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The Flatmates
Archive episode 167: You voted that - Alice will make Tim make her breakfast for a week
Alice, Tim and Helen looking at Khalid
Episode 167: The phone bill
Tim: Here's the mail.
Helen: Another bill I bet you. Everyone ready to stump up their quarter share of the phone bill?
Alice: What's the damage?
Helen: A hundred and sixty-three pounds, eighty-seven pence!
Tim: That can't be right.
Alice: That's about hundred pounds more than our usual bill.
Khalid: Yeah, but with the crunchy credit and everything, our bills were bound to start getting higher.
Alice: Yes but not this high.
Helen: There are a lot of international calls here.
Alice: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bahrain, Saudi. Khalid, are these calls all yours?
Khalid: I was feeling homesick on my birthday.
Tim: That's fine mate. Now we know who has to foot the bill.
Khalid: But I thought you said we always shared the bills evenly in this flat...?
This vote has now closed:
What should Khalid have said?
1: the credit crunching
2: the crunch credit
3: the credit crunch
Total votes: 2671

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