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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 166 : You voted that - Tim will never help Jack again in the kitchen; the work is too hard
Alice & Tim in the kitchen
Episode 166: Holding a grudge
Tim: I'm just putting the kettle on Alice. Em, fancy a brew?
Alice: Humph!
Tim: Is that a 'yes'?
Alice: Sorry Co-Co, did you hear someone speak?
Tim: Oh Alice, come on.
Alice: I'm not talking to you Tim.
Tim: We can't go on like this – you giving me the cold shoulder every time our paths cross in the kitchen.
Alice: I don't see why not.
Tim: Because we're friends and mates don't let mates hold a grudge forever. I'm sorry Alice. It was, it was an honest mistake.
Alice: You left me hanging about at the bowling alley like Billy-no mates. It was embarrassing.


If I promise never to do it again, will you forgive me?

Alice: Maybe. But it'll take more than a cup of tea to get you completely off the hook.
This vote has now closed:

What will Alice make Tim do?
1: Make her breakfast for a week
2: Iron her uniforms for a month
Total votes: 2560

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