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Kitchen vocabulary

Tim in the kitchen

Here is some vocabulary connected to cooking and kitchens.

Utensils and equipment:

a knife
a basic, hand-held tool for cutting food

a peeler
a hand-held tool specially designed for removing the skin from vegetables such as potatoes

a spatula
a thin tool - sometimes made of wood - which is used to remove food from a pan

a strainer / sieve
a tool used to remove water from food. It's bowl-shaped, with lots of holes to let the water run through

a saucepan
a basic metal pan that is often used to cook food in hot water

a lid
the cover of a saucepan

a frying pan
a shallow pan that is often used to cook food in a little hot oil

a wok
a deep pan that is often used in East Asian countries as a frying pan

a cooker
the machine which provides the heat for cooking; it is powered by electricity or gas

an oven
a part of a cooker. It is the box-shaped part of the cooker, which you open like a cupboard, and put food inside to cook it at a high temperature

a hob
the top part of the cooker, where you cook with saucepans and frying pans


to peel (a vegetable)
to remove the skin from vegetables, such as potatoes

to chop (an onion)
to use a knife to cut some food into small pieces

to slice (a cucumber)
to cut food in a careful way so that you make thin pieces

to dice (a carrot)
to cut food into small cube-shaped pieces

to boil (an egg)
to cook food in very hot water; the water is bubbling strongly

to simmer
to cook food in hot water, but below boiling temperature (100 degrees C)

to bake (a cake)
to cook food in an oven

to fry (a sausage)
to cook food in hot oil, usually in a frying pan or wok

to roast (some beef)
to cook meat, with a little oil, at a high temperature in an oven


the different types of food that you need to cook a dish

a recipe
the instructions for how to cook something

an apron
an item of clothing that you wear to protect your clothes

a cook
a person who prepares food and makes the dinner etc.

a chef
We use this word to refer to a professional cook who works in a restaurant


potatoes (slang/colloquial)


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