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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 165: You voted that - Helen's dad will make the flatmates move out during the redecoration
Tim in the kitchen
Episode 165: Teamwork
Tim: Jack, have you got a moment?
Jack: What have I done wrong now?
Tim: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. Can I help you in the kitchen? I think I should know more about what you do. It could make us more of a team.
Jack: Teamwork! OK, well grab an apron and peel some spuds.
Tim: This is quite hard work, isn't it?
Jack: Sure is! Now, dice the potatoes so we can use them in the pies. Then you need to chop the onions, that'll bring tears to your eyes!
Tim: Actually Jack, I think there's a customer in the café. Keep up the good work!
Jack: Oh, right, see you later. I guess a little teamwork is better than none.
This vote has now closed:

What will Tim do in the future?
1: Help Jack in the kitchen nearly every day
2: Learn how to cook in order to sack Jack
3: Never help Jack again; the work is too hard
Total votes: 2898

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