crunch
a situation when banks greatly reduce the amount of money they lend to one another. This results in loans and mortgages becoming more expensive (or having higher interest rates) for customers

a recession
a period of time when there is negative economic growth or when the economy of a country doesn't perform or grow as much or as successfully as it usually does
After the war, the country was in a recession for ten years.

panic selling
selling stocks and shares at any price or a much lower one than usual
As the price of shares tumbled, there was panic selling on Wall Street.

wiped off
taken off the value of stocks and shares
It was a terrible day for our company on the stock market today. Hundreds of dollars were wiped off the value of our shares.

pessimistic or expecting the price of stocks and shares to decrease or fall
The overall share price is expected to remain bearish while profits continue to be low this year.

a situation when a business or the economy is growing slowly, or not at all
There is stagnation in the tourism industry after many years of growth.
an economic situation in which prices are rising, unemployment is high and there is little or no economic growth
One of the reasons for the global stagflation of the 1970s was the huge increase in the price of oil.

When things are improving in the economy

rally / recover
increase or improve (after being in a low or bad condition)
Most global stock markets rallied after investors heard the news of a co-ordinated interest rate cut.
The markets recovered after the government announced its package of measures to help the economy.


to stump up (informal)
to pay an amount of money for something, especially when you don't want to

What's the damage? (informal)
How much does it cost?

bound to
certain to

international calls
phone calls between people in two different countries

unhappy because you are away from home or your country for a long time


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